Power restored in Quartzsite

APS Press release


Good Afternoon,

As of 3:35pm, the Town of Quartzsite has been restored to power. APS repaired or replaced 22 poles near the community.

The two cooling centers in Quartzsite will remain open for the 223 Bouse customers who continue to be affected by the power outage in that area. The cooling centers are located at the 1st Assembly of God Church (665 W. Tyson, Quartzsite) and The Group of Isaiah 58 (100 N. Moon Mountain, Quartzsite). 10 poles are down near Bouse. The APS team has distributed 10,000 pounds of dry ice between 9:30 and 11:30am to customers in Quartzsite and an estimated 3,000 pounds of dry ice to customers in Bouse since 10:30 am. Dry ice continues to be available at the Bouse General Store located at 27646 W. Hwy 72. APS is also providing bottled water to customers for drinking purposes. ETR for Bouse customers is Tuesday (July 12) in the afternoon.

If customers procure bagged ice separately, they can send their receipts to APS for reimbursement for up to 40 lbs. Customers should save their receipts and can mail them to APS P.O. Box 53999 Sta 3108 Phoenix, AZ 85072.

APS would like to thank all of our customers for their patience while crews have worked to restore power. Storms can cause significant damage to infrastructure and APS appreciates the community’s collaborative efforts in storm response. We will continue to work to restore all remaining affected customers in La Paz County as quickly as possible.

Andrea Bereznak


  1. F APS! They weren’t there at the Shell station when I and several others were looking for dry ice and water!

    Being the Skeptic I am, I wonder if anyone died during these past 2 outages?

    Get off all meters!!!!

  2. Roth get over your [………], APS was there at the Shell station both times the power went out. Last week they got there by 9:30 am and yesterday they were also there befor 10am. You people know this happens every year with the monsoon stock up on ICE so it can be put in your fridge to keep food cool enough for the dry ice to show up. If you don’t like the time APS shows up with the ice then call them and tell them they need to have an earlier time because your so special.

    No insults, please. -JW

  3. Right back at ya tb! They were out and not there by the time I and several others got there on the 2nd outage!!!

    Once again, you are missing the point…

  4. Why did you not inquire what time they would be there? And your POINT?

  5. How was I supposed to call them, phones were down, cell phone dead, no way to charge it!

    Are you trying to be my mom or something? I’ve already have one of those!

    The point is to get off all meters!

  6. No Michael, I am your Father!

  7. A.P.S. owes you nothing Roth! You live in an area that has above average acts of mother nature. Power goes out as poles blow over and break. They restored powere asap. Considering how many poles went down I would say they did it rather quickly. They don’t owe anyone dry ice, mother nature does. They do it as they try to go above and beyond what is expected as far as customer service goes…

  8. Darth, you lose in the end…

    Sanger1, you are right, they owe me nothing but you can vote with your feet, hence why I advocate getting off all meters.

    I don’t agree they go above and beyond in the customer service dept….. lots of people were looking for dry ice and water…..

  9. One more reason to get off all meters…


  10. Not sure why I am entertaining this, but Mr. Roth, are you “off all meters”? If so, good for you, but you would then have no standing to argue about APS not being prompt with the dry ice as that was a commodity for their customers. If, on the other hand, you yourself are still utilizing a meter, perhaps your frustration would be better served in removing yourself from the grid-leading by example-and giving suggestions to others on how to accomplish such freedom…

    …and you could charge your cell phone from your vehicle…

  11. I did charge my cell phone from my car and I also got my internet at the same time.

    I do lead by example but I am not 100 percent perfect. But I do whatever I can to get off the commie grid! A lot more than most people!!!

  12. #7: “A.P.S. owes you nothing Roth!”

    Wrong, genius.

    APS owes everyone the service (working electricity) that they pay for. When I pay for a service I expect the company I pay to fulfill that service, especially if that company expects me to continue paying for that service.

    I suppose it would be just fine with you if your electric company was to cut off your service for the entire month of August seeing as that they owe you nothing, correct?

    Speaking of who owes who, I just had to exemplify this statement as the most ignorant I’ve witnessed so far this week: “They don’t owe anyone dry ice, mother nature does.”

    So when your electric company cuts off your power in August your plan is to go outside with all your friends and do some sort of weird tribal dry ice dance to make Mother Nature deliver on her responsibility and drop dry ice from the sky. Fascinating. Let me know how that works out for ya. I truly hope it works as it would save me a ton of money on a generator….

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