Back to School Bash at Players Youth Center

Back 2 School Bash/Dance tomorrow (Friday) at Players! Free Games & Prizes & Food from 2pm-6pm. Dance for 12 years old & up is 7pm-10pm; $3 Entry Fee for dance.


  1. LOL, Why do the palm trees in the picture, (although lacking a few leaves) resemble pot plants?, ..must have been drawn by some of the Playa’s.

  2. Ooh taboo, I like it! How do you know what the mad reefer looks like Humor Me?

  3. How would anyone not know what it looks like?. let’s face it, you will probably encounter more images depicting it’s image, ie: stickers, posters, patches on hats & shirts ect. & even tatoos, than say you would a red rose on a daily basis.

  4. Uhh, guys, I think they’re palm trees.

  5. Are those Mexican Palms or Humbolt Palm?

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