No major incidents during Independence Day weekend

The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office reports a relatively quiet and uneventful 4th of July holiday weekend.

According to Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Alan Nelson, there were no major incidents on the river or on the highways. Through Monday morning, a total of 16 persons were arrested and booked into the jail, five for warrants, three for DUI, two for possession of drugs and one each for aggravated DUI, extreme DUI, OUI, aggravated assault, theft and for driving on a suspended license.

The arrest numbers are a significant decrease from that normally seen on holiday weekends in La Paz County. Lt. Nelson says he believes that the low activity is due to a more family-oriented crowd for the Fourth weekend than is usually experienced on other summer holidays.

A major monsoon storm hit La Paz County at approximately 7:30pm on Sunday evening, causing a power outage in the eastern part of the county, including the towns of Salome and Wenden. APS responded and power was restored by 11:30pm.

Rain, heavy at times, fell throughout the county, often accompanied by strong winds. The only damage reported from the storm was an awning that was blown into power lines in the Lakeside 2 subdivision and a boat that sank on the river, docked at B&B Trailer Park near Parker Dam.

Blowing dust and low visibility also caused a multi-vehicle crash on I-10 at milepost 69-70 near the county line.

DPS reported no injuries or deaths from the collisions.


  1. See, we didn’t need the police state after all!

  2. its amazing that CRIT Fire Dept. didnt start any wildland fires this year…with there improper handling of fireworks….just amazing….

  3. Michael- Arguably, it’s because of law enforcement activity that prevented it! We had Lt. Nelson on the air with us Friday promoting the use of designated drivers.

  4. OK John, I’ll argue with you. I think less people drink and drive today and that’s a good thing. However, that’s no excuse to live under a police state. EVERYTHING is illegal now. You can’t do ANYTHING without asking government for permission, or buying a permit or getting a license for. The founding fathers would be ashamed with what we are putting up with.

    Want to pour concrete on a commercial property you own? You better be a licensed contractor, or hire one or you’re getting nailed. If you wanted to go from point A to Point B but you wanted to enjoy a beer or two, better not have an open one in the car, even if you are not driving. You have too much to drink and you start walking or take a bicycle instead, in Quartzsite and most other places, depending on the good man with the badge and the gun and who he works for, you’re probably getting a ticket or going to jail. Doesn’t seem like freedom to me.

    Free people don’t need people in pirate costumes, driving pirate ships telling them how they should live their lives.

    And FWIW I prefer “Peace Officers” over Law Enforcement. When we were a more free nation, this is what we had. There are a LOT of bad laws and not only should we be NOT enforcing them we should be eliminating them.

    The last (2nd) time I was illegally arrested for daring to exercise my First Amendment and God given rights at a town council meeting, I had a scary conversation with the man who was imprisoning me illegally about “No Knock Raids”. God I hope our sheriff doesn’t allow these in La Paz County.

    You see John, you start this argument about “preventive” policing. Bad idea, just like “Preventive War! How’s that worked out for USA? (Hitler did preventive war too.)

    You can’t prevent anyone from doing the wrong thing using violence or the threat of violence. All government is force. That’s why it should be extremely limited. ALWAYS, or it gets out of control! All one has to do is look at our county to see it.

    It’s cool that someone was on your radio station talking about designated drivers, I just don’t think we need a police state to enforce it…

  5. they didnt arrest u for ur first amendment rights , they arrested u cuz, u were being stupid n shoving people…thats why u got arrested…….so get it right….

  6. police officers r there to protect us form people like u….
    …so get it right……

    No insults please. -JW

  7. Did you see the videos or only read the Parker Pioneer who has a habit of censoring and misleading. The truth is all on Youtube and this blog and others. Watch the videos and you’ll see clear as day I WAS SHOVED AND PUSHED AND I DID NOTHING, except get arrested. This is illegal no matter what you WANT to believe. No matter how much you don’t like me I have the same rights as you do. (Unless you live in La Paz County)

    Here’s the most recent illegal takedown of Jennifer Jones who was “illegally daring” to speak to the citizens in Jeff Gilberts “Courtroom”
    Here’s my illegal arrest.
    And there’s two other videos out there that show clearly I was assaulted in front of the Chief of Police by Steve Bennett.

    You see valleyrider, a mind is like a parachute. It works best when it is OPEN!

  8. well my eyes were OPEN…i saw u take a swing a gentleman wtih ur right arm…while he was asking u to move outside the building….that motion is concidered assualt…thats why u got arrested….SO GET IT RIGHT….

  9. WRONG! I was pulling away blind guy!

    I was assaulted and everyone with a brain and a pair of eyes saw it!!! Dozens in the room, and even some of Jeffy Gilberts own policemen, have agreed to be witnesses to the assault against me. I took no swing at anyone. I don’t believe in violence, unless it is visited upon me first!!!

    You just can’t go grabbing people and telling them “You’re going outside, NOW”. It’s not how it works, get it?

    I’ll see your friends in court and I will prevail!!!

  10. Roth,
    After viewing your post, #10, I agree with you. Chief Gilbert must go. Gilbert is acting in against the consititution and is violating rights of citizens.
    Why doesn’t dont the Q lawyers step in stop this madness, Where is the Town manager? DPS should investigate.
    BTW, I still disagree with you on everything else until further notification.

  11. “M”, you as well as anyone knows, you can’t trust lawyers to do the right thing! They’re slow and they’re dumb and most of them don’t know the first thing about being a real American!!!

    I told you months ago Jeff Gilbert needed to go! You’re just waking up now? Thanks, but WTF?????????

    Town Manager (Affectionately known as Alex Graft) is the protege of Dan Field, ANOTHER lawyer! (And not a very good one either!) They’re thick as thieves in these parts!

    Go ahead and disagree with me, I’ve been proving you wrong for sometime now. Thanks for verifying what I alread knew to be true!!!

  12. That’s strange John, my original #10 post, as ‘M’ mentions, fails to appear now, what up?

  13. Several posts were deleted as they consisted of insults.

  14. All I said was “watch it and weep”! And had a link to Freedoms Phoenix…. hmmmmm!

  15. Lost in La Paz

    I don’t know for sure but it seems that the rights provided by the Constitution of the United States is just a JOKE in Quartzsite.


  16. As one guy said, Quartzsite is about 120 miles from Phoenix, 20 miles from California and 8 feet from hell!

  17. Jennifer Jones was just interviewed by hardcore freedom fighter, Alex Jones, on It will replay for 24 hours.

    Jeff Gilbert and his friends in the County are going to regret the day they picked on the wrong people.

    Karma Bites!

  18. I heard a news crew from PHX was there yesterday, channel 5 I think.

  19. Your intel is good. More on their way. This is already BIGTIME online and on certain radio shows where the freaks who talk about the CON stitution all hang out.

    It’s really sad the rest of the County media hates Quartzsite and ignores us, or distorts the truth.

    Here’s to The Crazy Ones…

  20. A busy day fighting the criminals destroying my town. Here’s Mayor Ed Foster on Ernie Hancocks Freedom’s Phoenix radio show. As a Bonus Barry Hess is on as well

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