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Parker Live has a very good reputation for promoting free speech in our area. Not only do we try to update the site as often as we can with news pertaining to Parker and La Paz County; we also allow one of the most open comments systems on sites such as this (most news website contributions from readers are heavily moderated).

We keep it this way despite frequent calls to moderate more heavily, in large part because we believe in spaces for people to exercise First Amendment rights, and think that many voices – however irreverent, however politically incorrect, however unwelcome – is better than none.

Still, we’re running a household here on this piece of cyberspace. That means wiping your feet when you come in, being respectful of the others in here and making sure your comments are relevant to the discussion going on.

So, I urge the readers who leave comments to remember to post your comments only in relevant places (that means under the article heading the subject was posted in); leave a comment only once (rather than copying and pasting elsewhere); and be respectful of the others you’re conversing with.

Thanks for being here and helping Parker Live reach over 22,000 unique visitors this month alone!

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  1. Long Live Free Speech!!!

  2. Moderating is censoring. All opinion is protected under the Fifth Amendment, regardless if outlandish, unpopular, or accusatory of the bigots and posers who feel threatened by truth. The moment this blog denies one single person his or her “protected” right to free speech, I’ll never return (I’ve qualified by using “protected” because not all speech is protected.) Instead, I’ll find a new outlet or perhaps start a new blog, the same as many others would do, too. I’m banned from the because my views do not sit well with the PC crowd. Since comments are so heavily moderated at the HP, there’s no way whatsoever to gauge true public opinion. Sure, I could cloak a new identity and sneak in, but why? You’re little more than conquest for propaganda. I have tremendous respect for ParkerLiveOnline’s unmoderated comments. It would be interesting to know the individuals that have attempted to throttle free speech in La Paz County. That’s profound behavior, especially if from a public official. Long live the Internet.

  3. So many cry when they’re right to “free speech” is violated in their opinion, without understanding what the right to free speech really is. Here’s the first amendment as written.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Now, that only applied to congress and federal law until the 14th Amendment, in 1868, applied the Bill of Rights to State and Local governments as well. It does not apply to private website or blog owners.

    An owner of a privately owned forum such as this is not violating anyone’s free speech by moderating their site. Even so, John does a commendable job of keeping very few rules and enforcing those equally on everyone. However, if he wanted to forum ban everyone who says “I like to wear hats,” he could do that and it would be no free speech violation. Probably wouldn’t be good for business, but its not illegal.

    Now if the Police showed up at your door and arrested you for preaching your love of hats, THEN it would be a 1st Amendment violation.

    The Right to Free Speech does not give you Free Speech without consequences. It DOES give you free speech without retribution from the Government. At least its supposed to, although I’m sure a few citizens in Quartzsite would disagree after the events of recent weeks.

  4. Common Sense, the events in Quartzsite have been going on for YEARS! This is not a recent event. I went to jail and got to enjoy an expensive two day trial (paid for by the taxpayers) courtesy of TPTB, for exercising my free speech rights over 1.5 years ago.

    You are right about free speech on this site. This is private property and the owner can do whatever he or she wants to. But in public, speech is to be totally free!

    Jackal, the main obstacles to free speech in La Paz County, IMHO, is Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert and Town Council, and The Parker Pioneer! Oh, and John Drum and Dan Field hate Free Speech too!

  5. Common Sense is as clueless as the mainstream media for having hijacked public opinion to further the agenda that has made America hostage to criminal politicians. I’m rather fed up with esoteric interpretation of free speech, the same as I’m fed up with SCOTUS, which has ruled in lock step with politicians in favor NOT of civil rights but corporate rights.

  6. What is TPTB?

  7. Turkey Pickle Turnip Butter???

  8. What is that?

  9. LOL l.i.l.p.!

    The Powers That Be!

  10. Thanking the Gods…. Worried there for a bit.
    Thought it might be Tell People To Bolt.

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