Town water report available

Town of Parker Press Release

The Town of Parker has prepared the Water Quality Report for calendar year 2010.

The purpose of the report is to provide information to Town residents and water customers on the quality of the Town’s drinking water. Included within this report are general health information, water quality test results and water system contacts. The 2010 Water Quality Report can be viewed on the Town’s web site at and copies are available at Town Hall, 1314 11th Street, Parker Arizona.

Water customers can contact the Public Works Director, Tim Edwards at (928) 669-9265 with comments or questions.


  1. I wonder if Parker puts Fluoride in their water, Quartzsite does and It’s why I think some of the people here are mildly retarted!

  2. hahaha, I spelled retarded wrong!!!

  3. The water in Parker is very high in floride. It is so bad in Parker South that it cannot be supplied to the public unless it is treated by Reverse Osmosis. The Town used to give out floride warnings with the annual report.

  4. I believe this is one reason why the people are so apathetic in this County. Hitler fluoridated the water to keep his prisoners calm. What most people don’t know is that fluoride is an industrial waste product and it is a scam to put it in the water for the benefit of our teeth.

    There’s also a new documentary out called The Fluoride Conspiracy, check it out if you can. Here’s more reading material for those interested in knowing the truth about this poison they put in our water.

    I refuse to go on town water!

  5. Nobody should be forced to cap a perfectly good well, especially a deep one, and use/pay for water.The water in this area contains arsenic trioxide. Chronic exposure to arsenic trioxide causes arsenicosis -“Symptoms of arsenic poisoning begin with headaches, confusion, severe diarrhoea, and drowsiness.”
    Chronic arsenic poisoning results from drinking contaminated well water over a long period of time. This is due to arsenic contamination of aquifer water.[13] The World Health Organization recommends a limit of 0.01 mg/L (10ppb) of arsenic in drinking water. This recommendation was established based on the limit of detection of available testing equipment at the time of publication of the WHO water quality guidelines. More recent findings show that consumption of water with levels as low as 0.00017 mg/L (0.17ppb) over long periods of time can lead to arsenicosis.[14]
    ““while your drinking water meets EPA’s standard for arsenic, it does contain low levels of arsenic. EPA’s standard balances the current understanding of arsenic’s possible health effects against the cost of removing arsenic from drinking water. EPA continues to research the health effects of low levels of arsenic, which is a mineral known to cause cancer in humans at high concentrations and is linked to other health effects such as skin damage and circulatory problems.”

  6. This is too good to pass up. A Must Read.

    I wonder if the citizens of this community would care enough to take this out of their water supply, if they really knew what was in it?

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