The arrest of Jennifer Jones in Quartzsite

I’ve received many messages asking me to put this up. Like much of what goes on in Quartzsite politics, it can be difficult to determine who is in the right and who is in the wrong, but this video of the arrest of Jennifer ‘Jade’ Jones for disorderly conduct in a town council meeting has gone viral on the internet, so, here it is, for the curious.

For the record, I have no opinion on what is depicted in this video (except that it seems utterly chaotic for a local government meeting).

UPDATE: This is not, of course, to say that those who hold strong opinions about this are wrong. Most observers agree that liberty, law and freedom of speech are of utmost importance, and it seems obvious that some of the practice of those concepts have gone badly wrong in Quartzsite. Those who feel strongly about this are entitled to (the outrage is what drives this story forward). At Parker Live, we provide a forum for free expression and we’re glad it’s being used.


  1. Thanks John. But how the hell can anyone watch this and say it’s difficult to determine who is right or who is wrong. You sound like some of the ministers in this town. Jeff Gilbert is clearly wrong here. CLEARLY!!! And for you to paint it as “Quartzsite politics” is why most of us here have no respect for the rest of the media in this county. It’s also why Jennifer Jones started her own newspaper. What you’ll see here is what I and others have been having to deal with (It’s called tyranny) and then we have to deal with misleading reporting by the Parker Pioneer, and the County Attorney’s office, etc.. I wrote a letter to the editor at The Parker Pioneer and they DELETED the last 4 paragraphs. If anyone wants to see the letter I wrote, and compare it to what they printed, call me. 928-927-8888

    The lawbreakers in Quartzsite wear a badge and a gun. And when the good citizens try to get the message out about the corruption, nobody cares, or they bump into the Establishment Media Machine and get called all kinds of names. Read The Desert Freedom Press. It’s the only media in the County telling the unvarnished truth!

  2. Good morning everyone, and thanks Mike for the compliment. It’s not hard to determine at all. By the time I finish this cup of coffee, at least 100,000 people or more will have seen the video. In law, we have something called the “reasonable man standard”. The “reasonable” people who have commented on countless pages (go to my site for the links) know more about the law and parliamentary procedure than the entire council, staff and (now former) town attorney, Pamela Walsma put together. More important is what the legally educated can ascertain from a video that does not even show as clearly as the one I got directly from town hall and their audio – direct from the mike feed. Many brilliant legal minds have been able to determine “who is in the right and who is in the wrong,”. I have agreed to be represented on these civil rights violations by Yale Law grad/Research Scholar,former Ron Paul staff member and founder of the Oath Keepers, E. Stewart Rhodes. He has also agreed to represent Mayor Ed Foster over his false arrest, and asked me to put him in touch with Mike Roth, over possibly representing him as well. And lets be clear here. I was not told that I was under arrest at any time, by any officer, nor read my rights, which means that I was free to go. I thought they were only remove me “for the remainder of the meeting””, as “Machine Gun” Joe Winslow unlawfully demanded. I was cited, not taken to jail. Upon whose orders was I even cited? I can assume it was Alex and Jeff, but I am looking forward to the “badge cam” videos and radio logs through discovery.

  3. Perhaps a wrong choice of words for Parker Live.
    It feels as if they really didn’t want to post the video. Apparently the Parker area has soooo much news that by posting it would take away from the really big stuff. Secondly by telling us you have no opinion, it sounds like you are too frightened to offend somebody.

  4. IMHO ALL of the media in this county (except The Desert Freedom Press) is either in bed with the Establishment, or as you say it IGIVEUP, “too frightened”. We are in the mess we are in because of US, not THEM! WE have allowed this to spiral out of control. WE have to take responsibility for the mess we are in and try to fix it. There are only a few of them and thousands of us. I know it’s early to be mentioning this, but next election, DON’T RE-ELECT ANYBODY!!!

  5. [* The following is a copy of a rebuttal from John Gutekunst report of Jade Jones arrest June 28th at Quartzsite Town Hall. Parker Pioneer refused to post this so now you can read it here!]

    Mr. Gutekunst,

    With all due respect, when are you going to start reporting the truth and not a distorted misrepresentation of the facts of June 28th during the Town Hall Meeting? The videos, witness, and laws clearly show that your reporting of that night is in error. If you were a small paper out of another state and reporting the facts for the 1st time I could look the other way. However, YOU know the truth and facts behind what is happening in Quartzsite and the facts in this case.

    If you hand taken the time to research the Arizona Meetings Law, Arizona State Court, and U.S. Federal Court Case Laws, (as we have) you would have known that Councilman Joe Winslow had “No Standing” (No legal right to interfere, stop, or bring forth a motion during “Call to Public”!) to high jack the meeting and take away the legal authority of Mayor Ed Foster to run the meeting per Arizona State Law!

    Again Mr. Gutekunst, if you had done your homework, you would have know that the Legal advice that Town Manager Alex Taft said that she obtained from Town Attorney Pamela Wilsma is in direct violation of the Arizona O.M.L. as well as a Civil Rights Violation! As for Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert’s calling for Mrs. Jones to stop resisting, resisting what? Mrs. Jones was never informed (on multiple videos viewed several times) by Chief Gilbert, Sgt. Fabiola Garcia, or Officer Rich Patterson that she was being rejected or under arrest. More violations of Mrs. Jones Civil Rights!

    The Parker Pioneer and the citizens of La Paz County need a good “Objective” reporter and IMHO you have failed them with this story. The story is not over yet as there is no doubt that you will be called as a witness in Mrs. Jade Jones upcoming Civil Suit against the Town of Quartzsite. Your reporting of Town Attorney Pamela Wilsma and Town Manager Alex Taft will get you some more bench time in the witness room in a U.S. Federal Court and with the Arizona Bar.

    I have heard from more than one person and others in the business, and their observations of your reporting style and we know that you are much more capable than what you have delivered to us to date! You don’t deserve to look like someone that is on the Quartzsite Payrolls.

  6. the chief o police needs to be fired asap for civil rights offenses. the town needs to be sued if the leaders there dont fire this c.o.p.

    it is really funny that the c.o.p in quartzsite is a crazy, like alot of people there, which shouldnt be the case. what is the c.o.p name? people should get a petition going to get this c.o.p. fired asap. asap! now!

  7. ok, I see it, c.o.p. name is gilbert. asap. got to go!! asap.! he is offends the 1st!!!
    asap fire him.

  8. The council knew who and what Chief Gilbert was when they recently gave him his new contact and pay raise. The only logical conclusion is that he is exactly the type of leadership they want. They refused to attend a meeting by the mayor, to put him on paid administrative leave, and when the had to attend the following meeting -they just walked off and left the mayor sitting there. Worst of all, Councilman Jose Lizarraga appears to be waiving them out the door! How can Lizarraga have the audacity to run against Ed for mayor? Jose is directly responsible for voting in favor of everything that is now tearing this town apart. I know this, as I have had a front row seat for the show, Quartzsite voters, I urge you, just say “no way Jose’! “

  9. Here are some links to visit and get up to speed on more of what is happening in Quartzsite! All have high hits and pages of comments from the viewers too!

    Jade’s interview with Alex Jones on Info Wars, YOU TUBE post!

    Part 1of2

    Part 2of2

    Freedom Phoenix

    Reality Report

  10. Michael- Anybody outside of Quartzsite knows what I mean. Quartzsite politics is difficult to comprehend for anybody not a part of it. I have no opinion whatsoever on the video (mostly out of a lack of understanding all the complex personalities and motivations and disputes involved). It can also be very hard to find an impartial observer able to articulate the facts without bias.

  11. John,
    That’s a cop-out! You don’t have to know any background to this to see this is just flat out wrong! You can fluff up your apathy to us who are standing strong against pure evil, but it doesn’t excuse it.

    I’ve told you more than once before, police just can’t be arresting people because they don’t like the content of the speech, or the person giving it. This is Nazi!

    These are all Dan Field’s people, and these are his tactics too!!! This is also why our county is broke fiscally, morally and spiritually. I just wish others would wake up sooner! When good people do nothing, this is what happens…….

    Take the Red Pill John….

  12. I have a lot of respect for KLPZ providing the opportunity for one to exercise his right to free speech, no matter the content or viewpoint. It’s censorship that causes pickles like this one, in the first place, elevating idiots and crooks to power. Down with the good-old-boys-club members who will stop at nothing to hang on to power. Long live the Internet!

  13. Censorship sucks. It ALWAYS lies!!! That’s why people censor, it helps with the lie!!!!

    Now if we could get KLPZ to report about this on their radio thingy, because these same problems are being played out countywide.

    If more people don’t stand up against the wrongs, soon the boot of tyranny will be on YOUR throat!

  14. I’m for house-cleaning beginning at the top. If we would have supervisors more interested in county welfare than only their own welfare, most of these problems would simply evaporate. But it ain’t going to happen without getting rid of the career politicians, first, all of whom are responsible for causing the torched-earth economy we have left today. The more I look into supervisor policy, the more I see the behavior of every other politician, such as that fat-faced senator from Arizona or the high rollers in the White House, from BO down, squandering the national treasury on perpetual junkets, as though there is no tomorrow. I cringe thinking how heartless and selfish they all must be, robbing resources that parents produce for children, then lavishly spending the money on themselves. It’s just plain evil. But even more evil is how too many allow this triumph of evil. We, the citizens of La Paz County, deserve what’s on the horizon if we do not exterminate the greed that has not just swamped our local economy but also the economy of this great nation.

  15. Hear Hear jackal!


  16. Michael- Find me someone who can report all the facts (including an accurate reporting of the stated intentions of those you say are in the wrong), and have them report it to us accurately and impartially without added opinion; we’d be glad of their help. I can’t find a single such person in Quartzsite politics.

  17. Aren’t YOU in the reporting business?

  18. Hey, I found the Youtube video where the council and police chief are told specifically, that the voters decided the mayor makes that call and if they do what this video shows they did – they will get sued!
    Only 8 people bothered to watch it before me:
    6 TC Training League of Cities-6.wmv

    4:52 seconds in William Sims, lead legal council for the towns ins. pool tells Police Chief Jeff Gilbert “there will be the lawsuit…”

    At 10.02 the MAYOR makes that call!

    Lawsuit? Oh yeah!

  19. For God’s sake John…cut down on the estrogen
    Try to limit yourself to just one or two per day. And it wouldn’t hurt to take some calcium. Try to build strong healthy bones….Back Bones not knee caps

  20. I have no idea what that means. I assume you’re not female? (And, judging by how undesirable you feel the female hormone is, you don’t like women very much?)

    Michael- I’m afraid we don’t have the resources to devote to such coverage. But, judging by the responses to the Pioneer’s coverage, I doubt you’d be satisfied even if we did. This is why I leave it up to the public to judge these council/police/mayor/law/1st Amendment issues for themselves.

  21. Gemminer: LOL!

    Excuses, excuses, excuses! You know what they are like, don’t you?

    What’re you saying, you’re just like The Parker Pioneer? You can’t be different/better? Go ahead and try, you might be surprised at the response you’ll get.

    Oh well, at least there’s The Desert Freedom Press, for those who care!

  22. With all the Right Wing talk that Keith promotes, one would think that this topic would be headline stuff. But Keith is fishing buddies with Drum so that not going to happen. Keith, the “Last Medium of Freedom” Guy, is even in favor of a tax increase on the people to pay off the Yakima judgement. It is clear to most of us that KLPZ is owned by the establishment. Come on John. You have done a great deal to allow the voice of the people to be heard. If you can’t look at the video of Ms. Jones getting strong armed by the police chief to shut her up then maybe sir you should read the constitution again. And the Open Meeting laws of AZ. John you have been the one to give the folks a voice, keep it up. The AZ Attorney General doesn’t care what happens in La Paz County because we are 4% of the State Vote! In the end it will be the people that change this place. If they care enough.

  23. I think it sounds like John is trying to stay neutral on a situation he doesn’t know a lot about. That makes good sense to me. 🙂

  24. I suggest it is the “stay neutral” mentality that is at the core of the problem in La Paz County. As I have said many times before, “WHO CARES?” Does anyone care about the $14.5 million judgement against the county or that the Board of Supervisors at the advice of Dan Field want to tax the people to pay for it? Does anyone care that the government can strong arm the citizens from voicing their opinion in open public meeting? When Mike Roth stood to tell the truth at the Supervisors meeting the chairman of the Board ADJOURNED the meeting. Effectively shutting him up. WHO CARES? And anyone that speaks out against the government is labeled a heretic. I would also suggest that remaining neutral is only good common sense if you agree with the corruption and just don’t want to make waves for standing up for what is right. A lot of folks will stay neutral as long as what is happening in government is aligned with their interests. If you think that taxing the people of La Paz County is OK for the misdeeds of elected officials I would say that maybe you might just misunderstand what is right for the people. Please take time to evaluate that we are being punished for the misdeeds of the present and past Board of Directors. 13 La Paz County employees and their families have already paid the price for these misdeeds. What is next? Who is next? Law enforcement? Firefighters? Teachers? If we continue to let these folks continue down this path I suggest we all brace for the worst.

  25. Well now I’ve heard everything. It was reported to my by Mayor Ed Foster that (today July 10th, 2011) the Town Council Members, Town Manager Alex Taft, the New Town Attorney, along with Chief Jeff Gilbert have held a behind locked doors meeting at Quartzsite Town Hall. The have across the board voted to declare a “State of Emergency” (only the Mayor can sign off on this one and he wasn’t at that unlawful secret meeting) and have given Chief Jeff Gilbert wide sweeping powers. To what end, God only knows!

    Video to come later!

  26. Thank you Dan Field for leaving us in safe hands!!!

  27. A “State of Emergency”? Looks like they are running scared. With national attention the folks are going to end up in jail, fired and declared unfit to hold public office at the least.

  28. According to Quartzsite Town Code Section 3, subsection 3-6-4 gives complete and utter power to the Mayor. LOL, thats not going to work out for the council and chief of police now will it.

  29. Does anyone here have the cell # to the Sheriff. He is supposed to be the highest lawman in the land. If anyone does have his number please call him and try to have him talk some sense into Jeff Gilbert. Please!!!

    None of us are violent but they have called us violent and we don’t doubt for a second Jeff Gilbert will say we were if he decides to harm anyone who stands up to him and Javier. Here’s proof of Jeff Gilberts sick mind…

    The Chief of Police and Javier Frausto are wearing paramilitary gear. They are taking this Martial Law thing seriously.

    Does this mean Gilbert and his goons can detain me anytime they want????

  30. That is correct Lost In La Paz. They (the Council) illegally stripped the Mayor of these powers on the night he was sworn in. So I believe they arrogantly think they are proceeding legally.

    You trained them well Dan!!!

  31. Only if the Mayor allows it. Buy hey, they never listen to the mayor anyway.

  32. “I suggest it is the “stay neutral” mentality that is at the core of the problem in La Paz County.”

    LostinLaPaz- I defy anybody to read the comments sections on Parker Live and elsewhere and conclude that the problem with La Paz County is a lack of opinion.

  33. He didn’t say lack of opinion. That’s not what he was talking about at all.

  34. It is official; the paper work is in the hands of Mayor Ed Foster. The Town Council Members, Joe Winslow, Pat Anderson, Jerry Lukkasson, Robert Kelley, and Barbara Cowell met with Town Manager Alex Taft, New Town Attorney Martin Brannan, and Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert with Sgt. Xavier Frausto (who is seen slamming the Town Hall Doors before locking the public out) held a unannounced Quartzsite Government meeting in clear violation of the Arizona Open Meetings Law and voted 5-0 to declare a “State of Emergency” placing the Town of Quartzsite under “Marshall Law,” while putting Town Manager Alex Taft and Chief Jeff Gilbert in charge!

    It is reported that the new Town Attorney Martin Brannan placed his seal of approval for the meeting while the Town Council placed Chief Jeff Gilbert who is under criminal investigation by DPS for violations of Arizona State and Federal Laws in Charge! The fox isn’t watching the chickens’, HE’S IN THE CHICKEN COOP!

    Video Link:

  35. This is how we roll in Quartzsite…. Dan Field style!!!

    Xavier and Gilbert and Quartzsite Town Council, RESIGN NOW!

  36. John- Opinion with out action is the core of the heard mindset of the majority of people that just want to be left alone and have no active role in self governance. It is only until one can be compelled to act on opinion that they become involved in their own destiny. Unless one decides their destiny is to be decided by others. There are two basic ways to compell a human being to act and that is Pleasure or Pain. The good folks of this couny have not experienced enough pain yet to act. As of today I think that the people on your site are folks that are interested in what is really happening in La Paz County. I know for sure Mr. Roth and Mr. McGuire are not afraid to take action on their opinions. From hearing what you have said on radio I find you to be somewhat of a conservative and constitutionaist. That makes me wonder then why you have said nothing to voice your opposition to a potential tax being levied on the people for the misgivings of government. In La Paz County the people WILL feel the pain. It will just be to late to do anything. This tax will take over 20 years to repay the bonds they will attempt to sell. Here is a little something that might help.


    It’s very simple, LILP: I simply don’t know enough about it. It seems to me that the action of the police officers here was wrong; I’m still waiting to understand the underlying issues to all of this contention. Unlike those who speak without understanding, I prefer to withhold my sometimes very strong opinion until I’m sufficiently informed. I’m working on that in this case, and in the process maybe I can help other outsiders to understand this mess also. But my role on this site is not to give my opinions – I have other arenas for that – it’s to present information and allow others to freely form their own. I hope you can understand this straightforward principle, used often in media. There I a distinct need, in a sea of opinion, for some trusted sources of impartial facts upon which to nail them. That is our role. -JW

  37. Here is more information related to the secret emergency Quartzsite Town Meeting in direct violation of the Arizona Open Meetings Law!

    Alex Jones Info Wars YOU-TUBE

    Video of “Secret Quartzsite Town Meeting”


    Fox 10 News Phoenix

  38. So if you drive through Quartzsite you can be pulled over for any reason, held without chargers for any amount of time and just plain shot on sight if the gestapo so says. Sound familiar. Now council meetings can be held without notice. Citizens can be kept out. Is Chief Dilbert going to confiscate all the guns??
    The council must be making tons of cash from the “ghost” employees they are paying. Looks like cover up and damage control. What a crock.

  39. Lost,

    That is what it has always been about with Mayor Ed Foster, “Follow the money”! As I have read, just one item deals with about $1,000,000.00 in paid out checks without names or reasons for over 5 years. The “Who” it was paid out to, the “What” it was paid out for, we know the “When,” the “Where” it went, and “Why” must be answered.

    To have the Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert call for an “Emergency Meeting” without proper protocol being followed and locking out the public is a direct violation of the Arizona Open Meetings Law. The Arizona Attorney General could and can removed every member involved in this move to place Quartzsite in a “State of Emergency” thus “Marshal Law.” What are they trying to hide? Just how deep are they into criminal activates that they feel they have to declare “Marshal Law” to protect what they have done from becoming public information?

    Oct. 14th, 2010
    4:52 seconds in William Sims, lead legal council for the towns ins. pool tells Police Chief Jeff Gilbert “there will be the lawsuit…”

  40. The latest news being reported is that ALL open town meetings have been suspended until September! NO public meetings until the “State of Emergency” (Marshal Law) is over according to Town Manager Alex Taft. Only problem is, the State of Arizona sees it differently. Mayor Ed Foster has filed a formal “Open Meetings Law Complaint” with the Arizona Attorney Generals Office today.

    Even the Washington Post is reporting what has been happening in Quartzsite, Arizona. Read it for yourself via the link below. I wonder just what else will be reported over the weeks and months to follow with all the documentation that is being given to the News Media related to the Town Council Members, Town Manager Alex Taft, Asst. Town Manager Al Johnson, Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert, Sgt. Xavier Frausto, Sgt. Fabiola Garcia, and Officer Rich Patterson.

    So far, the news media while trying to be objective reporters have not been seeing it through the eyes of any of the people behind the violations of Civil Rights at Town Hall!

    Washington Post

  41. Everyone needs to make sure they watch this… TWICE!

    Paul, it’s spelled “Martial” Law…fyi

  42. Okay, so how does this work?, Jade sues Quartzsite for X amount of $millions, wins her case, the town goes broke & can’t pay.. Do “deep pocket” rules apply?, does the financial burden then shift to the citizenry of Lapaz county ?. Can we float some more bonds to cover yet again another lost lawsuit brought upon us due to the ineptness of our elected officials?
    Oh how I long for the good ‘ol days when Quartzsite had no stoplights, Yuma was our county & Bud Yancy was our sheriff.

  43. Bet we were more free back then Humor Me!

  44. Is Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert getting ready for his own version of “The Night of the Long Knives?” I have been told by Mayor Ed Foster that the Town Council has scheduled a 10:00 A.M. meeting today at town hall under their “State of Emergency” or more common know as the suspensions of Cities Rights under “Martial Law,” where NO emergency exist unless you are IMHO one of the cockroaches in town hall having the light of truth being shined on you!

    The most alarming item as reported comes from (alleged) from Chief Gilbert contacting other outside agencies to make a show of force by sending as many police officers as they can to town hall today. For the first time I can see why many people are upset and calling what has been happening in Quartzsite under the direction of Town Manager Alex Taft and Chief Jeff Gilbert the “Resurrection of the Nazi 3rd Reich” in Quartzsite, Arizona!

    Remember, Chief Jeff Gilbert was allowed during “Call to Public” to openly attacking Mayor Ed Foster and turning the podium towards the public to make his comment without being arrested!

  45. What happened this morning at the Quartzsite Town Hall will be seen around the world as a body of elected officials that don’t think that the law applies to them. The link below spells the downfall to the Town of Quartzsite as it is about to be drug into the Federal Court System for open and willful violations of Civil Right and defying both Arizona State and Federal laws that govern the actions of those “Under Color of Law.”

  46. average Joe here, the video was frightening!!
    we are headed down a dark path as a society,
    Just a thought… perhaps law enforcement training should introduce a “Constitutional Rights” segment to the program . Great P.R. gesture if anything
    Hurumph Hurumph!

  47. Many people have been kept in the dark as to the “Unlawful” Quartzsite Town Meetings of Sunday July 10th and Tuesday July 12th. Even more have not been able to understand why there is a problem with the QPD officers and their complaints. Please view the following videos to get up to speed, so to speak. It is important that you keep informed with the truth and the facts!

    Sunday July 10th Unlawful Town Meeting:

    Tuesday July 12th Unlawful Town Meeting:

    Interview with Sgt William Ponce, Quartzsite PD, 7-12-11 Quartzite, AZ:

    Interview with Mayor Ed Foster, Quartzsite, AZ 7-12-11:

  48. Now the far left have entered the fray…

  49. Clean Up Town Hall “Soap On A Rope”

    There may be a better way that we can all express our feelings over what is happening at the Quartzsite Town Hall. Now if we all just send to Town Manager Alex Taft as a form of “Free Speech,” “Soap On A Rope” in a box (remember the tea bags to Washington D.C.?) with the name on each bar for the person we would like to receive our non-violent, non-threatening expression of displeasure will clearly say, “Clean Up Town Hall.” If not, then each one will have a life time of “Soap On A Rope” so they will be safe from a real threat while taking their showers in a Arizona State or Federal Prison!

    Town Manager
    Alex Taft
    PO Box 2812
    Quartzsite, AZ 85346

    Council Members:
    Barbara Cowell
    Joe Winslow
    Jerry Lukkasson
    Pat Anderson
    Bob Kelly

    Town Manager: Alex Taft
    Asst Manager: Al Johnson
    Chief of Police: Jeff Gilbert
    QPD Sgt: Fabiola Garcia
    QPD Sgt: Xavier Frausto
    QPD Officer: Rick Patterson

  50. The problem is I don’t want to spend any money on these dirty traitors! Have you got any ideas that are FREE?

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