La Paz Economic Development Corporation

The La Paz Economic Development Corporation has completed a grant funded process that created a new brand for the organization and for La Paz County’s economic development and marketing efforts. Additionally this process produced a Marketing Needs and Plan document for use by both organizations.

Market research in the form of a perception survey was conducted by The Spalding Group encompassing current businesses in La Paz County and those businesses that considered locating in La Paz County but went elsewhere. This research provided the foundation for determining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and insights about the La Paz area. “The resulting “Marketing Needs and Plan” will provide a roadmap for becoming more competitive in our the business attraction efforts” said D.L. Wilson, La Paz EDC President & CEO.

Wilson further stated that “A contemporary, professional logo consistently used is essential to creating a memorable brand for the La Paz area. We now have that tool. The logo itself depicts the key elements of infrastructure available in our area (rail and highways) as well as the water and agriculture that are vital components of our economy. The tagline of “The Western Gateway” was chosen to depict our central location to serve the markets in Arizona, California and Nevada.”

“This Project was funded by a Contract under a Governor’s Office of Economic Recovery Grant to La Paz County and the La Paz Economic Development Corporation from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act through the U.S. Department of Education and the Arizona Commerce Authority, and funding is not an endorsement of any products, opinions, or services. All USDoE, ACA, La Paz County and La Paz Economic Development Corporation funded programs are extended to the public on a non-discriminatory basis. The primary mission of the ARRA funds is to assist, coordinate, and collaborate with eligible local government entities in applying for the established allocation and implementing projects focused on the Governor’s Jobs Agenda – Rural Economic Development Program.”

The La Paz Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit public-private partnership organized to provide economic development services through-out the La Paz Area.

Contact: D.L. Wilson, President/CEO, 928-669-8272,
1217 S California Av, Parker, AZ 85344


  1. God help us! A grant to create a new logo to make a memorable brand. Let me guess, these guys are MBA’s, right?

    Oh well, it was just a grant, it’s not like it cost us money or anything!!!

  2. Now here’s someone who get’s it!

    After 2012 we won’t need any grants!!!

  3. This is not meant so much as criticism as much as to cause pause and focus attention on the never-ending, institutionalized waste of taxpayer funds. Tax waste is more commonplace than what 6-billion-plus folks flush down the toilet ever day. And officials give about as much thought to tax waste as toilet waste.

    I’ve never understood the standard executive combo where those at the helm can’t navigate waters without continuously enlisting consultants, usually Ivy Leaguers from the East Coast who know jack about the West, much less are otherwise employable at all. Who thinks Apple or Microsoft would’ve been successful without the talent and leadership of Gates or Jobs, neither one of whom ever subordinated to any consultant?

    I wouldn’t care one way or the other about this latest study, but when a project is funded by taxpayer revenue, they make it my concern, and I wonder why boards don’t hire helmsmen who are talented enough in the first place to find their own way. Bringing in outsiders is tantamount to saying there is no talent in LPC that exceeds that of the dweeb hirelings at consulting companies. With or without consultants, the objectives of boards like this one always end up on the rocks anyway. That logo, for example, looks like something drawn on a cocktail napkin by a soused disciple of M. C. Escher. Without a caption, the logo is useless, a confusing symbol of what? Here again, no one cares about quality because no one sees quality, much less respects taxpayers who always get the shaft, in this case by another structure of greed cloaked as a non-profit, fleecing the public of money that always leaves the community in hopes of luring another enterprise to stimulate more tax revenue for more public-official corruption — and maybe another multi-million-dollar judgment against LPC.

    Every day I read new schemes about raising government revenues — in Phoenix, in Arizona, in Washington, everywhere. It’s insane. At a Walmart in Prescott I was fleeced 12 percent sales tax. I will never, never again shop in Prescott. Period. Ironically, I had gone to Prescott to shop because I’m already boycotting La Paz County because of public-official corruption. In fact, yesterday I went out of my way to buy a family member a birthday gift from — free of tax and free shipping. And unless I see daylight on the horizon soon, I’ll be putting up a for-sale sign, too, just so I can boycott LPC all the way. Lots and lots of people feel just like I do, precipitated by corruption, such as fake property assessments and incompetence of officials and LPC supervisors, of course, all on the backs taxpayers.

    One more comment about consulting companies. They have legions of sales people who spread out over the land in hopes of finding suckers, hitting on officials with wine and dine, all with the promise that if they spend x dollars on this study, the outcome of the study will reap 10 times the cost of the study. Read a Wall Street Journal help-wanted ad for consultants, boasting of treasure-hunt rewards that come with fleecing taxpayers. One slick consulting company recently got to Buckeye officials, who then used the study as aegis to promptly raise utility fees to be in line with cities on the East Coast. Where Buckeye once was attractive for its affordability, it’s quickly growing to be just another community where public officials fleece residents into graves. As though there aren’t enough empty houses in Buckeye already, there will be even more vacancies now as word gets out about outrageous public-official greed.

    As for La Paz EDC, heck, the consultants probably even wrote the grant request, maybe even throwing in the lame logo for good measure. One man’s gain is always another’s loss. In the case of this latest study, it’s no skin off anyone’s butt but the taxpayers. For anyone who doubts, demand public disclosure of all documents and correspondence relating to this grant, and see how far you get.

    Every time I hear the word “study,” I want to puke.

  4. Good for you jackal, boycott this County until the criminals destroying it are long gone!

    Happy Constitution Day!!!

  5. So let me see if I have this right. La Paz County entered into a contract with Yakima then started harassing them. So Yakima had to jump through new and un warranted hoops such as aquifer protection permit (that the landfill already had), a special “performance bond”, a closure plan and a bunch of other BS. Then the County shut down Yakima and sued them. Yakima counter sued and won $9.2 million in a La Paz County courthouse by a La Paz County jury. Then the County refused to negotiate a deal and finally pressed a new law through the legislature that allows the 3 supes to increase slaes taxes on an already overly taxed population and now we need a new ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORP????

    Are you kidding me? Yeah, this will bring business to La Paz County. We are at the point where we should just open a nuclear and hazardous waste dump! Yeah, maybe Microsoft will move their HQ to Parker South!!

  6. But don’t you think that logo will attract top companies? After all it was a grant, free money, right???

    Give it some time…. like after the 20 years of debt slavery is over.

    It’s a good thing the Supes hired Dan Field to help straighten out this mess. Without him who know where we’d be!

  7. Dan has saved the County. All bow down. The savior of La Paz. Say hello to the new boss, same as the old boss!!!

  8. Now that Dan has an impressive track record; first saving Quartzsite, now La Paz County, maybe he can get a position within State government and help save Arizona. Or better yet, send him to Washington D.C. to help save Amerika!

  9. The Only One We Can Trust…

  10. AMEN

  11. Here it is, Free Markets For Dummies…

  12. And to put a cherry on top!

  13. “Greatest Hits”!!!

  14. Off topic question. Why is the Indian Days Expo on the cover of the front page of the Lioneer and not mentioned on this site?

  15. And I’ve got a question too, why no coverage about the cops being fired by the thuggish Chief Of Police Adolph Gilbert and Alex Graft? To date no checks have been presented to prove or disprove Ed Fosters claim of checks being illegally written. As the old phrase goes, If you’ve got nothing to hide…………….

    Lioneer, good one!

  16. Guys,

    I’ve been out of town – in a place with MUCH less internet access than makes me happy – and came back sick to boot…. back at it today and should have numerous updates to come.


  17. Feel better!!!

  18. Don’t get a flu shot, those are proven to NOT work 99% of the time!!!! (AND it MIGHT have mercury in it!!!)

  19. Always made me sick…

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