La Paz County solar project to break ground next year


  1. Where exactly is this going to be built?

  2. HA! Our current Supervisors will impose so many constraints, contingencies and stipulations that this company will ultimately end up building this in AFRICA!! Remember Allegheny Power? The new Ethanol Plant?? Are you kidding me? La Paz County is the most business killing County in the United States! Oh, Hows that Yakima thingy working out for ya? I guess the “new” Supervisors implementation of selling bonds and taxing the folks is the right solution! YEAH MORE TAXES!!! pathetic.

  3. MR- I believe north of Quartzsite (south of the Copperstone mine).

    LILP- Actually the County and the company have been working very well together on the project, with green lights all the way.

  4. Roth, this is apprx. 1/2 way between 12 mile and Qtz I believe. You will be able to see it in the distance from what is left of Quartzsite!! By the way, a fight broke out at the county park yesterday evening. No ranger in sight, so LPCSO had to go up there. Suspect went to hospital and then later decided he would retaliate so LPCSO, PPD and CRIT PD had to go up there again around 9pm. Ranger is really working out. Maybe he should have to work the hours that coordinate with the most potential for mayhem, say 4pm-12am shift and weekends maybe??????

  5. You really don’t expect the former California residents, Larry and Holly Irwin to actually do something for their pay, do you sanger1?

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