Planking for the chance to win an iPhone

UPDATE: Planking photos are coming in! Add yours by emailing it to . The pics will go up on the site this Wednesday.

This is me, planking. It doesn’t take a high number of neurons to be firing in one’s head, or any special skills or insight. You don’t even need to be in possession of any basic common sense. Anyone can plank.

So, we thought this may be the perfect way – since we’ve been talking about planking on the radio this week – to give Parker Live readers the chance to win an Apple iPhone.

We’ve been registering KLPZ listeners for the iPhone giveaway already; the phone lines light up every time we play Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Everybody’s on the Phone’.

And now, we’re upping the stakes. Go planking this week, take a photograph of yourself in the above position in an unusual or prominent place, hands by your sides, face-down, and send it to us. We’ll put the photographs on this website, and in exchange, we’ll give you 11 registrations in the sweepstakes for the iPhone (drawing on-air on the morning of August 25th).



  1. You must lie face-down with your arms by your sides.
  2. You must not be in a bed or on a couch or on a carpet.
  3. Choose an unusual or recognizable location (examples).
  4. Plank responsibly and safely (do not break any laws).
  5. Send your pic to by August 24th.
  6. Attach your full name for the drawing.

We’ll post all the qualifying photographs online, whether we receive two or twenty! Have fun. Finally: We may judge the entries and pick a winning photograph (by any criteria we choose) who will receive more than 11 registrations, so be creative!

Listen to KLPZ 1380am between 8am and 10am on August 25th to listen to the live drawing for the iPhone. Listeners will have 1 minute and 38 seconds to call the studio line if their name is called: (928) 669-2507. If a name is called and the person doesn’t call in within the allocated time, another will be called, and so on until a winner is found.

Good luck!


  1. LOVE THIS! Already I am thinking of awesome places to plank…

  2. How about an entry for best PLINKING?

  3. anotherdayinparadise

    I love planking, its just odd and funny.. Tell me Michael,if the contest was for plinking, what would you plink?

  4. Cans

  5. anotherdayinparadise

    Me too. Cans are fun. planking is fun too and I think you should go ahead and post a picture of you planking or at least try it for fun.

  6. I was talking about MexiCans and AfriCans! (Sorry, really bad joke, couldn’t resist. I’m not a racist just have a sick sense of humor… some of my best friends are Cans)

    And are you kidding me about planking? I’ll get arrested if I try and plank! And you want me to photograph it too??? LOL!!!

  7. anotherdayinparadise

    You are funny, thanks for making me smile. No I’m not kidding about you planking? Just try it, its a blast. I don’t think you will fer arrested for planking, just don’t do it on a police car. If your going to plank, a photo is necessary, that’s the fun of it.

  8. John,
    Planking is sooo early July. People are all owling now.

  9. Haha. The reason I didn’t choose owling is I think it’s too easy. Planking requires a little more commitment.

  10. anotherdayinparadise

    I agree with John. I didn’t care for owling either, it just had nothing exciting or funny about it. I found it boring.

  11. Awww so lame I was gonna plank on a Abrams tank!

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