Quartzsite police chief asks for state of emergency

The Arizona Independent is reporting that the Chief of Police in Quartzsite is asking the Council to declare a State of Emergency due to the publicity the town has been receiving after the arrest of Jennifer ‘Jade’ Jones at a public meeting:

Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert has asked the town council to declare a “state of emergency” due to all of the publicity the town has received over the arrest of a reporter at an open meeting in June.

The town council voted 5-0 in favor of the action; Mayor Ed Foster did not attend the emergency meeting Sunday afternoon. Gilbert reportedly said the action was needed because Jennifer Jones was “inciting riots” after videos of her arrest at the meeting sprung up across the Internet.

It was not immediately clear what outside assistance, if any, Gilbert seeks to enforce the state of emergency.

No further information is confirmed.


  1. State of Emergency in “Nazi” cop town


    Thanks Dan Field for leaving us in Safe Hands!

  2. Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert and the council members are [………]. The police chief recently kidnapped someone from a meeting that was obeying the law and the head of the meeting, the mayor. The police chief and an out of order council member disrupted the meeting and kidnapped a person who the mayor had recongized as allowed to speak at the meeting. Council members are now having illegal meetings that violate the law. The mayor, the legal authority, is being ignored. The police chief and council members need to resign immediately! The world is watching and it will come for these criminals.

  3. gilbert got to go!!!

  4. Is this an example of tea bag politics?

  5. No, this is an example of arrogance gone wild!

  6. this state of emergency is contrived by cheif gilbert in an attempt to control quartzsite. His mission would not have been possible unless the council members went along unquestioningly. Anyone who has seen the videos of the last 2 meetings will clearly see that Gilbert has intruded himself into the bussiness of the council in an attemp to insite the people in the room. Some people are letting themselves be used to this end. remember the meeting where he snarled at me that I was just arogant because I just sat up there and smiled at him. If more people would follow my example and not let him insite them we would put him in his place quickly. The people of Quartzsite and LaPaz county have to see through his antics and put him and his puppet council members in their place. It’s time to bring respect to Quartzsite government.

  7. Ed, it’s “incite” And “respect to Quartzsite gubermint” is an oxymoron!

  8. I understand that I am risking jail time by commenting on Jeff Gilbert but what the heck. Is it me or does he get involved in things he should have no part of? It seems that everytime there is a story, picture, event, meeting, etc, Jeff Gilbert is there commenting or doing something.

    He was way over his head and acting outside his job duties. Who can stop him?

  9. Check out his pretty little lies here,


    look for the Quartzsite story.

  10. Ya’ll are missing the point.

    Who in Quartzsite is known for witchy ways?
    Who feeds – thrives! – on negative enrgy?
    Who is closest to her?

    You’re throwing fire on gasoline. There has to be a better way to clear the crap out of Quartzsite and restore it to the fun place it once was.

    Thoughts? CONSTRUCTIVE ideas?

  11. That was constructive!

  12. Lets get some facts right from the get go! Town Manager Alex Taft claimed that they had to do something about the death threats they were received (Mayor Ed Foster reports he saw NO such threats) because of the You Tube Video of Jennifer Jade Jones Arrest of June 28th. What she failed to do during the interview was read the full statement made on the blog or to allow Eric English News 15, Phoenix from being able to read the following statement that followed the one she partly read!

    Paul Staudt said…
    This is the difference between many of us that live and work in Quartzsite, Arizona and outsiders that make “Anonymous” posts calling for the taking up of arms. WE THE PEOPLE BELIEVE IN OUR COURTS OF LAW!

    Many of us have suffered under the present members of the Quartzsite Town Council, Town Manager Alex Taft, Asst Town Manager/Code Enforcement Al Johnson, Town Attorney Pamela Wilsma, Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert, and as they call them, “The Brown Nose Posse.” However, the one single thread that has held us together, the keeper of the faith and shining light at the end of the dark tunnel has been in the fact, we are a “Nation of Laws”!

    We knew that in the end (even though it has taken years to get this far) that Chief Gilbert and his select officers would be investigated and charged with their criminal activities. This will lead to the investigation of town government here in Quartzsite. We will find out where $1 million of our funds have gone and to whom they were paid to. All this will happen without a single shot being fired, unless you take into account that some that are involved may chose to blow their brains out over spending an extended visit at one of our older established penitentiary (a public institution in which offenders against the law are confined for detention or punishment; specifically: a state or federal prison in the United States) in a damp, smelly, 7×7 foot cell, being the love child of Bubba.

    As long as we have our Courts of Law to seek resolve of our problems, there is no reason to take up arms. This has long been the corner stone of our foundation as the “Land of the Free”!
    July 8, 2011 7:18 AM

  13. Many people have been kept in the dark as to the “Unlawful” Quartzsite Town Meetings of Sunday July 10th and Tuesday July 12th. Even more have not been able to understand why there is a problem with the QPD officers and their complaints. Please view the following videos to get up to speed, so to speak. It is important that you keep informed with the truth and the facts!

    Sunday July 10th Unlawful Town Meeting:

    Tuesday July 12th Unlawful Town Meeting:

    Quartzsite Corruption Video:

    Interview with Sgt William Ponce, Quartzsite PD, 7-12-11 Quartzite, AZ:

    Interview with Mayor Ed Foster, Quartzsite, AZ 7-12-11:

  14. If ever any blame for bringing sham to Quartzsite, Arizona it must be the people that were elected and the Town Manager Dan Field that hired Jeff Gilbert and the Town Manager Alex Taft along with the present Town Council that in DIRECT violation of the Quartzsite Towns Code has kept him in power!

    We know that the Right Side has taken up the cause of Mrs. Jennifer Jade Jones and Mayor Ed Foster, but now the far Left Side has joined the cause…

    Countdown with Keith Olbermann 07-14-2011 5 – Worst Persons:

  15. You gotta love Brannon explaining to the council after the Mayor walked out that the UNLAWFUL action of declaring MARSHALL LAW was legal UNTIL it is ruled illegal by a court!!! You gotta love the DRIVE-BY mentality of these fools. At an illegal meeting they suspend the Constitution, suppress all laws and IMPRISON the people of Quartzsite! These fools seem to be doing everything in their power to hide the financial misdeeds they are most likely guilty of. This is a perfect example of what is wrong in America today. They will all be serving prison time soon. Don’t be surprised when you see the U-Haul trucks zipping around at midnight!

  16. Second worse person in the WORLD!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  17. Lost, I think you are starting to get a handle on it all! After the A.G. got the signed complaints hand delivered by Mayor Ed Foster at is offices in Phoenix, he was also given a CD with all the videos from both meetings. From what I was told, a short time later, the so-called “Legal Advice” given at the second un-lawful Quartzsite Council Meeting must have upset the A.G. by his response to Mayor Ed Foster.

    What I’d like to have explained to me is how a Chief of Police calls an Emergency Council Meeting (violation of Town Code) using un-documented death threats (don’t forget the News 15 interview with Town Manager Alex Taft) and have the Council Members with Town Manager Alex Taft, Asst. Town Manager Al Johnson, and Town Attorney Brannon (Fired County Attorney & under Arizona Bar investigation) vote for a “State of Emergency” (In effect declaring Martial Law) then suspend Civil Rights and place Chief Jeff Gilbert in charge of the Town of Quartzsite?

  18. Mr. Staudt I would say that the easy answer to that question would be corrupt council members are conspiring with the Town Manager, Asst. Town Manager, Town Attorney and others to conceal their little money skimming operation. These folks are doing idiotic things and going to great leanths to cover this up. I suppose they are in desperation mode right now. This is a huge cover-up and my guess is that soon Quartzsite will be having an election for every council member that will be removed by the AG, as well as looking for a new Town Manager, Asst. Manager, attorney, etc.

  19. Remember Dan Field in all of this mess. He started, fed and encouraged this monster. ALL of these people he personally hired and groomed. And MOST of these councilcritters were originally illegally NOMINATED to these positions. And because of voter fraud, and police thuggery orchestrated by Alex Taft and Jeff Gilbert, were they able to keep this rigged game going this long.

    And when we finally got an opposition cadidate elected Mayor, they freaked and stripped him of most of his emergency powers, which they are now using against him and the citizens of this town.

    Follow the money trail! Dan Field was a master at paying outrageous fees for “engineering studies” and “beautification projects” and the like, while nothing was actually being done. And when we complained about it at town hall meetings, the harassment, ticketing, and arrests, started. Ain’t Amerika great???

    I mention Dan Field because he’s now giving the County the Quartzsite Treatment. Good luck with that!

    Rise up people, take your local government back!!!

    The camera is more powerful than the gun!!!

  20. It is interesting what constitutes an emergency to Chief Jeff Gilbert. Two actual hand written death treats were received by Mayor Ed Foster and the Chief does nothing! Now Town Manager Alex Taft picks and miss uses information from the Internet as a death threat and the Chief of Police call (something he has to “Standing” to do) for an Emergency Council Meeting.

    How many of the so called death threats came from the residents of Quartzsite that said in fact that they were going to kill any of the Council Members or others? Any threat must be accompanied by the means, ability, and the intent to follow through. Who would travel all the way from Germany, France, England, or any other country to follow through with such a statement much less from other states with the cost of gas as it is?

    I do see an attempt to protect themselves from a criminal investigation and keeping people from shining a light on their activities, don’t you? As Mr. Roth has stated, the camera is more powerful that any gun and lets face the facts here, Chief Jeff Gilbert, Town Manager Alex Taft, Asst. Town Manager Al Johnson, Council Members Winslow, Cowell, Lukkasson, Anderson, Kelly, and Town Attorney Pamela Wilsma have violated Mrs. Jones Civil Rights and have place the Town of Quartzsite in jeopardy of Bankruptcy and the large possibility of Federal Prison Time! Over 200K people around the world have vied the videos and now the National TV News Stations are showing the videos and interviewing the victims. Here is a good link to get up to speed on what has and is happening in Quartzsite.


    Can anyone tell me that last time any Chief of Police ran N.C.I.C. criminal checks on every person that signed a “Recall Petition” (exercising their constitutional rights under the law) against Council Members to the tune of 259 times? Just whom is Chief Jeff Gilbert protecting? I don’t think it is the citizens of Quartzsite!

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