Do we live in the land of political nepotism?

Current affairs in Quartzsite have been big news in recent months, and have brought with them charges of corruption, troublemaking and nepotism.

On that last charge, a Parker Live reader comments:

“We live in the land of political nepotism. If an employee is accused of theft, the police are all too zealous to show up and slap on the cuffs, willy-nilly, then ask questions later. However, when the accused is employed by the public — a member of the fraternal order of politicians — all of law enforcement is suddenly [impotent].” – Jackal

Is there any truth in this with regard to how government relates to law in the United States? Give us your opinion here.


  1. “I believe that life is a mess. It is like yeast, a ferment, a thing that moves and may move for a minute, an hour, a year, or a hundred years, but that in the end will cease to move. The big eat the little that they may continue to move, the strong eat the weak that they may retain their strength. The lucky eat the most and move the longest, that is all.” Wolf Larson, “The Sea Wolf” (1904) by Jack London

    Do things really ever change? –jackal

  2. If you don’t believe we live in a land of political nepotism, in this County especially, you are asleep! WAKE UP!!!

    Quartzsite is really no different than any other town in ‘Merica! We’ve just been more diligent about defending our rights and catching the corruption on videotape!

    If you want to end political nepotism anywhere, buy a camera, a spy camera too, (have a redundant system because liars and cheats hate being filmed) and film all encounters with law enforcement and politicians and bureaucrats. Video doesn’t lie!!!

    Post your video on YouTube and on local/international blogs and let them hang themselves with their own words and actions!

    OR, just keep being lazy about defending whatever little freedoms we still have and before you know it, all freedom is gone!

  3. Right on, Roth!

    When it comes to accusations of high crimes and misdemeanors in Quartzsite, the sheriff, the county attorney, the state — all bow out on the belief government shouldn’t EVER be second guessed. No one should second guess, but the brouhaha in Quartzsite is a matter far beyond guessing. It’s about reports of missing funds, violation of ARS Statutes, violation of free speech, police brutality, etc. Clearly, Jones’ arrest was retaliatory — the most heinous form of police brutality. Not only that, if the Quartzsite council has repeatedly refused to share official records with the mayor, it’s sending the message that it must have something to hide, something so egregious that the benefit of hiding far outweighs the consequences of revealing. Yet the political nepotism code has made sure every official had looked the other way. That has changed now, of course. Remember Bell, California, where crimes had continued for years because of nepotism and no one had the cojones to run political interference? I don’t know if any financial crime has been committed in Quartzsite, but one thing we know — allegations have been made. Someone should’ve acted responsibly — immediately — and at least have investigated the allegations, explaining why this mess hasn’t been resolved by now. Instead, the nepotism travelers have actually made matters worse by diverting attention away from potential wrongdoing towards, instead, phony arrests and even prosecution. Now, it’s costing Quartzsite taxpayers even more money as officials poster with stall tactics, enlisting conspiring entities that serve no purpose but to cost taxpayers even more money. Whatever mistakes (or crimes) politicians make (or perpetrate) — they make far too many — taxpayers always end up getting shafted — frontwise, sidewise, backwise, upsidedownwise. This insane madness is out of control, and it does not just exist in Quartzsite. My God, taxpayers employ officials for every imaginable contingency on the horizon, and when a problem arises (usually of their own making), they all just sit around and do nothing, even make up excuses to protect each other’s backsides — to the tune of $14 million for La Paz County taxpayers, for example.

  4. Great post jackal!

    One correction though, the citizens of this County are expected to pay 19 Million, not 14 million. But don’t worry, the Establishment loves you! They really care, just ask them….

  5. I don’t think Quartzsite or La Paz County are any more corrupt than other areas in the country. Its just more visible here because its such a small community. In my humble option, Rham Emannual’s Chicago makes Quartzsite’s problems look like child’s play.

    The sad reality is that those in power protect themselves. Politicians manipulate the political system to protect themselves. Lawyers and Judges manipulate the legal system to protect themselves. Both of them can manipulate the law to suit their own needs. The Police end up being the pawns of both.

    The best thing this County can do for itself is to STOP the old tradition of electing incumbents just because they recognize the name. Until 2008, an Incumbent losing an election was unheard of anywhere in this county except the Quartzsite District Supervisor. (Quartzsite elects a new supervisor every term, no matter the job performance. Just how they work. And I’m talking over the past 20+ years, before you get on your soapbox reference the past 5, you know who. )

    But until 2008, other Incumbents almost never lost. That’s why Gene Fisher got 20 years to drive us to a 19 million dollar debt. 2008 broke that tradition. Lets hope it becomes a trend.

    Vote on Job performance, not name recognition (I’m talking to you Parker). Pay attention to the local events and stay informed on what every elected offical is doing.

    In my opinion, oust all 3 Supervisors. Oust the entire Parker Town Council. Oust the entire Quartzsite town Council. (God forbid Lizarraga win the Recall. )

    Reelect the County Attorney (I know some will disagree for some of his political stands or for personal grudges against him, but as a County Prosecutor he’s doing the best job this county has ever had. Blows Brannan and Buckalew out of the water in job performance. )

    The County Sheriff…we’ll have to see who runs. I can think of people who would be better, and I can think of people who would be worse. Gotta wait until we see the ticket on that one.

    All other county officers? Just throw um out. Too many people have been sitting in their cooshy seats like Court Clerk and Assessor for years. Superior Court Judge? Toss um. Lets throw some new people in those County Elected spots that have had the same name for decades. Just to shake things up.

    New isn’t always better (which the 2008 Board proved) but at this point, we have nothing to lose putting some new people in charge.

  6. Common Sense you had me up until re-electing the County Attorney. Yes, I have a legitimate reason to bitch. He spit in my face when it came to him and his office upholding their oath of office. You say he’s worth keeping because at least he’s not Brannon or Buckalew, way to aim low!!! That’s a terrible argument.

    Also, the sheriff needs to go too no matter who is running. He also doesn’t know what his oath of office means. He’s crapped all over the residents of Quartzsite. A commonly used word to describe him around these parts is “coward”.

    Don’t Re-Elect anybody!

    Yes, it’s true that you always don’t get better, that’s what recalls are for.

    Nobody elected to office the last go around is honoring their oath of office, and if they are they just recently got “religion” about it. (Read Sam Vederman FINALLY not toeing the Official La Paz County Plunderers Club line. But this is only just recently, now that there is massive publicity against Gilbert, Taft, and Johnson. Typical of a politician who pretends to grow a spine when the light of truth is exposing them.)

    If any of the politicians elected to office in La Paz County is honoring the Constitution and their oath of office, then re-elect them. Sadly, that’s NEVER happened in this County! Boot ’em all out and don’t look back!!!!

  7. Yeah, I knew your wouldn’t agree on the County Attorney part. The only problem with your claim that he “spit in your face” is that you were convicted by a jury of your peers on all but 1 count. And that count was a hung jury (IE mistrial) not an acquittal. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion though, and I will politely respect yours to vote against anyone. I simply disagree for my own reasons. (Also, if you lived in the county during the Buckalew and Brannan years, you’d appreciate how good of a job Vederman is really doing.) And while this is just an opinion, I’ll bet hes shown a lot more restraint with you than most county or district attorneys in this country would.

    And while I know you want a Sheriff who would run into Quartzsite and try to kick out the Chief, the Sheriff has acted properly and legally in the Quartzsite issue. The days of the Old West Style Sheriff, being the top legal authority of a county, are long over. The Sheriff does not have the legal authority to intervene in the Quartzsite problems or to try and usurp the authority of the Chief.

    He has to follow the law, whether you like it or not. If he showed up to a Council meeting, said “I’m the Sheriff I’m in charge now, you’re out Gilbert!” he would be acting outside of his legal authority. That would make him no better than Gilbert or the Council. Breaking the law is breaking the law, even if its for a good cause. (Especially from law enforcement officials)

    It seems like you want people in power who are willing to break the law, as long as its a violation you agree with. That’s not the way things work. But, that’s the thing about Democracy. You can vote how you want, and I vote how I want. The country would be pretty boring if everyone had my opinion, even if I think its the RIGHT opinion. And no one person is ALWAYS right, even myself. In my humble opinion 🙂

  8. Hey common sense, you couldn’t be more wrong. You are not just wrong, you are the complete and total opposite of what is right, which is worse than just being wrong.

    You ought to read what the appellate court has to say, it blows your “convicted by a jury of your peers” line out of the water. I will prevail and all of your knocks against me will be proven utterly worthless.

    I did live here during the Brannon years. I had probles with him too. But what difference does it make? You allude to the fact that I haven’t lived here as long as others that I just don’t know what it was like. If Vederman is your idea of “improvement”, good luck!!!

    And I never said I wanted the Sheriff to kick the Chief out. You don’t get to put words in my mouth.

    The Sheriff is the highest lawman in the County and he sure as hell could’ve done a heck of a lot more than what he has. (which is nothing!) There’s a reason they call him Ol Yellow! You are just flat out wrong that he can’t do anything. And even if that was true, why did he say he would do nothing but I see him circling the parking lot scoping out the Patriots before Council meetings? You can’t have it both ways.

    And your last paragraph is just asinine. I want people to follow the law, the law they swore to uphold. The Constitution is the highest law in the land, these officials even raise their hand to honor and defend this, then go right on ignoring it because people like you don’t know the difference between the Constitutional Republic our founding fathers gave us versus the steaming the pile of democracy we have now.

    Vote Ron Paul 2012!!!

  9. anotherdayinparadise

    Now that’s some Passion. I have come to be surprised by the actions of the Sheriff. He wants everyone to believe he is not involved or its but yet he is quick to discipline any La Paz County Officer/employee showing support to quartzsite officers. You think or does he think people everywhere don’t see and know about that. It’s clear where he stands and he is not the person or law enforcement officer I thought he was.

  10. So, Common Sense, if the sheriff has authority to go into Quartzsite to investigate sexual abuse of a child — while in fact the QPD refuses to investigate — then why doesn’t the sheriff also have authority to investigate any other alleged crime, such as missing funds?

    You do realize you’re running your thoughts?

  11. And get this jackal, when Judge Karen “Slaughtering The Law” Slaughter confiscated my guns, who was the first person there to take them? You guessed it, a Sheriff’s deputy. He said I had 24 hours to turn them in, which the paperwork didn’t specify. And he said I had to turn them into the Sheriff’s office, and again the paperwork didn’t say this, it said Law Enforcement. But the Sheriff did the most UNCONSTITUTIONAL of things anyway and enforced a Justice of the Peace flawed decision to strip me of my 2nd Amendment rights. Yep, the Sheriff likes to pick and choose how he operates in Quartzsite. If you are against Jeff Gilbert, you’re S.O.L.!!! Just exactly like how Sam Vederman used to treat us in Quartzsite, until just recently. Hmmmmm, do I smell an election coming???



    You Can’t Fix Stupid,
    But You Can Vote Them Out!!!

  12. When Quartzsite decided to become their own town their own entity the Sheriff (back then) gave them his blessing or permission how ever you want to look at it. He will not get involved in this mess down there as it is NOT his place. Once QTZ became their own entity it is no longer his job to settle their problems, that is what the A/G is for. And Roth if the Sheriff wants to drive to QTZ and go through the parking lot of the town hall that is his business. He has done that only to make sure the activists didn’t show up like some thought they would and cause a problem. Commonsense I agree with you Sam has done a much better job then the last two clowns that were in the CA’s office. Did you notice Martin didn’t even show up in court last week, and he is the QTZ town attorney? Boy did they mess that up. Now Roth if you have a problem with what the Sheriff does or doesn’t do or with what he can or can’t do then you can take that up with him. Can’t wait to hear why you won’t do that.

  13. I will agree with Roth as far as not voting incumbents other then Sam, now if someone more qualified then Sam runs by all means I’ll vote for them. If Martin or Buck boy run again forget it. Other then that office everyone else needs to go! So Roth why don’t you run for office like oh a board member?

  14. Getoverit,
    If the Sheriff says he’s going to stay out of the affairs of Quartzsite, then why does he pick and choose what he does in this town? If he thinks it’s too politically hot he ignores us. If he thinks he can score some points with his Establishment friends, he jumps in. When you, I mean he, (wink wink) stops being a hypocrite I’ll take him, I mean you, more seriously.

    We’ve tried to take it up with you Sheriff, and you ignored us. Remember the meeting we had up there in Parker and you promptly ignored us once we all walked out the door? NONE of us have forgotten how you said we can trust you because you are a Christian, then ignored us. (typical hypocrite)

    Now if you want to come to Quartzsite like a real man and sit down with us, come on down and talk with us. You could’ve done that the day you were circling the town hall parking lot. Why didn’t you get out of your car and talk to us? Didn’t want to rain on Jeffy’s power tripping parade?

    I’m not going to drive all of the way up to Parker to kiss your behind so you can ignore us again. If you want to make amends with the citizens of Quartzsite, call me and we’ll set up a meeting with the people who have been trying to teach your friend Jeff Gilbert the error of his ways…. while you and the rest of the politicians looked the other way until it became a crisis.

    I’ll talk to you Sheriff. Be a man about it and make the first move. We’ve tried in the past to talk to you and your office and you didn’t care. We’re not about to get fooled again.

    Here’s my number…. 928-927-8888. If I’m here I’ll answer it. If I’m not here, leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

    And I have a question for you. Doesn’t QPD provide backup for the Sheriff? Isn’t the Sheriff’s office the #1, and QPD is for backup? This is what Jeffy has said in several meetings anyway…

    I did run for office once and you know what the results were. If you aren’t establishment, you’re trash in these parts. I’m not used to that way of thinking! (remember, Sam Vederman took me to court because I exercised my 1st Amendment rights at town hall!)

    But I sure hope all of you Establishment Lovers enjoy your 20 Years of Debt Slavery!!! Ain’t Dan Field great?

  15. A ratio of 78.26%/21.74% translates to at least 46 votes cast, of which 36 voted that nepotism exists: “Of course. All the time!”

    The remaining 10 voters believe nepotism exists only in isolated cases. Of course, the same ratio works if ten times as many votes had been cast, however statistically unlikely that is.

    It will be interesting to see the final tally, which seems a plausible measure of public opinion, provided the 10 votes did not come from those under attack in government — or, to be fair, the 36 votes do not represent subjective bias against government.

    But public opinion is public opinion, no matter bias on either side of the question. With nearly 4 out of 5 believing government is in bed with itself, it’s not just in deep doo-doo but, also, has a very, very long way to go before it can ever clean up its act. The era of musical chairs for public officials is over, thanks to corruption, which has finally swayed public opinion.

  16. Roth, isn’t violation of “conflict of interest” statutes a felony? I suppose investigating any accusation of “conflict” also falls into the category of pulling teeth.

  17. What you take as “picking and choose” is actually the Sheriff completing his responsibilities as defined by the law. Here, I will explain.

    The Sheriff has the responsibility for law enforcement services in unincorperated parts of the county. In municipalities (Parker/Quartzsite) that jurisdiction belongs to the police department. Sheriff’s Deputies may assist the police departments with request and consent of the Police Department.

    However, there are a few exceptions to this. Two main ones. The first applies to your incident. The Sheriff is responsible for serving Civil Paperwork and enforceing Civil Actions in the entire county, INCLUDING municplaities. So it is the Sheriff’s responsibility to serve court orders, even in Quartzsite and Parker. This is why the Sheriffs Office has a Civil Department, but the Police Department does not. Police departments may assist with consent of the Sheriff, but it is the Sheriffs responsibility by law.

    The other is Search and Rescue. The sheriff the responsibility of running search and rescue operations in the entire county, including municipalities. This is why the Sheriff’s Dept. has a Search and Rescue Team, but the Police Department does not.

    The Sheriff does not pick and choose these responsibilities. They are defined by Arizona Law.

    As for backup, yes. Anyone who has a scanner knows that Sheriff’s Deputies regularly backup Police Officers inside the town. On that same note, Police Officers regularly backup Deputies in unincorperated areas. Both can assist and backup other agencies with their request and consent.

    There is interdepartmental assistance a LOT out here because the Sheriff’s Office is severly understaffed. Its rare to see Maricopa Sheriff’s Deputies backup Phoenix Police Officers. Because Phoenix Police Officers can back themselves up because they have adequate staffing and vice versa. Our Sheriff’s Office has 1 Deputy coving thousands of square miles. So when they need backup, the vast majority of the time they have to ask other agencies for help. You can even hear them asking California Agencies to come over to help sometimes.

    Thanks to our crappy board and Yakima, thats not gonna change any time soon. The board campaigned on hiring more Deputies, but that promise went bye bye when a Sheriff they didnt like got elected.

    I’m sure you’ll think I’m someone I’m not because I know these things. But its all information you can get by buying a scanner and doing a little internet search. I advise other voters to pay attention to locale events and stay educated. I simply follow my own advice.

    One thing this blog has proven is that talking to you is like talking to a wall. You expect any county official to go out of their way to contact you and explain themselves to YOU, when you have proven yourself as unreasonable. You listen to no one other than your own ideaology, a few of your close friends, and people who agree with you 100%. Frankly, this is something I should take my own advice on. But at least some reasonable people can read the posts and understand how things really work.

  18. Roth why are you ansewering me as if I’m Lowery I’m not. The Sheriff Department is not in charge of QPD or the town of QTZ, they are their own entity have been for several years now. Yes the Sheriff Department will back up QPD as will they back up the Sheriff Dept. It’s called agency assist. The Sheriff didn’t ingnore you he gave you an answer what was it Roth?
    He was not going to step in the middle of the mess with Jeff as QTZ town has created that problem and they can fix it. People need to go to the AG for those problems. Same thing if things were going on at Parker PD the Sheriff won’t get involved it’s NOT HIS PLACE! It would not matter who was our Sheriff they would not get involved, only be there incase of problems which is most likely why you saw him circle the parking lot again if he wants to drive to QTZ and do so who really cares? Take your complaints to the right people.

  19. commonsense your so right Roth only listens to himself. He does think people have to answer to him as if he is God which Roth your not, your just a peon taxpayer just like the rest of us. With you Roth it’s your way or the highway, so do us all a favor and move go to Blythe or even Kingman someplace out of our county and continue thinking everyone owes you an answer.

  20. HAHA I love jerking the Establishments chain. You guys are such babies!

    And getoverit, why don’t you just get over it already? If you don’t like me, you can move too. Go ahead and do it. The County needs to clean house…. and take uncommon sense with you! (one deputy covering 1000’s of square miles????? How’s that possible?)

    Getoverit, I think you might be Rick Patterson now, or possibly the other [..] that was in the room with us that day with the Sheriff. (A lot of us wonder what the real reason was why the Sheriff threw Rick under the bus so easy.) Or, you might just be the Sheriff. But what difference does it really make. All of you police state anti-Constitution lovers are all the same.

    You guys, like Jeff Gilbert, have no credibility. All one has to do is look at the shape this County is in (requires opening your eyes) and see for themselves that the arrogant are controlling the apathetic. You guys sure have a lot to be proud of here.

    You may call this kind of discussion “unreasonable” I call it telling it like it is!

    I’m wondering how much longer you can hold onto power once the taxes and inflation really kick into high gear. It won’t matter to you guys though because you’ll be long gone. (Take Dan Field with you this time, and George Nault too! And since you love Sammy so much, see if he’ll tag along. There’s gotta be another County somewhere else that needs destroying.)

  21. Yes, the sheriff’s jurisdiction includes all of La Paz County. No one’s arguing this point. And the FBI’s jurisdiction includes all of the US, territories and certain foreign matters. But just because Quartzsite has its own PD, does not mean the FBI can’t or won’t or shouldn’t intervene in police matters, as it is doing all over this land today, investigating police corruption and abuse. If the sheriff would have knowledge that a QPD officer, for example, is a known pedophile, as well as also have knowledge that the QPD is protecting the offending officer, then the sheriff is as culpable as the pedophile, himself, if he wouldn’t intervene. Bishop Thomas J. O’Brien fell from grace because the law and parishioners alike had held him accountable for failure to report clergy abuse. It doesn’t really matter whether Bishop O’Brien had knowledge or not, he was axed anyway. But it’s certain he wouldn’t’ve been axed had he at least reported abuse. As for look-the-other-way public officials regarding the mess in Quartzsite, they will all be held accountable, no matter if they had knowledge or not. All have had at least knowledge of accusations, and all have looked the other way. Constituents never give slack to public officials who elevate themselves “exempt” from law or duty. For example, taxpayers didn’t let Brannon crawl back into this county, but the QCC did. Given all the highly charged activism today, no public official can survive anymore without a moral code that includes absolute transparency and perfect veracity. Because public officials have bankrupted jurisdictions all over this land, activist will not let up until all are hounded out of office. If they were hounded into jail, instead, with the same zeal used for drug offenders, we’d have to double the number of prison beds in this nation. That’s how big the problem is, going by news stories every single day, stories which merely indicate the tip of an iceberg.

  22. Roth, quit taking so much bait.

  23. I’m done with the back and forth, I made my points and readers can judge for themselves. I will just answer on question Mr. Roth put up.

    “one deputy covering 1000′s of square miles????? How’s that possible?”

    My guess is lots and lots of driving. Yes, much of that land is empty desert. But things happen in the empty desert, and the Deputies are the ones who go.

    There’s more to the County than Quartzsite and Parker. I think our town residents often forget this. Each shift one Deputy covers all the way from Ehrenberg to La Paz Valley all the way down to Cibola. Another covers from Bouse all the way to Hope, Brenda, Vicksburg, Salome, Wenden, and even Wayside up and Alamo Lake.

    I’ll simplify it for you. 4500 square miles of La Paz County. Subtract 22 Square Miles for Parker (counting Parker South,) 36 Square Miles for Quartzsite, and 360 Square Miles for the CRIT Reservation. (Numbers gotten from Wikipedia)

    That leaves 4082 Square Miles of the County Under Jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s Office. Turn on a scanner, they usually have 3 Deputies on duty covering that ENTIRE 4082 Square Miles. Sometimes there’s only 2.

    So hows it possible you ask? I really have no idea how they do it, but they’ve been doing it for almost 30 years. Whatever Sheriff is in office should get a little credit just for holding that together, no matter WHO they are. Any of the past four: Evans, Hare, Collett, or Lowery; deserve credit for that.

  24. Uncommon sense, nobody here patrols thousands of square miles, nobody! And besides, freedom isn’t free, and with freedom and prosperity comes responsibility.

    End the police state. I’d rather see QPD disbanded and be patrolled by County. (Parker doesn’t need a police department either!) We’ll save a fortune and we’ll be more free and more secure!

    Jackal, just toying!

  25. Roth no one here is saying they like Jeff Gilbert those are words your trying to put into our mouths. I know Jeff neeeds to go along with the entire town council and town manager. But the Sheriff isn’t the one to handel it. No one deputy doesn’t handel thousands of miles, hundreds yes per shift. They go through a lot of fuel sometimes refueling twice per shift. The board won’t pay for more deputies per shift so the Sheriff’s department has to make due. I’m not going anywhere Roth having too much enjoyment listening to you dig a hole, just waiting to be able to cover it for you.

  26. Just a quick clarification. I never said patrol deputies patroled thousands of square miles every day. I said they cover thousands of square miles. The areas they are responsible for IS thousands of square miles as my numbers before show.

    Yes most of that land is barren desert. But if something happens out there, they go. Even if its tens of miles from a paved road, out in the mountains, on the proving grounds (non military issues,) up to swansea, or in the lower river south of cibola. Spend some time around the county in a rhino or a jeep, youd be amazed the places you can go on dirt trials with a 4 wheel drive.
    Like i said, theres a lot more to this county than parker and quartzsite.

    Completly off topic; speaking of swansea, its an awesome place. i recomend anyone who hasnt been there go take a visit. One of the hidden gems our county has.

  27. I thought you were done with the back and forth? Or did you just need the 3 hours to dig yourself out?

  28. I’m having fun too getoverit. At least we have that in common. If you don’t want to leave La Paz County, I understand. It’s a beautiful place full of loving Masters. Two more years and you are free free free. But good luck with a collapsed dollar and no economy because the police state killed it.

    I never said the Sheriff was the one to come in and fire Gilbert, you don’t get to put words in my mouth.

    Our complaint here in Quartzsite is the Sheriff and Vederman and Holly Irwin and everyone else we elected ran like dogs with their tail between their legs as soon as anyone made any noise about the corruption. Those that spoke up the loudest, got arrested, ticketed, jailed, and in my case taken to trial by the County Attorney, all because we believe in the rule of law, and you and your friends believe in The Rule Of Your Paycheck First. Good luck with that!

    Good night sunshine patriot….

  29. Well said, Roth. Political nepotism.

  30. michael roth, your 15 minutes in life is contained within this blog and quartzsite. live it !

  31. Roth they didn’t run like dogs with tails between their legs. They knew there was nothing they could do it’s not thier place, the problems going on need to be reported to the correct people. YOUR the one that don’t get it!
    It’s not Holly’s job to call the AG or the Sheriff’s job to do that. Your the one that has the problem not them the people that live in QTZ are the victims not them.

  32. Here’s another hypothetical. Let’s say I rob Roth of his $10,000 that is buried in his back yard in Quartzsite. Let’s also say the Quartzsite PD refuses to investigate the crime because its chief doesn’t like Roth. According to brilliant observation offered in comments above, the sheriff has no business upholding the law or intervening on behalf of justice for Roth, never mind the crime is committed in the sheriff’s jurisdiction. Worse, the advice to Roth is that he should go to the AG, because, well, it’s not the sheriff’s place to step on QPD toes, never mind that Roth has been robbed of his $10,000.

    It’s frustrating dealing with clinging attachment to flawed thought, the denial as unmovable as a stubborn mule, no matter how hard one tugs on the bridle, as the twisted examples used as argument herein. I’m not mentioning names because I want to play by the rules of objectivity. However, whenever someone calls me on running thoughts, I don’t dig a hole for myself and tee off the world by copping denial. I own up. We’d all get along a lot better if more of us owned up whenever we trip on drippers. For chissakes, we’re all on the same side of taxpaying here, aren’t we? Besides, isn’t there enough denial in LPC already? And isn’t it denial that has made the mess all over this county?

    There’s no denying that Roth is spot on about the allegations in Quartzsite. There’s no way the sheriff or CA would’ve been out of line by investigating, for example, allegations of missing funds in city hall. The trench of denial that some are digging will collapse long before any person with common sense will sign on to. But if you want to try and prove Roth wrong, at least do it without running thoughts. You’ll at least win me over for giving it an honest go.

  33. your just as bad as Roth if qpd isn’t doing their job it’s NOT the Sheriff’s Dept job to do it. What part of THEY ARE THEIR OWN ENTITY don’t you two seem to get. Thats when you socalled smart people would call the AG’s office. OMG I’m talking to not one but 2 brick walls. All those charges that are being brought up in qtz are charges that need to be investigated by the AG. It would not matter who the Sheriff is it could be Larry Irwin or Linc Gilbert or anyone they will not get involved. If you don’t like it then pack up and leave with Roth. Why don’t you Jack call 669-6141 and inquire yourself from the dept why they won’t. You may learn something.

  34. anotherdayinparadise

    commonsense Quartzsite changed its size and is a lot bigger now. Even with that yes the deputies do Cover 1000’s of miles. Swansea is a must see

    Roth Grass is not greener on the other side. Dealing with SOME of the Quartzsite officers has a lot of great benefits, just ask a victim of a violent crime. Not waiting a hour or more for the deputy to arrive can be life saving . Besides if QPD was disbanded county would just hire some of the laid off cops. It just needs some house cleaning. I’m sure when Gilbert is taken out the others will follow.

    M A life in Quartzsite is not all bad, some are living here because they want to live here and we are living it.

  35. M: you are only looking at a tiny small slice of my life. You, like your alter ego Uncommon Sense, and getoverit AKA Rick Patterson, and your good buddy Sammy simply don’t get it. But that’s OK. Really, it is!!! America was built upon failing forward. We needs lots of failures to move this ship forward. Keep doing what you do best, we need more of it!

    The American Revolution (the original one) was comprised of only about 5% patriots of the population. Thank God for them otherwise we’d all be speaking with a Britsh accent now. (Or sounding like Dan Field or Rick Patterson, or Jeff Dilbert!)

    You sellouts, enjoy it while you can! Because what used to be, is just that!

    anothedayinparadise, you’re about half way there. But I believe you are waking up so I’m going to be gentle on you…. for the time being!

    P.S. Getoveritrickpatterson, what part of your Oath don’t you understand? I guess it’s just a formality with you so you get some more of those rapidly diminishing in value FRN’s!!! What’ve you got, 23 more months of this before you get your FRN Freedom. Good luck!!! I’ll be right there boooooing you along!!!!!

    And jackal, if you ever want to come out from the shadows, I’d like to buy you a beer or a soda pop sometime! I believe you are a libertarian at heart!

  36. anotherdayinparadise

    Roth, you sure are cute when you get fired up. You remind me of C.T. on The Challenge Rivals. Go get them!

  37. I just got home, and had to get it out. Had a full day in PHX today, INCLUDING a complete tire blow out on the way back at 81 MPH, made a few calls and within 3.5 hours Mayor Ed Foster and Doug Gilford were there with TWO cans of fixaflat for my doughnut spare. They were coming back from A VERY IMPORTANT ANTI JEFF GILBERT AND QUARTZSITE TOWN COUNCIL MEETING IN PHX!!! I’m skeptical though. Murphy was an optimist!!!

    WTF is The Challenge Rivals? I’m TV impaired! And who’s C.T.? What kind of a guy is he? I don’t want to buy a TeeVee, just clue me in and I’ll tell you if you are close or not

  38. anotherdayinparadise

    Internet search it. MTV. I’m glad you said they were there with fix a flat. I was about to become real unimpressed with you if you could not change a tire. 😉

  39. I didn’t have the tire iron for some reason (Gotta find that sucker) but I did have my toolbox with a 13/16th’s socket and a ratchet and an extension! (Not be able to change a tire, what do I look like, Dan Field and company??? Really, I’m not as dumb as I look!)

  40. All that’s left to say is that had my hypothetical about Roth substituted “murder” for “theft of $10,000” instead, well, it wouldn’t’ve made a dent in the fender-size protrusions on the foreheads of the denialists. They’d be content with letting a murderer go free than hold the feet of the sheriff or county attorney to fire. Only bias like that exceeds that of an ugly child’s mother. And now we know why so many don’t get along with very many, why heels are worn down. I know this character, I know the name-calling, I know the greased-pig wiggling, I know the wants-it-both-ways demanding, I know the rule-breaking when up against the ropes, and I know the lame compensation is substitute for weakness, which, because it’s never acknowledged, hermetically isolates truth. Like a gremlin, this character is everywhere. Everything that is corrupt today smacks of sneaky, monkey-wrenching, backroom tactics that those of calm mind and integrity just hate.

    Yes, throw every incumbent out, but only put back in those with transparency, only those with a moral code that excludes denial of truth, and only those swearing off nepotism. As it is, we’d be better off with chimpanzees than some of the lot taking turns stiffing us now.

    Thank god public opinion has swung full circle, otherwise there’d be no hope whatsoever. As Roth reminds, only a small percentage of colonists stood ground against the British. Going by the nepotism poll above, more than 4 out of 5 believe government officials are in bed with each other. That’s a super majority. And it’s just profound, given that every other person today is employed by government in some fashion. Assuming the poll has any statistical accuracy, it would mean lots of government employees, themselves, agree that we live in the land of political nepotism. IOW, they’re not denialists but, instead, they’re fed up with their own two-timing government leadership. They want justice as much as any taxpayer wants. And they’re astute enough to know that activists are not trying to destroy government but, instead, only trying to reign in corruption, waste, and out-of-control spending. For example, if French police use patrol cars that get upwards of 50 mpg, then why can’t the sheriff find something more fuel efficient than his god-awful gas hogs, each one of which costs more to operate than the salary of a deputy? Public officials simply no longer care what stuff costs. Domestic auto makers hold private car shows where public decision makers are wined and dined so lavishly, they’re shamed into purchasing over-priced gas hogs. This same strategy infests every fascist of government purchasing, and officials roll over and play dead because not a single public official has respect for the taxpayer.

    For a lot of us, our satisfaction will begin when we see the first unemployed public official working as a greeter at Walmart — and their spouses and kids working at fast-food restaurants, right along side the rest of the people who’ve been funding public paychecks.

  41. Hear Hear jackal!!

  42. Blaaaahahahah first Roth thinks I’m Sheriff Lowery now he thinks I’m Rick Paterson. Who will I be next? Hey Roth maybe a spare tire would come in handy. Those tiny donuts don’t go far. So I saw the story today on how the town striped the Mayor of most of his powers, Can’t believe they can do that. I have to say the town council needs to all be recalled. Funny how they are working so hard to hide their blunder with tax payers money. I sure hope Ed plans to keep fighting he is for sure onto something. The whole council, Gilbert, and his 3 brown nosers need to go.

  43. You saw the story huh? I bet you were there and saw it unfold! Good luck “Fake Patriot!!!” What happened? you’re no longer kissing Jeffy’s behind? Do tell more!

  44. Why you don’t listen, think what you want I’ve told you I’m not a cop, I being (female) ya big dork sure as heck am not the Sheriff nor Paterson. And I have never kissed Gilbutt’s behind. You call me a fake patriot because I won’t post my name, I’m just as patriotic as anyone else that post on this page.

  45. I called you a fake patriot because that is what you are. You say you support the QPD 10 but won’t put your name to it. (public or private) At least Karen Norris, (a real woman) had the courage of her convictions to help them, and it cost her her job. You on the other hand, hide behind a skirt while you continue to collect your paycheck. Is this why the Sheriff fired you? Is it because you were MORE dishonest than even him?

  46. lmao I didn’t work for the Sheriff how can he fire me? I work for the county told you that last week on a 4/10 job and what I do on my breaks is my business. I don’t have to post my name on any website I choose to post comments. It’s called freedom of speech, which means I’m free as everyone else to speak my mind however I please. I know about Karen being fired as her sister told me who I happen to be friends with. I think the town made a big mistake doing that as well as firing Jeff La Grave. You don’t get to ID me becasue you can’t hahahahaha and it just fries your behind………..get over it! I will continue to support the 9 officers and Linda how ever I choose to. You get no support from me at all. Your problem Roth is you have tunnel vision take off your blinders and open your peon little mind that there are ALL kinds of patriotic people in this country and none of them have to prove to you who they are. Going to subway for lunch because I can.

  47. Sunshine Patriot, truth is, as I’ve already told you, I don’t care who you are. You don’t fry my behind, what does that is freedom and liberty, and you’ve already proven you love the police state. You’re no different than Jeff Gilbert. And FWIW, you lie!!!

  48. What ever Roth your not much to brag about, thats for sure. Most people in QTZ see you as a problem child. You say I love the police state, you don’t know what I love. I love the fact that trouble makers get tossed in jail. I live for the day Gilbert joins them.

  49. Who’s bragging? And most people see you as nothing. Do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. Coming from you and your ilk, calling me a problem child is a compliment. Thank You!

    Good luck with your loving police state! See how quick and easy you are to put people in jail!!! No wonder you remain invisible to take pot shots at those who publicly make a stand, you’re one of ’em! You just want to replace the current police state with YOUR form of control.

  50. Oh have you taken a poll on what most people see me as? You don’t know me, Just because I don’t post my name doesn’t mean I don’t take the same stand as everyone else that is against Jeff and the town council. So any county employee who makes a post on here in your eyes are a no one?, WRONG just for your information the vast majority of us county employees are in full support of turning around QPD and the town council, we choose to voice our opinions our way. You gotta problem with that too bad GET OVER IT!

  51. You know what’s funny about you getoverit? You originally took me to task because of the way I stood up to the tryanny and abuse of those in power. (I started 5 years ago) You said I didn’t get it, and there is a right way and a wrong way, and proper time and place, etc.. No matter what I did, Ponce and QPD 10 are the smart heroic people here. To you, I’m a problem child, stupid, a dork, etc..

    You drew first blood! Then when I call you a yellow bellied bag of wimp for your cowardly way of attacking me, you now claim you can voice your opinion any way you want. Why can’t I??? Oh, that’s right, you are the controller here. I better just sit down and have a heaping spoonful of STFU!

    You control freaks need to get a grip! But with all of your years of indoctrination and training, you’re not about to let others speak freely! (That’s only reserved for you, in the shadows, behind a mask)

  52. Wow look at the […] himself calling people names. Roth she’s not saying you can’t voice your opinion your way go ahead and voice it about the problems in Quartzsite what she is trying to tell you is your going out of your way for talking to her as if she is a number of people you seem to think she is when she isn’t any of them is a bore. Why do you worry so much about who posts on here? Just have to try an be up on everyone don’t you? I happen to know getoverit worked with her for many years. She is aware of the problems in La Paz County and would like to see a lot of changes. So what’s wrong about that?

  53. You don’t get it. Getoverit attacked me for my way of standing up to the corruption, YEARS before anyone cared. Now, he/she/it says it’s ok for him to do it his way, but my way is bad, dumb, etc… Like the Sheriff, you can’t have it both ways.

    A lot of people want to see changes, but only a few actually do something about it. I’m one of those rare people who actually do something and I’ve got the arrows in my back to prove it!!!

  54. What makes you think I’m not doing something about it? Just because you don’t see me on a video or in a photo with a sign in my hand protesting against the corruption doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything about it. See in in QTZ saturday?

  55. Come on up and say “hi.” I look forward to meeting you!

  56. This weekend shold be a great turnout. Let’s all hope these people coming from Phoenix can make a difference for Qtz.

  57. The People From Phoenix??? What about the people from La Paz County making the difference?????? We need to fix ourselves!!!!!!

  58. Here, watch this smart American. Here’s ideas that can set us all free!!!

  59. Oh so Mike are you against the Mayor inviting the 2 AZ Legislature reps to speak in honor of the 9 officers and evidence tech? So you think Quartziste can fix things all on their own and these people don’t need to come and help?

  60. tiredofthenonsense

    Apparently some people on this site can’t read and refuse to listen to what others have to say but expect everyone to listen to thier shananigans. First of all Common Sense and GetOverIt have it dead on: The Sheriff of La Paz County has no say over Jeff Gilbert and the way he runs his Office. If one of the QPD officers is doing something unbecoming to the Dept then that is something that needs to be taken up with Gilbert NOT the Sheriff. Does the Sheriff go to QPD, PPD or CRIT when there is an issue in his office? No. So why would a QPD issue be taken to the Sheriff? Like they said you need to contact the AG’s office and tell them your complaints! Yes of course the Sheriffs Dept will assist QPD if need be but do they patrol Qtz 24/7? No. That is why it’s called an assist. None of you are coming down on DPS in all of this and they sometimes assist QPD don’t they? They sure do! DPS Directors have just as much say in Qtz as the Sheriff does.
    Roth you say the Sheriff was circling the parking lot of Town Hall in his car? Are you certain it was the Sheriff himself or was it just a car with the Sheriff logo on the side? The reason I ask is because the Sheriff doesn’t drive a car, he drives a truck. So before you accuse him of being somewhere and/or doing something let’s make sure it’s actually him first huh?

  61. It was him, he was a passenger.

    Some Sheriff’s have balls, others pretend to have them.

  62. Very well said tired, In fact the Sheriff can tell DPS to get lost we don’t need you in our entire count. Tell me what difference does it make Mike if the Sheriff was down there he can go anyplace he wants in the County, maybe he just wanted to make sure what ever was going on that day was peaceful. Now if a Quartzsite Police Officer or even Jeff Gilbert himself committed attempted murder or even murder or a crime of such a high degree the Sheriff’s Department would be down there arresting them. But as far as the charges Jeff Gilbert is being charged with or even the Town Manager it’s not a crime for them to handle. I think we all want to see Jeff and Taft get delt with but it’s gotta be done by the right people.

  63. wildone, did I say I was against the two legislature’s showing up?

    What I said and meant was WE SHOULD be able to fix our own problems. We shouldn’t be begging for help from the outside world. Do you think these people are going to come and campaign in the next elections too? Do you think we should register them to vote so we can start winning some elections? The answer is we as a County and community got into this mess and we ought to figure out a way to get out of it, or we deserve this government we have. (at least YOU do)

    tiredofyourbs, you’re right, the sheriff should stay all nice and cuddly in his cocoon in Parker! Nobody wants him around anyway. He’s loyal to his friends first, citizens last. His Oath of office? Just a formality!

  64. Nowhere anywhere did I ever say the Sheriff should come down here and whip Gilbert into shape, or ship him out. Your hatred for me blinds you from the reality of the situation.

    HOWEVER, I have asked the Sheriff to at least talk to him, or at least talk with us, the concerned citizens who were taking it on the chin because of Gilbert. If you have read my posts here I have asked him to call Gilbert and try to talk some sense into him. (is that against your almighty laws???) I even met with the Sheriff 1.5 years ago before this became a crisis. Where did it go? NOWHERE. It’s obvious the Sheriff is beholden to Gilbert for some reason.

    You guys are all the Establishment (probably even the same one or two people hiding behind multiple screen names)who doesn’t want to rock the boat, don’t make waves that might disturb your paychecks! When the situation gets worse in this county, and it will, don’t expect the hard working non government tit sucking Americans to care too much about you and your precious paychecks!

  65. Hey Mike I never said I hated you dude, just asking a few questions. I’m sure your not the only one who asked the Sheriff to talk to Jeff, but what makes you think he hasn’t? How do you know he hasn’t picked up the phone and tried to talk some sense into Jeff? And from what I see on some of these posts are people who are trying to tell you it’s not Lowery’s place to do babysit Jeff. I’m sure the last thing anyone wants is for a C.O.P and the Sheriff to be at odds with eachother could not be a good thing when each department neess back up. And to say Mayor is begging AZ state reps to help isn’t fair to him. The man is looking for support from the state nothing wrong with that. I understand you feel just the people in the county should be able to fix things but it never hurts to have the help and support of others. Your not a bad guy Mike and I like to think neither am I. We all want the same thing. But just like cooking a piece of meat your going to cook it your way and others are going to do it their way. What is important is it’s cooked.

  66. Hey Folks,

    Along with an elected position comes the prestige of that position. With that the respect of the holding of that office has a larger impact on the State reps that the title holds. I think that Roth’s entire point is that the Sheriff can contact state politicians and, with the respect of his title, make an impact that will sway the way the state acts against the corruption in Q town. The fact that you attack his desire to have ANYBODY further look into the corruption in itself indicates that you are comfortable with the corruption and just want Roth to go away. WTF? Don’t you all for a second think that a phone call from the Sheriff to the AG office will have more impact than a phone call from any of us? The Sheriff is the HIGHEST law enforcement officer of all the non Tribal lans in La Paz County. His voice has power. He just refuses to get involved. Peace

  67. tiredofthenonsense

    Roth and Lost,
    Just like Wildone said, how are you certain that Sheriff Lowery hasn’t called Gilbert and spoke with him about the issues? How to do you for certain which side he actually stands on? For all you know he could be on your side Roth but because of the elected position he is in he isn’t aloud to state which side he agrees with. You’re so fast to point fingers at him and call him names BUT the reality of the situation is you have absolutely NO idea what he thinks is morally right. Just because you met with him and haven’t heard from him doesn’t mean he doesn’t see your side. You want to say his position gives him authority to do this and to do that but maybe you should sit back for just one second and really think about it. Lost you’re right he is the highest authority in La Paz County, on land that does not belong to any other entity FIRST! Let’s take Parker for instance, some of the land is CRIT some of it is PPD and the remaining is La Paz County. If you call dispatch wanting to report a crime then it depends where you are in the TOP which agency will be handling the case. If the crime happened on PPD land then the Sheriffs Dept has no jurisdiction over the crime and cannot handle it. Same with Qtz, the Town of Qtz is QPD jurisdiction and the outlying areas is La Paz and/or DPS. Whatever happens in Qtz then it is the responsibility of QPD to handle the issue. Roth, you can assume I work for LPCSO all you want it doesn’t matter to me but the fact of the matter is I don’t so I’m not worried about making waves. I’m just like you, standing up for what I believe in. It just so happens I back Sheriff Lowery and every officer that wears the uniform whereas you obviously do not.

  68. I just spent a weekend with LOTS of law enforcement (real Patriots, not the crap we call leadership in La Paz County) I don’t care how they have always done things here, there are still men and women in uniform who know what their Oath of office means. Unfortunately, Jeff Gilbert and Sheriff Lowery haven’t the foggiest idea what they swore to uphold and protect! Good luck with that nonsense

  69. And you of course Roth know for a fact non of those officers ever made a mistake huh?
    You a 100 percent not one single one of them ever worked for a department that had problems such as Jeff? Those officers you hung out with have taken the same exact oath as the officers for QPD and LPCSO and not one of them are anymore perfect. I’m quite sure they didn’t sit down with you and tell you any of their mistakes. Have to agree with tiredofthenonsense on this one.

  70. I can’t believe what my eyes just read Paul. Wow you must of been an awsome officer. sorry Mike I agree with tire and getoverit I too would not be so shocked to find that some of those officers you spoke to have always had wings during their careers. Found something online I think is kinda interesting wonder if those officers that you spent time with would also.

    Hello Commander, I was wondering if you could enlighten me on your most difficult call while working in the field. Like any time you had to mentally decide whether it was worth arresting someone for what they did. Also, If this person who was doing something illegal was a Police Officer, would that affect your judgement in the situation?
    Thanks for your time

    Well great question and a tough one at that!

    I have to say there were many times during my career that I wondered if it was worth arresting someone. Many times that we arrest someone we know that the court system will not punish them much, and they will just do it again, and that we will arrest them again and so on.. but really we have little choice sometimes. When we see someone commit a crime, we are obligated to take action and to try to follow the laws we are sworn to uphold.

    Think of it like this, I arrested a young women for shoplifting baby formula. She did not have the money to buy it and needed it for her kid. Did I want to arrest her? No. Did I have too? Yes. And I also got her a referral to a service for mothers in need when she got out of jail later that day. Just because she needed the milk, does not make stealing it OK. I showed here that you can get help, without breaking the law and stealing from someone else.

    I have arrested other police officers before so no, it does not matter that its a cop or not. A cop breaking the law gives all of us a bad name and makes the public opinion drop. I have arrested fellow police officers for theft and DUI. And both times it did not make a difference, only that I was mad at them for making the rest of us look bad.

    Hope that answers your questions…. be well and feel free to ask any other good questions like that one…

    Police are being “pressured” into fulfilling specific targets on arrests and on-the-spot fines set by senior managers, according to frontline officers.

    Speaking at the Scottish Police Federation conference in Aviemore yesterday, officers warned that a culture driven by performance indicators is leading to “inappropriate and bad disposals for the sake of generating statistics” and said they were being forced to chase figures rather than criminals.

    Officers warned the drive to pursue targets would both criminalise and alienate the public.

    STOUGHTON — Fired Stoughton police chief Manuel Cachopa faced up to seven years in prison when he walked into Superior Court in Dedham last week.

    He walked out unshackled, essentially a free man, sentenced to three years probation and ordered to perform 1,000 hours of community service.

    Cachopa, convicted of trying to cover up another officer’s attempt to extort money from a Stoughton businessman, was the latest in a string of police officers convicted of crimes in the region.

    It also comes as law enforcement officials here and nationally take a tougher stand on cops who cross legal or ethical lines on or off the job.

    Since December, three police officers in the region were convicted of crimes ranging from drunken driving to drug dealing. A fourth officer was acquitted of rape charges and a fifth — in a case similar to the one in Stoughton — was fired after a Brockton man alleged the officer arrested him on a bogus warrant to get him to pay a debt to a Raynham businessman.

    While the cases make headlines, experts say the number of police officers who run afoul of the laws they’re sworn to uphold is low.

    “We’re finding the numbers are pretty constant,” said Neal Trautman, executive director of the National Institute of Ethics and author of “How to be a Great Cop.” “It is less than 1 percent.”

    Read more: Good cop, bad cop: Statistics show less than 1 percent of police officers run afoul of the law – Dedham, Massachusetts –

    1 percent sounds small but it’s not as small as you think, this stuff is pretty common. It’s all over the world..

  71. What do you mean by ‘wings during their career”?

    1% HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. Must’ve been an internal investigation paid for by the Chief!!! I bet he sold a boatload of books with that statistic!

  72. wrong again getoverit. They did sit down with me and talk about the mistakes. If you had been there you would’ve actually seen it with your own two eyeballs

    Cops are human, of course they are going to make mistakes. What’s your point?

    The problem I have is when the mistakes aren’t mistakes but policy!

  73. tiredofthenonsense

    Oh please Roth, let’s be real. If any of those oh so amazing officers that you spoke with this weekend started working for QPD or LPCSO you would feel the same way about them. You’re quick to judge them and assume they are all the same. Don’t discredit what they do! You don’t wake up in the morning put on a uniform and don’t know whether you’re gonna make it home to your family or not at the end of the day. You ramble on about “Oath of Office” their oath is to protect and serve and they do that! I’m pretty sure if you had an emergency and they responded to your house you wouldn’t turn them away would you?

  74. I’ve turned them away MANY times. Ask them!

    You’re pretty quick to judge and make assumptions about me. Is that how you roll in your day job too?

  75. tiredofthenonsense

    So it’s ok for you to judge and make assumptions about people but when someone does it to you you’re offended? A little hypocritical don’t you think?
    Bottom line is, just because you feel a certain way about Gilbert doesn’t mean every officer in this county that puts on the uniform is just like him. You can talk about Gilbert all day and night till you’re blue in the face I could careless. The thing I don’t like is you putting down the Sheriff and Deputies and I will state my support for them just like you state your side.

  76. I support the deputies! I even support Quartzsite police officers, just not the bad ones! I never once said every cop in this county is like Gilbert! WTF??? And FWIW every single day I wake up and get dressed and leave the house I don’t know if I’m coming back alive or not. Just because someone wears a badge and a gun doesn’t make them any more of a hero than a firefighter, or a truck driver for that matter!

    nonsense is nonsense no matter how you look at it!

    I support anyone in law enforcement who does the right thing, and when they are wrong I speak up about it, and I’m not afraid to put my name to it!

    And I think someone is a bigger hypocrite who knows there are problems and does nothing, AND attacks those standing up to the wrongs!

    I’d like to see a copy of that Oath they swore to that says their duty is to protect and serve. I may be wrong, but I don’t think protect and serve is in their Oath. It makes for a nice decal on the side of the car though!!

  77. tiredofthenonsense

    Oh now you feel as if you’re being attacked? Interesting. Coming from the most confrontational person on this page! The Sheriff handles issues when they have to do with his officers and his office. Just because he’s not over stepping his boundaries and authority and going to Qtz doesn’t make him a hypocrit. The Sheriff and those who work closely with him want nothing but the best for this county and that includes Qtz. Focus your hatred and insults towards Gilbert and realize that Gilbert’s issues have nothing to do with the Sheriff and/or the Sheriff’s Dept!
    For what it’s worth, I never said firefighters aren’t risking their lives everyday nor would I considering both my father and brother are firefighters. I know the job is dangerous and there is a chance they aren’t going to come home, they are true heroes. This conversation wasn’t about anything other then those who wear a badge and a gun which is why I didn’t feel it was necessary to list all the professions that were risky. My appologies!

  78. Tired, hyprocracy is just Mr. Roth’s nature, at least when it comes to what he thinks everyone else should do. To be fair, this is a common human traight. Ill explain with an example.

    Many times on this forum, he has critized the QPD10 becuase they took to long to stand up to Gilbert. Saying they should have immediately stood up to him, even if it resulted in the loss of their means to feed their family. He critises any of the police who have to deal with the diffcult decision of doing whats right at the expensive of their livelihood. They should immediately fight the system when they feel peoples rights are being violated no matter the negative consequences they will receive.

    However, very recenlty Mr. Roth had, what he believes to be, was an unlawful order from someone in power. Judge Slaughter ordered him to turn in his firearms. He has said many times he believes his second amendment rights were violated. When the deputy came to his door, did he refuse to follow the unlawful order, no matter the consequences to him? No. He complied and even called the deputy back to turn in a gun that they missed.

    Now dont get me wrong. Mr. Roth did exactly what he SHOULD do. He handled it the correct way. He complied, fought the order through legal means, and won. I commend him for that.

    But, he is quick to critize others for not standing up to those in power, no matter the consequences. But when his chance came to defy an unlawful order, he did not do it. A good decision, but its not what he thinks others should do. A perfect example of “do as i say and not as i do.”

    The QPD10 are doing the same thing. They are fighting it through the proper channels, and i believe and hope they will be vistorious. But standing up for the right thing, when it can potentially harm you and your family, is a hard decision to make. Critizing them for taking to long when you yourself wouldnt defy an unlawful order is pure hyprocracy.

    Yes Mike, i am critzising a lot of your statements. Despite that, and even though i disagree with you on a lot of issues, i hope you continue to fight your fight in quartzsite through the proper legal channels and win. Just dont be so quick to name call and insult everyone who disagrees with you on some issues. The way you talk to people can be just as important as the message youre saying. You’ll accomplish a lot more arguing points and changing the minds of those who disagree, than you will standing on your soapbox and calling names. I doubt anyones mind has even been changed because someone called them “establisment” or a “keyboard patriot.”

  79. Common sense and tired, good luck! I have better and more intelligent conversations with walls! (or rattlesnakes for that matter)

    I don’t disagree with everyone. Only you guys!!! Or, guys like you!

    Look around, your County is an embarrassment. You guys claim to have lived here a long time, you sure have a lot to be proud of!!!!

  80. Common Sense, I hope you are vistorious with your grammar battle.

    And you have no clue how I handled my battle with Judge Karen “slaughtering the law” Slaughter!

  81. Victorious. You know someone is running out of rebuttals when they resort to pointing out typos, rather than addressing the points made. By the way, that would be a spelling error, not a grammar error. A gramatical error would be using improper punctuation or wording. An example of both, “Your not addressing the point,”

    I already know the next response. “You’re not worth my time uncommon sense.” An easy way to avoid having to reply to points you can’t rebut, while still allowing yourself to feel superior and think “hah, I told him.”

    As I often say, the readers can read my posts and your replies and decide for themselves.

  82. I’m finished rebutting you. If I responded to every single line of your moronic statements I’d have no time left in the day to “critisis” Jeff Gilbert and Don Lowery. (and Dan Field and George Nault too)

    You are a waste of my time, so I’d thought I’d have a little fun with your spelling! (You are correct, it is a spelling mistake, not a “gramatical” error)

    You made no points worth rebutting, it was all a bunch of gobblygook, are you John Drum?

    And do you know the difference between your and you’re?

    And I enjoy your “critzising”, whatever that is. Is that something they do on the rez?

  83. tiredofthenonsense

    Don’t for one second assume you are more intelligent then me, just because you can ramble on about completely nothing doesn’t make you smart. It makes you ignorant. Common may have spelt a few words wrong but he/she still made a valid point. Oh and just for the record; I have never stated how long I have lived in this county nor am I male.

  84. I never said or thought I was smarter than you. I don’t even know you, only what you write here. I think people who are going to come across as some kind of authority figure ought to at least make a sincere attempt to not come across as an ignoramus. And spelling correctly is one way you can achieve that! I’m far from perfect but you’d never ever in a million billion years see me put my name to a post full of errors as CS’s are.

    You/commonsense/andanyotherhandleyouwanttohidebehindasaredherring aren’t fooling anyone who reads this blog. You guys are the Establishment! The same people who have done such a superb job at making this County into the economic powerhouse that it is, a place where you can raise your kids and they can grow up here and get good paying jobs at the variety of industries in the area.

    I’m against that. I believe we ought to send our kids off to college as soon as possible so they never set foot in this County again once they get their “higher education.”

    I don’t know why you’d argue with me about this.

    Sorry about saying you lived in this County for a long time. But all of you invisible posters look the same to me. I obviously confused you with another invisible poster! How many years have you lived here anyway???

    Common sense didn’t make a valid point at all. In fact he/she/it went completely wide of the target. (many times)

    Tell me the truth, is Common Sense really John Drum? That would be freaking hilarious if it was true!!!

  85. tiredofthenonsense

    I agree with your last post, I think our children should go to college and get higher education. I don’t want my son coming back here once he’s done with school. I want something better for him!
    You most definitely have me confused with someone else. I am NOT the “Establishment” I am merely a 22 year old county resident. Being only 22 I’m far to young to have built this county into an “economic powerhouse”. I am just standing up for what I believe in and when I saw you among others attacking Sheriff Lowery I wanted to say my side of things.
    I appologize that I assumed you were against the Dept as a whole. There are good people that work there and although only a few employees are residents of Qtz that doesn’t mean those that aren’t don’t find what’s happening in Qtz horrible! The only thing I was trying to say was maybe you guys should just sit back and really think about the situation the Sheriff is in. He’s an easy target, I know that, but no one knows what is really going through his mind. He may be doing what he can to help and you just aren’t seeing it.

  86. The Sheriff may be doing what he can to help and I don’t see it, or he may be doing exactly what I think he is doing and I DO see it! I don’t care what is going through his mind, I care about what he DOES!!!

    Based upon my experience and that of those around me that are fighting the corruption, he’s been a non-performer when it comes time for him to step up to the plate.

    You see, we tried sitting back and waiting for him to do something, it didn’t work so we are now calling him out for being more loyal to his political friends than he is to the regular ol’ citizens that put him there.

    And I was being facetious when saying children should get the hell out of here as soon as possible. I think it’s terrible that there are no opportunities here so they can stick around and raise a family of their own. The future belongs to the young. And if our youth have no opportunities there’s no future for them here, and there’ll be not much of a future for the parents as well.

    There’s a reason we have a high percentage of elderly and poor residents here, and the blame is to be placed squarely on the Establishment that has made sure to line their pockets first and last!

    If you truly want something better for your kid, I can’t think of anything better than showing him what representitive government is all about. It’s time the citizens take back their government!!!

    This election VOTE NO INCUMBENTS!


    Do this every election until you get the right kind of people in office, then show your support for those that are doing the right things! Right now we don’t have ANY elected officials doing the right thing so we can start all over again. Yes, I know everyone thought we were starting over fresh last time, but the politicians failed you. Don’t reward them by voting them in again!!!

    And another thing, If we elect someone and they disappoint, don’t wait 4 years to try and get someone better in. Try and get someone better in immediately, RECALL THEM!!!

  87. Oh my gosh Roth you see Lowery doing nothing? What do you want him to do? Do all of us a big favor make a list and tell us exactly what you want Lowery to do. Again its all about YOU Roth and what YOU want. YOU just don’t understand what YOU want is not what can be done. And YOU put up a wall so you don’t have to understand why it can’t be done. Can’t wait to see what he types next.

  88. OK getoverit, since YOU get to play mister invisible attack poodle, in another thread you said you knew why Rick Patterson got fired. Please tell us WHY Rick Patterson got fired. You have nothing to lose by letting the citizens of Quartzsite know. You told us to ask Linc Gilbert, Linc will only lie and you know that. And why did Jeff Gilbert hire him? A favor for the Sheriff?

    P.S. I’d like the Sheriff to take a Constitution class with Michael Badnarik. I’d like him to take a class with Sheriff Mack too. And I’d like him study up on and intimately know what the role of a Sheriff is that takes his Oath seriously. If he’d just do that, Jeff Gilbert wouldn’t be an issue, and I wouldn’t be talking about it! Well, that’s not entirely true because if we had a true Constitutionalist Sheriff I’d be praising him here.

    ANYTHING is possible if you just try…. You’ve got this defeatist attitude that is so prevalent in Amerika today.

    “Mr. getoverit, TEAR DOWN THE WALLS OF YOUR MIND!!!”

  89. Thats MS getoverit to you. I did say on another post that Rick was fired because he did something he should not of done. It was regardng Linc leaving. I’m quite sure Linc will not lie about what Rick did. And no way was Jeff bringing Patterson on board a favor to the Sheriff duh if the Sheriff fired Rick why whould he ask another agency to hire him? Blahahahahaha you want the Sheriff to take a class on the constitution? Oh I forgot your the expert on that. You act like every encounter someone has with law enforcement is a violation to some amendment to the constitution. I have been pulled over about a dozen times in my life and cited for speeding twice and never once did I run crying to the town of Phoenix that my rights were violated boo hoo hoo your officers were braking the law boo hoo. Yes Jeff had his officers hound certain people in QTZ and that was wrong those officers realized it and did stand up to him. I have a defeatist attitude? And use your spell check it’s AMERICA!

  90. Yes, I am a bad Amerikan for complaining about Gilbert and his hired thugs. If I’m a cry baby because I bitch about police “braking” the law, I’m your huckleberry!

    Why won’t you tell us why Patterson was fired? You have absolutely nothing to lose by sharing this with the citizens of Quartzsite and La Paz County.

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