Quartzsite rally attracts hundreds

Saturday’s Quartzsite Liberty Festival made its mark on Quartzsite Saturday as planned, despite temperatures of 114 to 117 degrees.

The rally was arranged to protest the actions of the town’s council and police chief, most conspicuously the treatment of Quartzsite police officers who were suspended or fired in what the protestors say was retaliation for bringing formal allegations against Chief Jeff Gilbert.

Marchers chanted “Quartzsite Ten, oath-keeping men” as they walked over 2.5 miles from an RV park south of I-10, over the freeway bridge and along the streets of Quartzsite to Town Hall.

Several politically active groups were in attendance, including Oath Keepers, the Tea Party Patriots, the Sons of Liberty Riders and campaigners for Ron Paul for President 2012.

Many attendees carried flags, banners and signs. Some were armed with pistols or rifles, and cameras of all sorts. Law enforcement and other authorities were largely absent from the demonstration.

Chilled water bottles were available to the heat-weary crowd, and Grubstake bar and restaurant was flooded with people during a stop-off along the route. Some were seen pouring water over their heads. Others’ clothing appeared to be almost entirely soaked with sweat.

Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster said people had flown in from around the United States for the rally, from states as far and wide as Alaska, Florida, Texas and Connecticut. “I live here and I’m having a hard time in this heat, so I know, for these people from [colder states], it’s gotta be tough on them”, he said.

Local activist Jennifer Jones, the video of whose arrest at a public meeting provoked outrage on the internet, said the people had braved the weather to send a strong message about the importance of liberty.

Standing in front of the doors of the council chambers that she was hauled out of months earlier, Jones told a cheering crowd, “God bless each and every one of you for coming and standing with the citizens of this town today. Right is right and wrong is wrong, and the rule of law applies to everyone.”

Among the speakers at the event were Arizona State Legislators Carl Seel and Judy Burges, and Libertarian Party activist Barry Hess.


  1. Congrats Mayor Foster glad to hear it was a great turn out.

  2. Thanks for the Love for the Ron Paul for President campaigners, John!!!


  3. Where was Machine gun Joe? Or Lizardazzzza? Or the Town Manager. Or the rest of Town council. Were they on vacation? Where was chief Dilbert? Wonder if machine gun Joe knows the difference between a machine gun and an assault rifle. Sounds to me like he has never served in the military. Just another […….]

    Guys, come on. This rhetoric serves nobody. -JW

  4. Machine gun Joe fled the state and lizardazzzzza was working in the big red fire truck. Dilbert’s wife was driving around with a video camera and making an ass of herself in front the Laundromat Eatery, AKA “The Annex” when everyone marched by. Jeff was probably inside, figuring his wife would protect him from the angry mob of American Terrorists!

    Yes, if Joe is an example of a retired American military hero, no wonder we can’t end a war!!! I’ve often wondered if he even served in the military. Lots of people have faked that story over the years….

  5. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and a chance to add my 2¢. By the end of today we should know if the residents of Quartzsite heard the message or are just a bunch of sheep waiting to be lead to the slaughter as the Town of Quartzsite slowly bleeds their wallets dry until all they have left is the soles upon their feet as they leave town by foot!

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    Barry Hess in Quartzsite, AZ – OathKeepers.org – 08/27/11

  6. Just had to add this one too…

  7. My favorite anti-establishment song!
    A good time was had by all…

  8. anotherdayinparadise

    The rally was a great turn out. A heart felt thanks goes out to all who were involved, you guys are truly amazing. To think of all the miles traveled by the people willing to take a stand for Quartzsite citizens. If this dont show the say something to you, then its because you must be part of the problem.

    Funny how some faces of the community were in hiding. They sent out a crazy woman in a black truck to drive circle after circle with a video camera.

    Regardless of how bad they wanted it to fail, it was a huge success, even with the extreme heat.

  9. Thanks Paul! I really like that “wingnut” in your last video!

  10. This was an excellent way to end the day just before the storm came in!!!


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