River Parasail is today’s Phoenix Groupon

Groupon has been described as the ‘fastest-growing company in the world.’ The popular website partners with businesses of all sizes to issue a daily deal to its subscribers, aiming to get people through the doors with blockbusting bargains between 50 and 90 percent off the normal price. The deal ‘tips’ – or goes into effect – only if a preset number of people sign up for it, guaranteeing the retailer enough traffic to make sense of such a price cut.

Today’s deal for Phoenix Groupon subscribers is River Parasail and Parker Strip Rentals here in Parker. By spending $30, the groupon gets you $60 worth toy rental, and by spending $50, the groupon gets you two parasailing rides along the river.

The Groupon writer describes it like this:

River Parasail’s expert navigators unite guests with panoramic views and invigorating experiences on the Colorado River obtainable only by parasailers and waterfowl. Up to six passengers can board the custom-built human-aircraft carrier, which features an extended deck and an on-board winch to provide parasailers with a dry takeoff and landing. The captain will send human kites to a desired height between 50 and 500 feet, allowing them to catch aerial views of the Colorado River before coming closer to snuggling with low-lying clouds.

Truly a summer deal, available for a (very) limited time HERE.

UPDATE, June 14th: The deal went effective for the 143 people who bought the Groupon and is no longer available.

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