Your planking photos revealed

This is an open thread for today only! If you have a planking picture to submit, it needs to be emailed to by midnight tonight. We’ll post your submissions below, and each valid submission (per person) will receive 11 registrations to KLPZ’s iPhone Giveaway.

Below: Sherrie Irwin, Randy Hartless, Mary Hamilton, Shauna Marler, Claudia Woodhouse, Jay Clagg, Eddy Bernini, Cate Mueller, Cherre Hooper, Lindee Woody, Debbie Bazilius, Devin Norris, Erin Woody, Katie Turnbow, Greg Bachmann, Dave Judy, Jesse Newton & Frank Goodyear.


  1. LMAO! I vote for the lady on the telephone pole. But they’re all great :>)

  2. These pics are HYSTERICAL!
    This only goes to prove: KLPZ listeners are ALL crazy! 🙂

  3. John,
    It would be helpful if the names were in the same order as the pictures–Thanks!

  4. REALLY? If you truly “knew” the history of planking would have ran a contest? What a disgrace! The “ART” of Planking dates back to the 1600’s. Planking describes the “bed” for slaves who were chained onto ships.

    “Some ships had tiny bunks, really nothing more than shelves, on which slaves could recline in others, the slaves lay side by side on the planking, rolling with the ship, bodies virtually touching, for weeks on end.”

    What’s next, a friendly game of Cowboy and Indians on the CRIT??

  5. Mudrunner- Nobody I know took it that way except you. I’m not worried.

  6. I used to play cowboys and indians with REAL Indians, does that make me bad?

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