Vederman press release on Quartzsite investigations

La Paz County Attorney Press Release

As the La Paz County Attorney I support Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne conducting an independent investigation into the Town of Quartzsite. Although the La Paz County Attorney’s Office will continue to address the issues that have confronted the Town of Quartzsite, the Attorney General will conduct a thorough, fair and impartial investigation with the backing of this office.

I would like to assure all residents of La Paz County that I have been carefully monitoring the political issues within the Town of Quartzsite and I have had discussions with the Office of the Attorney General. I share the concern of all citizens and I look forward to the day when Quartzsite returns to a place where people from all over the world come together for fun and relaxation throughout the year.

I have been extensively involved in the ongoing issues within the Town of Quartzsite and I have taken a stand on many of the issues. On January 28, 2011, after receiving a complaint from Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster, I issued a written admonishment to Quartzsite Town Council members Bob Kelley, Jose Lizarraga, Joe Winslow, Jerry Lukkasson, Patricia Anderson and Vice Mayor Barbara Cowell for violating the Open Meeting Laws on two separate occasions.

On April 7, 2011, after receiving another complaint from Mayor Foster for an issue regarding the minutes of a meeting, I issued a letter to Mayor Foster in which I found no violation of the Open Meeting Laws by the Town of Quartzsite.

Since becoming the La Paz County Attorney, Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert has submitted multiple cases to this office for felony review that have been declined for prosecution. Many of the cases simply do not amount to felony conduct. Some of the declinations have resulted in disagreements between Chief Gilbert and myself. This office will continue to review each and every case fairly and impartially, without bias or prejudice, and will not be swayed by public opinion.

On May 14, 2011, I invited all of the members of the Quartzsite Town Council to meet with me so that I could address any concerns they may have with the La Paz County Attorney’s Office. I offered to travel to Quartzsite to meet with all of the council members individually. To date I have formally met with three council members, Mayor Ed Foster, Councilman Jerry Lukkasson and Councilwoman Patricia Anderson. Although the meetings have not had the results I had hoped for, I have made an effort to try and resolve some of the issues that are causing conflict.

In conclusion, this office will continue to do what it can to help end the strife the Town of Quartzsite is now embroiled in.


  1. It’s good to know that Vederman is monitoring political issues in Quartzsite, but what about other issues, such as missing funds, denial of free speech and, now, confiscation of guns without legitimate due process? There needs to be far more communication with the public, if one is interested in heading off rumors, which oftentimes lead to vigilantism when the public feels no one is doing anything or — worse — handing out free passes.

  2. Kiss my grits Sam. My BS arrest and trial at taxpayer expense didn’t rise to the level of tyranny you imposed on ME. And you know it. Now that the political winds are changing, you change your tune??? You can’t have it both ways Sam!

    Hey John, when can I start posting press releases at will exposing the Establishment?

  3. gilbert and council violate the law. got to go. throw them out. got to go. roth you want to be the establishment when you run for office. you are a funny guy. but sincere i think. jackal, i think this case is too big for vederman and the ag guy horn, i think obama should nail gilbert and council. go federal !

  4. I am Anti-Establishment! It’s already going Federal!!!

  5. Mike- If you have an organization with a piece of news to impart to the public, I’ll have no problem posting it. (I’ll also post the outcome of any trials or appeals relating to previous news stories.)

  6. Okie Dokie!

    My most recent illegal arrest was on PHX Fox, I think, today. If I find it I’ll link it

  7. Why does a news source have to have an organization behind it? If Roth is arrested, it’s news whether reported by himself or a public information officer. The day of the publication gatekeeper is over, thanks to the Internet, which has destroyed the 500-plus-year monopoly the press has held with public information, beginning with Gutenburg’s movable type. Our nation has been on a spending binge since WWII, with impunity, in large part due to a press responsible for keeping the public too much in the dark. The same can be said of the press in La Paz County, too. Let’s pray those days are gone forever.

  8. The problem I have with Sam is he’s a typical politician. You see, many of us went to Sam ever since he was elected and tried to get him to help, and he refused. Now he’s saying he’s on top of it and he’s all for us citizens of Quartzsite, when he ignored us for years. There must be an election around the corner, or he’s bucking for Michael Burkes job. God help us all if he ever gets that job.

    I helped Sam get elected and he’s been terrible to the citizens of Quartzsite, just like the Sheriff too! (The Sheriff says he’s staying out of the political fray in Quartzsite but then I see him circling the parking lot before meetings. I don’t know if he’s a coward or a traitor like Sam, but he’s been dishonest with the citizens as well)

    Anyway, Sam Vederman used to spend taxpayer money advertising his bad check program, and when I had someone here in Quartzsite write several thousand dollars of bad checks, A FELONY, Sam left me twisting in the wind. He refused to do his job and simply used the tried and true cop-out by saying “It’s a civil matter” THEN immediately after he decides to prosecute me for exercising my 1st Amendment rights at Town Hall, at the request of Jeff Gilbert, AFTER town prosecuting attorney Matt Newman dropped all charges “In The Interest of Justice”.

    So Sam can pontificate all he wants about how he’s watching out for the people of Quartzsite but we know better here. Funny, you never saw Sam Vederman weigh in on our situation until we did all that we could to get mega media attention. Once we did all of the hard work, Sam now wants you to believe he was there to help us all along.

    Sorry Sam, you may have Ed Foster fooled (another politician), and some folks up-river, but the rest of us are eyes wide open awake to your ways!

    La Paz County politicians think they can get elected then ignore their constituents. Kind of like how Obama lied about EVERYTHING!

    Don’t be fooled again people. Politicians lie!!!

    And what’s worse, is they play political games with YOUR MONEY!

  9. As I’ve stated before, I appreciate this forum being open to all views. It’s comical how free-speech proponents are the same ones who always mouth off about limitations of free speech. I don’t know the owner of this blog, but I’m sure s/he’s probably astute enough to NOT deny blacks free speech while permitting the same to whites. Just as free speech has limitations, so is the right to discriminate, limited. You can’t open a restaurant to the public, then deny service to minorities. There’s far more to the Bill of Rights than only the black and white that some want to see. Rights are interrelated, in the same way that ice is not an absolute function of temperature. If it was, radiators would freeze up in winter. If fairness was as common as backsides, we wouldn’t have so many problems with public corruption and its biased mouthpieces. Then there’s also the matter of virtual vs. actual ownership of a blog. If the virtual owner (KLPZ) reneges on the Terms of Agreement, the actual owner (WordPress) will very quickly cancel its account, saving the taxpayers the expense of enforcing civil rights. No matter if a blog owner has a right to cherry pick comments, censorship is censorship. It makes no sense that KLPZ would intentionally distort public opinion unless, of course, KLPZ is as corrupt as the very corrupt officials we’re all interested in exposing. I don’t believe it is.

  10. Jackal,
    I believe free speech should be free as much as anybody. But this blog is the property of someone and they get to decide how to run it. And if we don’t like it we leave.

    When the Declaration of Independence was written it mentioned Life Liberty and the pursuit of Property. But some states had slaves and they COMPROMISED and changed it to pursuit of happiness. But the idea of property rights are firmly ingrained in America.

    I was once banned here (and may be again in the future) because of John’s BS rules, but they are his rules, not mine. He is the master of this domain, he gets to set the rules.

    One more thing, John has asked us to keep comments relevant to the title of the thread. I’d like to see us focus on this as it will make this blog easier to read.

  11. Jackal-

    (1) Mike is right. This is nothing to do with the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights relates to how the government functions, not how private websites function. Just as you are free to choose where you spend your time online, we are free to run this site as we choose. I think we choose to run it very fairly. If anyone disagrees, that’s their right.

    (2) On the matter of what you call “virtual vs actual ownership”. KLPZ is the virtual owner and the actual owner. WordPress does not own this blog; KLPZ does. We utilize open-source WordPress software to power it, rather than write the software ourselves (which would be reinventing the wheel). This is a privately-owned, privately-hosted website, which doesn’t rely on anything but its own servers to function, upon which WordPress is installed.


  12. Roth, “relevant,” as in the relevancy of your rants against Vederman? Don’t misread me. I think all claims of public corruption are valid, but where’s the relevancy to this thread? And would I label them “rants” if actually relevant, instead? It’s the owner’s call to enforce posts — certainly not yours. What you would like is not relevant here. If you’re unhappy with the power you currently have, start your own blog. That way you can be the boss — and boss others around! As for the relevancy in my post above, had more free speech been around when you were stiffed on those checks, public opinion might’ve held Vederman’s feet to the fire, enough so that you might even have your money back by now. Finally, anyone reading my posts can see that I operate on a basis of principle — not allegiance. Allegiance is what has put us in the mess La Paz County is in. If you violate the law, I’d side with Vederman in a heartbeat, the same as I’d side with you if he breaks the law or fails his public duty.

  13. Wright, thanks for clearing up the ownership issue. The appearance of your blog had me confused.

  14. Jackal,
    If Vederman is going to put himself out there as a man of the people, I’m going to expose him. You call it a rant, I call it telling the truth!

    Your post was NOT relevant to this thread at all, that is all I am saying.

    I’m all for principle over allegiance, that’s what I have been fighting here in Quartzsite for 5 years now, and why I am so extremely disappointed with Sam Vederman, because he sat on the sidelines and did nothing, and worse yet, he took me to a BS trial at taxpayer expense,right after he ignored the felony check writer in Quartzsite (a local business owner) all the while turning a blind eye to our very real problems in Quartzsite, until now. Now that it’s politically expediant for him to do so!

    (And I’m not even scratching the surface of ALL of the things Sam did against us while he was still buddy buddy with Gilbert and Taft. He’s done the same thing to everyone in the County, it’s just that most people don’t know they are slaves to this corrupt system, or simply don’t think at all and go along with it, leaving the few people who do stand up to it to pay for their apathy.

    The patriots reward? Satisfaction if successful, scorn and hate from the sheeple if un-successful!)

  15. Roth- Please stop using WE and US- speak for yourself using the I- I for one think Vederman is doing a wonderful job as county attorney and look forward to voting for him again if he runs in 2012- We travel in different circles because everyone I know if very happy with the job Vederman is doing

  16. I agree with ceces-meme, Sam Vederman has been the best County Attorney we’ve had in many, many years. Roth sounds like he has a personal problem with Vederman because of his own case. That’s fine but nobody should get the impression that Vederman isn’t liked. Most people think he is doing a very good job, even many of Roth’s friends in Quartzsite.

  17. No matter how many may like Vederman, it shouldn’t give him a free pass if prosecution (or lack thereof) has been impartial. I’m making no judgment, myself, regarding comments here, at least not until I’ve heard the county attorney’s own version. Of course, if I was an unprincipled member of the herd mentality, I’d’ve taken a side already.

  18. ceces-meme (and newbie Aberfeine),

    I believe you when you say you travel in circles!

    The people I associate with have removed the sleep from their eye’s about your hero Vederman. NONE of my friends in Quartzsite thinks he has done a good job! Even some of my enemies hate him. He is a politician, par excellence! Believe it or not, there are people in Parker and up-river who disagree with his stance on many things. He’s not as universally loved as you imply!

    I use the word WE because I speak for those who have chosen to remain silent against the criminals destroying our County. I know what they tell me. Sam is a full-fledged member of the Establishment, whether you want to believe it or not!

  19. Mr. Roth, thank you for your comments; they are humorous, and lightens up a serious issue in Quartzsite. Comments remind me of the computer-wife analysis of Plankton, 1% evil, 99% hot gas.

  20. I’m glad you find exposing traitors funny! Keep earning your Sammy Brownie Points! I’m sure that comes in handy….

  21. Call me and we can talk about it
    But before you call, please tell me about your radio show, do you have a website?

  22. Roth doesn’t know how to speak for him self. He has to make it look like the whole town agrees with him. I’m all for freedom of speech Michael’s problem is he doesn’t know how to, he just starts opening his mouth and what ever comes out he calls being his freedom of speech, there is a time and a place for things to say. I’m gonna hear it now with his free speech.

  23. Getoverit, getoverit!

    Freedom of speech is for everyone, even those you hate, or just mildly disagree with!

    I’m curious, what is the best time and place for YOU to hear free speech? I’ll try and fit freedom into your convenient schedule, so you won’t be bothered!

  24. Yes Michael it is for everyone, there is a right way and a wrong way, place and time for everything. YOU just don’t get it.

  25. Quartzsite, Arizona August 4, 2011 – Sgt. WilliamPonce says it’s not easy exposing wrong doings when it comes to local government officials.

    “When you’re a whistle-blower, nobody wants to hear you. They want to close their ears and close their eyes,” says Ponce. “They don’t want to hear the truth. Then suddenly, once these things start coming out and people start reading about it or watching it on TV, you’re a target now.”

    Ponce says the town of Quartzsite continues to make life difficult for the officers placed on administrative leave despite La Paz County’s restraining order that makes it unlawful.

    “People who have never been reprimanded or written up in the entire time that they’ve been employed by the police department are now getting written reprimands, verbal reprimands and told next time you do this, you’re going to be terminated,” says Ponce. “There’s no progressive discipline now. Suddenly they just want to terminate people based off of these little tiny issues that have occur red. They are targeting the officers and that’s unfortunate.”

    Ponce believes the town government’s actions created a negative culture, which not only affected morale within the Quartzsite Police Department, but for its citizens as well.

    “I feel like we’re in a bubble and we can’t get out because these people have developed this mentality of do as I say, not as I do and I’m the boss,” says Ponce. “I told you to do this now carry out my order. So now we started to question these orders and now things have gone awry.”

    Ponce believes Police Chief Jeff Gilbert created a hostile work environment for his officers by giving unlawful orders, something the Quartzsite 10 (the officers put on administrative leave) say they won’t stand by.

    “He can’t control us and we won’t adhere to his orders because they aren’t true,” says Ponce. “They’re evil and they are based off of political motivation.”

    According to Ponce, the town government targeted citizens to keep them in check. And they wanted to keep it that way.

    “They don’t want the truth to come out. They don’t want the outside individuals, entities, governments to come and take a look at what’s going on because they’ve been able to run this town this way for so long,” says Ponce. “And now that we brought this to light, they’re in fear of what’s going to come out of this. And I’m glad we finally stepped up and are telling our story so it can be heard because it needs to be out there. You can’t continue to treat people in the manner in which you’re treating them, whether it be employees or citizens, you have to treat people in a good way. Respect is not demanded. Respect is earned. And if you don’t treat people with respect, then you’re not going to get respect.”

    Others can learn much from the residents of Quartzsite. Ponce says you have to keep your eyes and ears open and get involved.

    “People need to pay attention to what’s going on in Quartzsite because I don’t think this is an isolated situation,” says Ponce. “I think this is happening all over the country in different levels, from the top at the federal government level all the way to the bottom, you know, small town America like Quartzsite. So people, take control and pay attention to what’s going on in your city government.”

    Well said Sgt Ponce, too bad others don’t follow your example in the way you let us know what is going on.

  26. Ugh, getoverit, I was saying the exact same stuff years before Ponce did, and you were probably one of those pissed at me for saying it.

    I was even arrested by Gilbert (almost 2 years ago) for saying at TOWN HALL (THE proper place and time for doing these things!!!) that the Chief didn’t even have the respect of his own officers, TWO WHOLE YEARS BEFORE Ponce and the others did anything. (All the while they were illegally harassing and arresting me around town because of Jeffy’s wishes) You ought to get up to speed, most of this is on video and on YouTube.

    Get a grip!

  27. Michale, I’m aware of you far more then you think. I know all about what you have been saying and how often you have been arrested. So are you sad that no one patted you on the back for saying all that you have been saying the last 2 years? What would you like a big thank you from all of us or lolipop? You need to get a grip things don’t happen over night.

  28. I never said I expected overnight results. After all, I HAVE been fighting this fight for 5 years now, where YOU been sunshine patriot?

  29. Michael just for the record, No I don’t think you should of been arrested on the last meeting I saw, It should of Been Steve Bennett who got arrested, and I don’t think Jennifer shold of been arrested. Those meetings have been out of control for a while, the council forgets or don’t care that the Mayor is in charge of them.

  30. I don’t live in QTZ, I know all the officers on the department. They have been wronged also.

  31. I have a problem with your line of thinking. I have been arrested and jailed, taken to trial and MANY court hearings, and stopped from doing business, ( a few of them) all the while your friends on QPD were collecting a check, AND STILL ARE! WOW, they’ve really suffered!!! It’s been what, a few months now that the police officers here filed a formal complaint???? I’ve been illegally arrested more times than they’ve complained!

    I think you are a Quartzsite Police Officer, who lives in Parker!!! It’s nice you finally came clean, but it cost me and a few others MORE than it has you! (You’ve not paid near the price I and a couple others have for exposing your Bosss, Bossss Hoggggg!!!)

  32. hahaha there ya go again Michael thinking again. I’m not a Police Officer and I don’t even live in Parker. I support the QTZ 10 and yes while they are on admin leave they should be collecting a paycheck. You have been arrested several times and have been 100 percent wronged each time?

  33. Thinking, you ought to try it sometime!

    Yes, I was wronged each time. Getting arrested for political reasons IS wrong!

    I too support the Quartzsite 10, or I guess it’s 8 now! I just don’t believe in hero worship like you do.

  34. oh 1st you think I’m a QPD officer now I practice in hero worship. Does your mind ever take a break? Yes getting arrested for political reasons is wrong, I wasn’t there every time you got arrested so I can’t say you were out of line or you were not out of line. Seems to me your attorney would have that all cleared up.

  35. getoverit, there is no “off” on the genius switch!

    I don’t know who you are because you hide behind your moniker, so I am only allowed to take stabs in the dark. If you were a real patriotic American you’d come right out and say who you are and why you support the Quartzsite officers. It’s easy to do. Just say your real name and say why you support them. What or who are you afraid of?

    So now I am guessing you are an attorney, M, is that you? I didn’t recognize you without your red fingernail polish.

  36. Mr. Roth, I am not getoverit.
    You believe you are a genius??? Please read my #19 post again. Proves me right, again.
    See you at the car wash.

  37. What proof M? Your #19 post was kind of retarded too!
    So you’re working at a car wash? Let me know which one so I can remember to remove the change from the ashtray before you vacuum…

  38. haha Roth a genius your not, I’m not an attorney, I work for the County nuff said as far as I’m concerned.

  39. I KNEW you worked for the County, that’s obvious! No big mystery there. The Sheriff’s dept was my second guess but I tossed out lawyer just to see the reaction I’d get.

    I’m curious if you are a member of the La Paz County Illuminati, or if you are just a bit player. I hear the La Paz County Plunderer’s Club is taking applications, you might want to check that out if you’re frustrated with your struggles climbing the La Paz Power Pyramid!

    Thanks for confirming why you hide behind a moniker and take pot shots at the anti-establishment crowd, you’re too afraid to jeopardize your paycheck to really take a principled stand.

    One thing about the Quartzsite 10, (or 8) at least they FINALLY took a principled stand against Gilbert, which is a lot more than most County/Government employees will do.

    Who or what are you afraid of that you just can’t come out and 100% support your friends at QPD? (100% meaning you’d put your real name out there.)

    As far as me being a genius, that was Humor, here’s a dictionary description of what it means…

    hu·mor   [hyoo-mer or, often, yoo-] Show IPA
    a comic, absurd, or incongruous quality causing amusement: the humor of a situation.
    the faculty of perceiving what is amusing or comical: He is completely without humor.
    an instance of being or attempting to be comical or amusing; something humorous: The humor in his joke eluded the audience.
    the faculty of expressing the amusing or comical: The author’s humor came across better in the book than in the movie.
    comical writing or talk in general; comical books, skits, plays, etc.

  40. John,
    Where did that dumb smiley face come from??

    I believe it’s automatically generated from a combo of characters in your post. -JW

  41. I have no need to climb the ladder, I’m right where I want to be with the county. I support the qpd officers with my name where I choose to and here on this blog I would rather not, they know I have their back. Have a good night Roth.

  42. Goodnight Sunshine Patriot!

  43. (:

  44. Here’s one for you Lost In La Paz. I wonder if getoverit will understand the message here…

  45. All of that wonderful stuff brought to you courtesy of the good folks that gave you Ruby Ridge and Waco!!!!

    Now living in Quartzsite!

  46. I guess Roth you see things one way and I see them another, do you get this message? Do you know which one of these criminals just raped a woman, beat his wife and child, ran a red light drunk and killed a child? NO you don’t! I’m aware there are things in QTZ not being done right. Are you aware there are people in this world that do what I listed above?

  47. I’ve got one for you Lost In La Paz, yesterday someone came to me and told me that Jeff Gilbert was FIRED from CRIT. You seem like you have lived here a long time, do you know if this is true or not? Or does anyone here know who I can talk to to confirm or deny this?

    I bet getoverit knows the truth about Jeff Gilbert….

  48. Oh don’t worry I know the truth about Gilbert, I believe he was fired from Crit.

  49. I certainly am!

    I just don’t think we need a police state to get our freedom and prosperity back. You can justify your love for the enslavement of your fellow human beings all you want, instructing law enorcement to write tickets because someone doesn’t wear a seatbelt, or didn’t stop 100% at a stop sign, or had a little MJ in his car, or is missing a taillight, doesn’t do diddly squat to get the real criminals off the streets. Cops like you are in the revenue business, pure and simple!

    Now you say things are not being done right in Quartzsite, what are you doing about it?

    Is it true that Jeff Gilbert was fired from CRIT?

  50. getoverit, will you share with us why Gilbert was fired?

  51. not sure, but he hasn’t changed much since he worked there. Too bad the town manager and council members are not able to see what’s going on, oh wait their in on it too. Explaines why they hired Martin.

  52. Have any idea how many traffic stops have stopped a criminal in a stolen vehicle, just pulled of a robery, just killed someone and had their blood on their clothes in their car ? I am well aware of what is going on in Quartzsite, I’m not a police officer, I don’t live in Quartzsite, I see the same thing going on in many other places around the country. I support those officers and town employee’s that have been fired over this even though the town says something different. I may not be doing the same things your doing about it but that doesn’t make me unpatriotic.

  53. You are not a police officer? Are you a Sheriff?

  54. Michael no I’m not any type of law enforcement officer. Why does it matter to you what I do for a living?

  55. Because you attack me here for not getting it, and that I don’t protest the illegal activity in my community the right way, and you praise Ponce for doing EXACTLY what I did, (at the proper place, two years earlier mind you) but I got arrested for it, and then you say you work for the County, and you hide behind your moniker while attacking me, and you post Pro-Police State video’s, and and and and you kind of got me curious. Do I dare say I’m skeptical of you? You’d never lie to me would you?

    I’m sure the Quartzsite cops really appreciate your silent non-committal support!!!

  56. omg grow up Roth, You choose to do things your way and I choose to do things my way. So what are you all butt hurt at the fact I wasn’t there supporting you through your fight 2 years ago? I’m not a silent non committal supporter for the officers, they know who I am. You don’t need to. So I don’t agree the way you fight your fight, I’m sure you don’t agree with the way I fight mine. So I guess we an agree to disagree.

  57. Silence isn’t golden getoverit, it’s yellow!

    My fight is now going on 5 years, you’ve just come onto the scene after my first illegal arrest.

    You now say I can do things my way but earlier you said I just didn’t get it for doing it your way, what is it Sunshine Patriot?

    You say you support the Quartzsite officers, can you share one ounce of evidence that you’ve done ANYTHING to prove that? Or is that why you hide behind getoverit and make wisecrack comments at me?

  58. I neve said you couldn’t do things your way, I just don’t agree with how you do things, oh my that makes me the big bad wolf. I don’t have to share anything with you Roth, I’ve known each one of those officers for a very long time, I’m in contact with them all the time, they know I have their backs. Your just butt hurt because I don’t post my name here, it’s called freedom of choice. How about lost in lapaz they don’t post their real name, why is it you think everyone should post their real name? You say I just came along after your 1st illegal arrest, so were the rest of them legal? lol make up your mind Roth.

  59. NO, they were all illegal, you even said you thought Bennett should’ve been arrested instead of me at my second illegal arrest.

    I think I know Lost In La Paz and I don’t agree with him not using his real name either, but you are right, it’s as much his right as it is yours, but he doesn’t take stupid potshots at me, so you’re the lucky guy I get to have fun with.

    I’m not butt hurt at all. But YOU sure seem to be!!! (Why are you so damned upset with me, nobody knows who YOU are??? You’re totally missing your invisible man advantage!)

    You’re a cop, c’mon and admit it! Maybe you’re John Drum though. And maybe the world will never know just like QPD 10!

  60. haha nooooooo (this woman by the way) is not a cop. Glad to see you can say it’s my right to not use my name, and yes it’s your right to fight this fight the way you want. Just don’t expect everyone to agree with your way, I won’t expect people to always see my point of view, is that good for you? I think we both agree there are a lot of bad things going on in this world, even in QTZ.

  61. NOW we’re making progress!

    I know and agree that not everyone likes me and my way of exposing corruption. My problem with the Sunshine Patriots is they usually DO NOTHING. (Or, they think they are oh so smart and stay stealthy so they don’t jeopardize their most precious thing of all, their paycheck)

    It sucks that you think you get to have it both ways. You know, say you’re patriotic and all but will stay “behind the scenes” AND publicly criticize those of us that actually take a very public stand at exposing the corruption. That’s why I like to call you guys out!

    And by the way, are you working now? It’s kind of neato the County pays you while you blog all day long!

  62. lol I understand how you feel, those of us that work for the County so support those that are fighting the corruption, we have policy to follow at work and it’s is work that pays my bills. No I’m not working I’m taking a few vacation days. Well gotta go things to do this afternoon. Have a good day.

  63. I’m not buying it, not that you’re not at work, (that too) but that you are using policy to hide behind the fact that you took shots at someone publicly fighting the corruption. I also don’t see the patriotism in doing that. Sorry, it doesn’t add up to me.

    Where does one apply for the Paid County Blog Job? Is it one of those 4/10 jobs or is it a 24/7 job? I might sell my soul for THAT position!!!! (NOT)

  64. Hey Michael I see you missed me, back from my vacation. Hubby took us to Phoenix for a few days spent time with family. I have one of those 4/10 jobs you wouldn’t like to work for the county, I don’t think anyway. But hey it’s a job that pays my bills, has great insurance and vacation time. So let’s both not take pot shots at each other and continue our fight our own way against this corruption. Game?

  65. Say UNCLE!

  66. aw a sense of humor, 🙂

  67. I’m not joking!

  68. Ok so I’ll continue to take pot shots at you as my freedom of speech. And just for the record I do believe Judge Slaughter reversing her court order on you was the right thing to do, Joe is unstable and that order should of never been put in.

  69. I wouldn’t expect any less from you. After all, you started it!!!

    And for what it’s worth even a blind deaf and dumb person can see that Slaughter screwed the pooch on that one. You’d have to be as dumb as a football bat to not see that. But what did you expect, she’s part of the Club. (You know all about that, don’t you?)

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