Legislators to speak at ‘Quartzsite Liberty Fest’ Saturday

Two Arizona state legislators are among those set to attend a demonstration march and rally organized for this Saturday, August 27th in Quartzsite. The ‘Quartzsite Liberty Fest’ is being arranged by organizations sympathetic to the cause of the town’s mayor, embattled police officers who have been suspended or fired recently, and local activists including Jennifer Jones.

Representative Carl Seel, House District 6 (Chairman of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee) and Representative Judy M. Burges, House District 4 (Chairman of the House Committee on Government) will be at the head of the march on Saturday morning.

The Oath Keepers website says in a press release:

They will be there to honor the “Quartzsite Ten” police officers when the march stops at the Quartzsite Town Hall, and both of these fine legislators will be the keynote speakers at the Liberty Festival after the march, which starts at 1pm. Representatives Seel and Burges are attending to show their support for brave and principled peace officers who are willing to risk their careers to honor the rights of the citizens of Arizona, and in support of citizens who desire open and transparent government.

Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, strongly reviled in thousands of comments from around the country sent to Quartzsite Town Hall which prompted a ‘state of emergency’ to be declared by the town’s council, has extended an olive branch to those planning to attend the rally, saying:

[The] actions of Mayor Ed Foster and his group, is what I referred to as “domestic terrorism” in a recent Coffee with Cops gathering, and I stand by that statement. However, I did not call the Oath Keepers, the Tea Party, the Sons of Liberty Riders or other groups “terrorist”. I am sure that most of the followers of these groups are civil law abiding citizens who would not participate in this type of activity or condone it. I am certain that the “Quartzsite Liberty Festival” planned for August 27th and 28th will be a peaceful event and we welcome any visitors that are planning on attending.

No word on whether Chief Gilbert will be in Quartzsite himself on Saturday.

Among the groups planning to attend the rally are the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots, the Campaign for Liberty, Sons of Liberty Riders, RidersUSA and Freedom’s Phoenix (which plans to air a radio show hosted by Ernest Hancock live from Quartzsite on Saturday afternoon).

Over 300 people are reportedly planning to fly into Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix from around the nation for the rally, after being transported to Quartzsite by bus. The plans include a ‘muster’ at 8:30am, a march to Town Hall at 10:00am, speeches and presentations at Vito’s RV Park from 1:00pm, a pot luck at 4:00pm and entertainment/music from 5:00pm.


  1. I think it’s awsome these people will be here to honor our fine QTZ 10 that have been treated as if they are criminals by the very bigist criminal in QTZ. Let’s hope we have a great turn out for saturday.

  2. It’s about time Arizona state legislators showed up in town. Good luck Ed.

  3. Yes, since there’ll be politicians there, I wonder if the Sheriff will show up too!

    Getoverit, they are coming here to honor everyone who has stood up to the tyranny. The QPD 10 are just the latest to jump to our side, FINALLY!!! (Better late than never! Even though they were as slow as the French coming to help the colonists, we still appreciate ’em!)

  4. Mr. Roth,

    The french are anti-American.
    The QPD 10 have always been good and loyal Americans.
    Don’t confuse the 2 or associate the QPD with the french.

    See you tomorrow.

  5. M, the French were not always anti-American. And even today, that’s mostly the Paris crowd. But I have to admit George Bush turned a lot of the pro-American French.

    I’m not confused at all….

    You might want to listen to this guy….

  6. The French have been allies to the US many times over the last 250 years. On again off again. The majority of the French have been good friends of the US. The uppity class Parisians hate EVERYBODY.

    Here is too tomorrows events! Kick Ass and Kick Ass some more. Don’t take any names. Wonder if SuperCop will be there tomorrow. Bet this weekend he will depend on the Quartsite 4! to protect the Town. Dilbert will prolly be at the grand canyon!

  7. Mr. Roth, you amaze me. You just can’t be satisfied the QPD 10 and you are actually aligned together. You have to lessen their role by adding “Finally” and the fact they are recent converts to your side. It’s like you were the first person in the world to stand up to someone, or something and everyone who came late somehow makes you seem to be the most important person around.

    It’s unfortunate you can’t make allowances for anyone or anything, because you actually have some pretty good ideas. Too bad.

  8. Yes, too bad for you!

    I’m the one who incurred the QPD wrath for years, I’m only pointing out the obvious, what everyone here fighting the criminals have said all along.

    I’m glad they finally turned on Gilbert! I really am. I can only imagine how many more tickets, how many more times I would’ve been pulled over, and how many more days I would’ve spent in court if they hadn’t FINALLY come to their senses.

    Yes, we’re aligned now. And it’s cost me dearly to get them to see things our way. They are still (most of them) collecting a paycheck. I just don’t really see the sacrifice.

    I remember the laughing at, and the “what’re you gonna do about it” attitude while fighting this criminal enterprise.

    I’ve spent more time and money fighting these people than the government employees sure have, so sure I’ve got a little beef with ’em, nothing serious. Better they come around late, than never! I’m just trying to expose the hero worship for what it is!

    What’ve you done keyboard patriot?

  9. Of course Mr. Roth, as usual it’s all about YOU.They did this to YOU, they did that to YOU, who hasn’t screwed YOU over? I’m dang sure I haven’t. YOU just can’t appreciate something for what it is can
    YOU? YOU always have to qualify it with something. It can never be what it appears to be, it always has to be some type of conspiracy, because everyone, everywhere, is out to get YOU!

    If someone disagrees with YOU, they’re a keyboard patriot. It can’t simply be that someone may have just recently started reading this website, that’s too easy. YOU remind me of Hawkeye Pierce in the old Mash series. Like Hawkeye, YOU always have to get YOUR way and have the last word.

  10. I still say he’s Plankton; 1% evil, 99% hot gas.

  11. Still here; When YOU overheat like that YOU run the risk of blowing a head gasket! Chill out! YOU WILL live to fight another day.

    But seriously, what HAVE you done to fight corruption? Or, is it your job to attack me with your keyboard thingy?

    M, for you…

  12. Again, It’s all about YOU. I’m sure I must be part of some worldwide conspiracy against Michael Roth. No is attacking YOU, but of course, that’s your perception. Everyone is against YOU, again, still.

  13. YOU’RE not answering the question!

    YOU’RE right, nobody’s attacking me, nobody!!!!

  14. lmao very well said still here, Unless your on here stating everything you hav done to fight this fight your not really doing anything in MIkey’s eyes other then being a keboard patriot. Mike your not the only one that has been harrassed by QPD. I’ve been around for a lot of years there have been others. And no your not the only one who has been fighting them. Why should these officers not be getting a paycheck? That’s what happens when your placed on admin leave pending an investigation. You claim you don’t see the sacrifice. They are not to leave their homes monday through friday from 8am to 5 pm. They are not able to continue any training that may be necessary to keep their certifications current. The officers that are K9 officers can’t continue training their k9’s to find drugs ect and those that are back to work and have K9’s have been told to return to work without their partners due to funding loss for the K9’s? These Officers that have to sit at home under what I consider to be house arrest are not able to go out and back up another officer that may need help. They can’t do what they love to do which is be a law enforcement officer. Of course you don’t see the
    sacrifice you don’t think we need cops at all.

  15. Hey Roth, how many of the Q 10 officers were involved in harassing you in any form? I am wondering because they were forced to do a lot of nasty stuff before they decided to write the “No Confidence” letter. How many of them followed the unlawful requests from Gilbert before they decided enough was enough?
    Not an accusation. Just a question.

  16. Sill Here,

    It appears that you are what we call in the legal field “Without Standing.” I’m not going to call you names or point out the many mistakes in your statements. However, I have stood beside Mr. Roth and observed the many violations of his Civil Rights and the criminal activity by sworn police officers of the Quartzsite Police Department. Have you taken the time to listen to the audio sworn testimony of Councilman Joe Winslow that led to the unlawfully stripping of Mr. Roth 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights?

    This was done by a former La Paz County Sheriffs Sergeant, now JP that knew better than grant a “Restraining Order” and the unlawfully order for Mr. Roth to surrender his weapons to protect a self proclaimed and under medical care for PTSD complainant that just bought a 12 gauge shotgun! What did Mr. Roth do when he found out that he had missed a weapon in his home? He called the Sheriffs Deputy to report the find and made arrangements to surrender said weapon.

    Mr. Roth has spent hundreds of hours campaining, knocking on doors, helping people to register to vote. I have spent many hours in 115°F plus temps getting “Recall Signatures” and getting the word out. Do I agree with him 100%? NO DAMN WAY! However, we have always walked away friends and willing to help each other as best we can even though we don’t see eye to eye.

    In time you will be able to read or even hear members of the Quartzsite 10 testifying that Mr. Roth was the target of a conspiracy controlled by Chief Jeff Gilbert and members of the Quartzsite Town Council. Don’t even be surprised when you hear the names of Town Manager Alex Taft along with now Asst-Manager Al Johnson to boot! Mr. Roth isn’t the only person to suffer for I have seen and have first hand knowledge of events of criminal violations of Arizona and U.S. Code by members of not only the QPD, but as well Town Manager Alex Taft and Asst-Manager Al Johnson.

    I have a great faith in our legal system and know while it takes time, justice is served. If I were Chief Jeff Gilbert, I would be investing in one of the “Soap On A Rope” company’s! If you are a voter, resident, businessman, or live in Quartzsite, think real hard on whom you vote for in this upcoming “Recall Election.” The Town of Quartzsite is facing major bankruptcy because of the current administration lead by Town Manager Alex Taft, Chief Jeff Gilbert, and the members of the Town Council that have backed them.

    Remember, Mayor Elect Ed Foster has won over the violations of the records request along with violations of the Open Meetings Laws. Chief Jeff Gilbert is under DPS criminal investigation for a number of Arizona Felonies that I am sure will be put before a Special Grand Jury with multiple indictments handed down. Inmate Gilbert, meet Bubba your new cellmate for life!

    In closing, one day I called Mr. Roth an “Ass Hole” for what he had done one day. Laughing he reminded me that it isn’t against the law to be an “Ass Hole”! Laughing along with him now, I had to agree…

  17. Lost in La Paz, without spending a whole lot of time thinking about all of the times I was pulled over and ticketed, or just plain bothered, I’d say maybe half of them. A couple of them were totally cool and completely ignored me. (Shelly and Dominguez (?sp?) NEVER bothered me.) Ponce was pretty decent too towards the end, but he did what he was told for a while. Josh Starr was on me like white on rice, but he’s long gone now. A couple others went along with it too, but it’s not worth mentioning their name here. The good thing is they FINALLY came around, something that I am truly grateful for!

    I shook their hands today. I even apologized to a couple of them today for being such a hard ass, they both said “No problem” and they understood my feelings.

    Also, it’s rumored one of the QPD10 is going to run for Sheriff…

    wildoneforyou, if the officers hadn’t followed illegal orders in the first place they would’ve nipped this thing in the bud years ago. They’re paying the price now because they procrastinated. Hopefully their actions will give other law enforcement the courage to do the right thing sooner…

    Gotta go, going to hear this guy play…

  18. Lost,

    I have had several chats with members of the Quartzsite 10 during the periods of time that they were violating Mr. Roth’s Civil Rights. Each member told me that they were only following orders. I responded that that argument failed to keep members of the Nazi Party from being hanged at Nuremberg. I told them that it was their duty to not follow unlawful orders, as they were the ones that would be facing criminal trails for their actions and NOT the Chief!

    Until the Quartzsite 10 came forward I had NO respect for them with cause. I lost a family member and former partner in the line of duty who served with distinction as Law Enforcement Officers. Both left behind a wife and children. It causes great pain each time I have to talk about it, as both were great people in their own rights and I would not have hesitated to exchange my life for theirs. I was almost killed in the line of duty as well and held to the high standards expected of me as a Sworn Officer refusing to follow unlawful orders from my Chief of Police on more than one occasion. I even once tossing my badge on the desk of my Chief and as I was walking out the door my follow officers started pulling their badges too!

    Every Police Officers duty is to the Constitution of the United States, Constitution of their States, and to the “LAW OF THE LAND” and to NO man! Until each Police Officer held to these standards and protected from the Political Factions, no man is safe…

  19. Thats what I had thought Paul. I figured that Roth had some contact with the cops that sent in the letter of “no confidence”. And I am glad that they did. I understand the mind set of folks that have to do things against their character to keep their jobs. Happens all the time. I am proud of those that realized that what they were doing was wrong and acted. Good for them. For that, Gilbert needs to pay the price for his intimidation and over handed BS. As well as Taft and the others. Only those backed into a corner act like the current Town Council Members and Taft and Al and Dilbert. ooops, Gilbert. Heres to the Q town Patriots!
    Including Roth, who in my mind was the irritant that created the ultimate pearl.

  20. I was down there today had to leave earlier then I wanted to, the heat just got to me I was gettint light headed so I asked a friend to drive me home. I’m also glad to hear Roth made contact with the Q10 Officers. I know it’s hard for people to understand why they continued to follow Jeff’s stupid orders but at least they have taken a stand. Some day I hope we can put this all behind us and enjoy the way life is to be.

  21. Getoverit,

    Maybe I can help you to understand and tell you what Paul Harvey would say, “and now the rest of the story”!

    I don’t know of any Law Enforcement agency that doesn’t use a retirement program that if you can get in your 20 years you can “Pull The Pin,” and retire with a good or somewhat good pension check for the rest of your life. Sadly around 200 plus officers lose their lives every year and even more lose their jobs to serious injuries on the job. Many more become alcoholics because of the job.

    I can personally attest that it is not an easy job of coffee and donuts with fun high-speed pursuits. The death and injury of child are the hardest. I observed a family destroyed before my very eyes by a 16 year-old DUI drive (Who was un-injured) on a single joint and can of beer. I could not talk about it for over 11 years and awoke to the mother’s screams (The passengers headlight was in her lap along with everything that was between that and the dashboard!) every night of over 9 years.

    I have been told that QPD Officer Paterson was alleged to have been fired from the La Paz County Sheriffs Office for sexual activity with female members on the department. As the story goes he had only a few more years to go to get his pension. Chief Jeff Gilbert hired him. That is the problem with the Law Enforcement system. You kind of have the officer’s gonads in your hands when he is that close to retirement and they are more likely to do what you want and not what the law dictates!

    It is my professional observations and opinion over the last 10 years as a resident of Quartzsite, Arizona that none of the QPD officers has been properly trained or supervised to deal with the problems and challenges for working in Quartzsite. It isn’t their fault. They have never had, IMHO a qualified leader in Chief Jeff Gilbert. By coming forward I feel that each and every one of the 9 officers deserves to keep their jobs and with the right training program, within a full year of probation this should be behind them and Quartzsite would have police officers that they can boast about as being the best in the State of Arizona!

    My name is Paul and I’m a Donutholic. I’ve been clean for three weeks and four days. I would love to be there upon their own retirement to give advice and aid as they go through the Donut Withdrawals as I did each time I drove past a donut shop for six years…

  22. Paul, I don’t know where you got your information on Rick, he wasn’t fired for sexual activity with female members on the department. He was fired for doing something he had no business doing (which I won’t get into)
    re: another who choose to leave after being found to have sexual activity with a female who worked for the Sheriff’s Office.
    I am well aware of what happens in the life of a police officer, I have a few in my family. I myself am employeed with the County (non-law enforcement) I highly disagree with you that when all these Q9 officers return back to work they need to be properly trained? They were properly trained as police officers the same as every other officer in this country at the police academy and through their FTO training program what they need is a good Chief to run that department the way it should be run. And for you to say they should have to have a year probation, is just uncalled for. The have been punished enough for what Jeff had them do. Really a training program?
    They are and have been fine officers of this town for quite some tiem. Yes they made some bad judgement calls by following Jeff’s stupid orders THEY got wise and wrote the letter that yes they should of when Jeff started this mess. There is NOT one perfect police officer in the world who has never ever made a mistake. I’m far more aware of the problems that have been in QTZ then you think. Go have a donut!

  23. getoverit, why won’t you talk about why Patterson got fired? You talk about everything else!!!

    And yes, a training class is entirely appropriate for ALL law enforcement in this county. We can start with the Bill of Rights, what it means and how to treat the citizens with dignity and respect.

    Then the second month of training we could possibly talk about The Proper Role of Law Enforcement, we could bring in Sheriff Mack, a real Sheriff with courage who was more concerned about his citizen’s rights than winning the next election. (youtube him)

    The third month of training could possibly be about the insane drug war and it’s colossal failure.

    I think the fourth month’s curriculum could very well be an intensive study on liberty and freedom, and how law enforcement is there to protect it, not take it away for revenue purposes.

    The 5th month of training could include classes on liberty and freedom!

    And the 6th month could be about Liberty and Freedom!

    The seventh month would be a good time for a refresher course on Liberty and Freedom!

    8th month, you guessed it Liberty and Feedom!

    Around about month 12, the citizens would start to see and feel what it’s like to live in a just and free County, that the citizens would probably look forward to any contact with local law enforcement

    After 2 years of rigorous training about the American Way, we’d start to see more prosperity because people will start moving into the area and starting businesses, etc.. After all, people only want to be free to live their life without interference from “the man”.

    If we can get back to this in La Paz County, we can shake off the 20 MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS IN DEBT given to us by the control freak Supervisors and Dan Field, in a few years instead of 20 years!

  24. Getoverit,

    Some retraining with probation is called for in this case to insure that they never make the same mistakes again. Each officer could be called to answer for not only Arizona State Felonies but as well violations of U.S. Code at one point or anther. Each officer has placed his or her careers on the line when they filed their complaints against Chief Jeff Gilbert.

    I for one like Michael Roth am using my real name and stand behind what I say. QPD Patterson, former La Paz County Deputy may fall into the same category as QPD Star. He was fired for one thing while covering up the real reasons. As for your statements, you may think you know it all, but in the end you open your mouth…

  25. anotherdayinparadise

    The problem that needs to be focused on a little, no a lot more is making certain that Jeff Gilbert is held responsible for his criminal and unethical actions. Then actions must be taken against Alex Taft and Al Johnson for their criminal and unethical actions. Then, yes you guessed it, right on down the line.

    The council members need to be held responsible also. They were voted in to protect the Quartzsite citizens, not to protect, and cover up for the Police Chief and Town Manager! Jeff Gilbert runs the entire town and the officers that did not stand up and speak against Jeff Gilbert will have to answer for their actions as well. Jim Schulz Xavier Frausto tell the citizens why you didn’t stand and speak out, why didn’t you tell the truth? Xavier, is it because you are protecting your wife, the judge who works for Quartzsite? Jim, are you protecting your new status as sergeant? You are a disgrace to all law enforcement and military. What about your responsibility to report truthfully? Better take a stand before the stand is taken against you also. Everyone is watching. Barbara Cowell, what a shame on you. You should listen to your family.

  26. I agree anotherday. One thing I would like to see is not only following the crimes committed “right on down the line”, but UP the line as well. This entire mess was created by Dan Field while he systematically destroyed this town during his 8 years of error here.

  27. As I watched the edited video for the girls(?) for the desert messenger, I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw Chief Jeff Gilbert and his wife attack Jennifer Jade Jones over what they say were slanderous statements without once identifying one that wasn’t true much less the issues of the alleged felonious criminal activities from his own QPD officers.

    Hay kiddies, I took several days to match up the violations at both the Arizona State, U.S. Code, and Civil Rights violations. Chief Jeff Gilbert should really be trying to cut a deal to give him a chance before the parole board before he dies in a state or federal prison. Each complaint is a very serious charge and all Chief Jeff Gilbert and his wife are concerned about is how they look in the publics’ eyes. Here’s a clue Jeff, “DON’T BREAK THE LAW”!

  28. The only training I see needed is for the council members they seem to have forgotten what their roles are as council members. If Jeff don’t get fired (which we all hope he does) HE needs serious training clearly he doesn’t know his boundries as a C.O.P.

  29. Roth I did talk about why Rick was fired in my last post, If you want to know so much exactly what he did ask Linc Gilbert. And Roth since you seem to know so much of what training all police officers in the world should go through why don’t you go work for AZ Post make it happen? Hope you told each and every one of those oh so great real police officers you claim to connect with that. Again as stated else where it’s all abou YOU! You want this to happen YOU want that to happen and if what YOU want don’t happen YOU won’t be happy. The only ones who need any type of training is Jeff and his 4 that remained by his side through this whole mess Rick, Frausto, Fabby and Jim.

  30. getoverit, since you get to play mister invisible attack poodle, please tell us why Rick Patterson got fired. You have nothing to lose by letting the citizens of Quartzsite know. Linc will only lie and you know that. And why did Jeff Gilbert hire him? A favor for the Sheriff?

  31. Um Roth there is no mister here. It’s MS to you. Now why would the Sheriff expect Jeff to hire Rick as a favor when the Sheriff FIRED him????????????? That is the stupidest thing I’ve heard so far from you, well then maybe not. I’m just lmao at that one.
    What your not man enough to go up to Linc and ask him what Paterson did? Linc has no reason to lie, he’ll tell ya just what Rick did behind the Sheriff’s back.

  32. Have to say getoverit is right kinda dumb for the Sheriff to ask Gilbert to hire Rick as a favor. My take on Rick is he is out for himslef. He would accept the job of Chief of Police in a heart beat don’t let his appearence fool you.

  33. getoveritandwildoneallthesame, I think the dumbest thing ever is someone who attacks truth speakers. Where were you guys 5 years ago when Jeff Gilbert was out of control? (I forgot, you’re invisible.)

    Why should I have to go ALL of the way to Parker to speak to Linc when you can say so right now. You’re totally missing your invisible attack poodle status.

    Hope the County pays you well for your disinfo campaigns!

    See folks, this is why your County is going to suck 20 Million Dollars out of your wallets!

    Stop being a sucker! VOTE ALL OF THE COWARDLY BUMS OUT!!!

  34. Hey Getoverit, I guess you and I are just too much alike for Mike. Why does it matter what the reason Sheriff Lowery fired Rick, the good thing is he was fired, the bad thing is he’s in Quartzsite now don’t worry Mike he won’t last too long there. I don’t think it would matter who was in office either Sheriff, Board or Town Council I think Mike would still find faults and complain. See peeps you can recall till your blue in the face and Mike sounds like the kind of guy who will never be happy. Sorry Mike but thats how I view it.

  35. The problem is nobody recalls, and that is why we have the mess we have. Your lovely mess called La Paz County Government is actually worse off than qsite. Good luck with that. Quartzsite on the other hand didn’t roll over and kept on and kept on and kept on recalling the traitors. Recalls work, but only if you do….

    But don’t do anything. Don’t say anythng. Attack those who do stand up. You’re still going to pay 20 MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS for your apathy!!!


  36. So what happened at the Aug. 25th supervisors meeting where they talked about the new excise tax? Anybody know? We all know that the folks in La Paz don’t care about ANYTHING until it directly affects them. Which is always AFTER THE FACT!! Trust me, when the snow birds find out about the tax they are going to pay in Q Town they will head for ANYWHERE BUT HERE!! Winter visitors are gonna be just a small piece of history this winter. They will be in Florida, just like Chief Dilbert.
    But he will still be living off the Quartzsite $$$$$!!

  37. Incredibly sad, isn’t it? If Dilbert wiggles off the hook, that means Dan Field lives to destroy La Paz County a little longer….

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