Quartzsite mayor to change again?

Unconfirmed reports are suggesting that Jennifer Jones’ recent legal action challenging the recall election of Jose Lizarraga as Mayor of Quartzsite, which recently ousted Mayor Ed Foster, has been upheld by Judge Burke of La Paz Superior Court.

The action challenged the legitimacy of Lizarraga’s candidacy for the office, based on her assertion that he violated open meeting laws as a council member among other things (one of the requirements to run for mayor is having complied with all laws).

Her action argued that Ed Foster should be reinstated as mayor, as the second-highest vote-getter. The reports say that the court was unable to issue that order as a mayor must be elected and cannot be appointed by court.

Ed Foster says he is surprised by the ruling, and didn’t think Jones would be successful. He says his understanding is that the town of Quartzsite will now be without a mayor, probably until the election next spring.

Foster also told Parker Live that, in other news, today he signed a 50-page bar complaint against Quartzsite Town Attorney Martin Brannan enclosing 6 specific complaints.

All information is tentative. More information when we have it.

UPDATE 2:01pm– Another report says the judge’s ruling is contingent on whether Lizarraga was bonded at the time he was sworn in as mayor.


  1. Rebels win one!!!

    Quartzsite doesn’t need a mayor anyway. Let’s disincorporate this mistake of an idea and get back to FREEDOM!!!

  2. As a detached observer of events in Quartzsite, I see this as both poetic karma for city officials and justice for tax-paying residents who fund government. The wheels of justice didn’t waste time here.

    But where is the outcome for the complaint of missing funds and all the blank bank checks? I mean, just how much time does the AG need to jump off a hot stove? If he drags his feet this much before using the bathroom, he must be really constipated.

    “Thanks” goes to ParkerLive.com for continuing to provide an avenue of transparency that public officials deny taxpayers. There’s nothing quite as pleasurable as watching the feet of corruption held to fire.

  3. Hear Hear jackal!

    As long as Alex Graft and Adolph Gilbert run the show we will never know the truth of the situation here.

    May God Bless the Rebels!!! (And eternally damn the traitors!)

  4. Jones v Lizarraga election dispute
    La Paz County Superior Court
    AZ – Case No. CV201100117

    From my conversation with Jade, more rulings may be coming against the Town of Quartzsite regarding other violations of Arizona State Law! Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne may have no other choice that remove ALL sitting members of the Quartzsite Town Council and have his Legal Department examine all past Town Meetings for violations of the law and have each violation addressed.

    You may not understand the full ramification of this. EVERY law, ordinance, appointment, contract, expenditures, and all expenses/monies paid out may be ruled illegal and overturned making them null and void under the law! Unlawfully convicted parties along with private business can and will bring libel suites against the Town of Quartzsite.

    On town in Arizona was forced to address over a years of unlawful town meetings as Quartzsite will be forced to do and this can only add additional cause for Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne to removed ALL sitting Council Members from office for life along with convene a “Special Grand Jury” to investigate the actions of the Quartzsite Town Council, Town Manager Alex Taft, Asst-Manager Al Johnson, and Chief Jeff Gilbert.

    How could Attorney General Tom Horne lose by removing the Quartzsite Town Council, Convening a “Special Grand Jury” and let the chips fall where they may. After all, it will be the citizens of Arizona that will hear all the evidence, witness, and facts of the case(s) and by the law they will decide to return a “True Indictment(s)” or not. Everybody wins but the criminals!

    Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne
    1275 West Washington Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85007-2926
    (602) 542-5025 or (800) 352-8431
    Fax (602) 542-4085

  5. Barbara Cowell is the biggest Ding Dong in the history of Quartzsite government. She is challenging the judge’s decision with more legalize gobblygook, obviously getting her “intel” from Martin Brannon and El Jeffy “Adolph” Gilbert, and Alex Graft! What a sad statement she made to me at the Post Office today. Quartzsite is freaking DOOMED!!! (And Pastor Bruce, WAKE UP!!!!!!!)

  6. anotherdayinparadise

    Yes you are right, she is a “ding dong”( for lack of better words or for sake of not getting banded from blog ). Her husband has been real sick and needs her with him. She needs to open her eyes before its too late and invest her time and energy in her family where its needed. And you are 100% correct when you say who she is getting her information from. It’s clear that she is lost and can’t even hardly talk when she needs to during the meetings. That’s because she don’t have Alex telling what to say and how to say to, except for times when she had a script to read from. Lizarraga has much bigger problems to deal with, from what I hear he may have some criminal complaints filed against him with police and his employer.

  7. anotherdayinparadise

    I can’t wait to go to the next town meeting just to watch Barbara stumble and choke. It’s makes for a good laugh and is good entertainment.

  8. How refreshing, a Trial Judge that believes that even members of Government must obey the “Laws of the Land”! Could we be seeing the future of Quartzsite, Arizona from the Bench of Judge Burke where Elected Public Officials, Town Governments, and Town Employees must follow the law or be removed?

    Just how many additional challenges in our County, Arizona State, and Federal Courts are waiting in the wings for the Town of Quartzsite with Judge Burke’s rulings? I bet that the members of the League of Cities and Towns were up late last night burning the midnight oil in the Liability Insurance Offices!

    IMHO, Jose Lizarraga is nothing more than a “Puppet on a string.” If I had been challenged over my post as Mayor or even Councilman for the Town of Quartzsite I would have been there in the La Paz Superior Court to have my side of the story placed on the record and make my adversary prove every point of their accusations against me!

    Who is behind the Quartzsite Government? What are their motivations behind the slow death of not only the Government but also the Town of Quartzsite itself? Should not the members of the Council, Vice-Mayor Barbara Cowell, and Town Manager Alex Taft be forced to reimburse the taxpayers of Quartzsite for the legal fees incurred in their “Intervention” of Mrs. Jones challenge to insure that Jose Lizarraga obey the law?

    From my observations of Jose Lizarraga over the years and now his NOT showing up in a Court of Law to defend himself only shows the kind of (IMHO) spineless coward he would be as a leader for the citizens and Town of Quartzsite. Just another paid in full rubber stamp for the true head of state in the Kingdom of Quartzsite, Arizona…

  9. Turds, all of them! Ooops, now the great Amerikans Joe Winslow and Adolph Gilbert are going to get some unintelligent judge to come get my guns….

    Just wait until the rest of the county realizes what it’s like to live in Dan Fields fiefdom!

  10. Get the pooper scooper Mikey – it’s time to clean up La Paz County and get rid of the turds! Judge Burke did his very best to argue in the interest of the town, but in the end, even Burke can’t argue against the law. That would get him in trouble with both the AZ Bar and the judicial review board. I am looking forward to reading his actual ruling, as it seemed to me he didn’t really listen to half of what I said (kind of like a spouse LOL!) until it’s too late. However, I gave the clerk a copy of the oral argument I prepared, so I presume he will fact check me before he opines…BTW, I believe that none of them bothered to file bonds as required, which raises several legal issues…

  11. Barbara Cowell says the Town of Quartzsite has NEVER filed bonds, therefore Jose is The Way, The Light and The Power, for ever and ever!!!! (So says Babs!)

    Also, she says “they” don’t have to let ANYONE speak at Town Hall. It’s a privilege NOT a right.

    This New Amerikan way stuff has me all confused. I get my rights from God, not Adolph Gilbert or Bowwow Cowell, and God gave me a mouth, and He said “go forth and speak against the evil in your County!” He also said “Forsake the cowardly ministers who don’t know the difference between right and wrong, and/or sit on the fence when they should be making a stand”

    I hate it when He talks to me like that…

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
    Edmund Burke

  12. Former Mayor Ed Foster of Quartzsite, Arizona has filed a complaint with the State Bar of Arizona on September 20th against Quartzsite Attorney Martin E. Brannan claming violations of Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct.

    You can read and/or download the PDF file and see just how bad it is in Quartzsite when another former Mayor makes his request of the Arizona State Attorney General Tom Horne to look into this matter and violations of the laws.

    In the attached evidence you can as well read of the defiance of the Town Manager Alex Taft and what most will find as unethical attacks against former Mayor Ed Foster of Quartzsite Arizona by Quartzsite Town Attorney Martin Brannan.

    To read and/or download the complaint in PDF form:

    Keep up to date at Qtown.US

  13. Thanks for the update Paul, good stuff!!! (Thanks a Million also to Doug, and his wife!)

  14. Hey John, you got some new news but why no story about the CRIT Fair EXPO and POW WOW??? It is a HUGE community event meant to promote “Community, United by Choice”.

  15. Tell us all about it! Screw waiting for John….

    I love native american art, where is the action at???

  16. Friday at noon at 4 Corners where the fair was held for over 50 years. The Masters of La Paz County figured that South Park(er) was a better place for the fair so they entered into a LEASE with BLM (like the County Maintenance Facility). So the CRIT has compensated by having their own carnival and open animal show along with their annual POW WOW. It is gonna be big, Over 100 animals already entered in the open show and Tribal dancers coming as far away as New York and the Cherokee from Oklahoma. Love to see you good folks from Quartzsite there!

  17. A Pow Wow is a gathering of the peoples of our country meant to bring people together. Something this County needs. And the CRIT is inviting everyone to come and gather.


  18. So it was yesterday?

  19. Or this coming Fri.?

  20. POW WOW is Sept. 30th, Oct.1st and 2nd
    For info, call Paul Stewart 928-669-6800 x 234

  21. thankssuperreporter!

  22. It has been reported to me that the Town of Quartzsite held another Un-Lawful Town Meeting today at 9:00 A.M. but without Mr. Jose Lizarraga sitting as Town Mayor. Vice-Mayor Barbara Cowell ran the meeting. The storm clouds are gathering over the little western Arizona fuel stop in the Arizona desert…

    I know something you don’t know. I know something you don’t know. I know something you don’…………

  23. Hmmmm they left the new Mayor out of the meeting………..talk about trust issues……Bet ya’ll can’t wait till Jeffy brings on new officers to replace the ones he fired, word has it he plans to hire a bunch of CRIT officers……now the big question is will those officers ever trust the very guy who wasn’t passing the police academy when he workd at crit and brown-nosed his way into a cushy LT job there so he can order those officers around like some type of hitler? hhhhhmmmmm wonder………..wonder….wonder………wonder

  24. I think that Kommandant Oberst Wilhelm Klink, sorry Chief Jeff Gilbert thinks that the High Command in Berlin will back him. However, This isn’t the Third Reich and Hitler is dead!

    More than once I have heard and read where someone has compared Chief Jeff Gilbert to Hitler. The only comparison that I see IMHO is how Chief Jeff Gilbert with the help of Town Manager Alex Taft and Asst-Manager Al Johnson has turned the Town of Quartzsite into their own little Holocaust!

    I’m still laughing at Chief Jeff Gilbert on video telling Jennifer “Jade” Jones that the rules of the Federal Appellate Courts don’t over ride the rules of Town Manager Alex Taft. That should help give the Plaintiffs an extra million or two from the jury in each civil case it is showed against the Town of Quartzsite.

    Chief Jeff Gilbert has given a whole new meaning to the old Newsman’s saying, “Film at 11”! Thanks to You Tube his career in Law Enforcement is over…

  25. Beware when you build you house on weak and shifting sands. Especially when Jennifer Jade Jones is knocking at your door with a D9 CAT! Early reports are saying that Jennifer Jones won another one in the La Paz County Courts today. More news to come as we get the facts to report to you.

    Looks like the League of Cities and Towns in going to be looking for support when the Civil Suites start draining their coffers from Quartzsite…

  26. Here, you go John….

    Listen to this crap… El Jeffy Adolph Gilbert and his compadre Judge what’s her name’s husband

    Listen to Jeff’s lies

    Guess I’m a radical anti amerikan…


  27. I’m sorry Mr. Roth, but I couldn’t find anything in the Arizona Criminal Code/Statutes that addresses “Defacing Public Property.” Didn’t you say that Chief Jeff Gilbert charged you with 11 counts when you were arrested for misdemeanors without any warrant?

    Isn’t it funny how openly vindictive Chief Jeff Gilbert is against you as he “Stacks” the charges against you? It wouldn’t surprise me that the Town Attorney had to talk him out of charging you separately for every letter you were alleged to have written in a “Public Protest”!

    From the video link you posted, it looks like this “Legion in his own mine” Chief of Police has turned into being a coward when he is facing the new reports of the day and keeps refusing to give his name.

    This is not going to go away for Chief Jeff Gilbert. The only advice I could give Chief Jeff Gilbert is to buy stock in any one of the “Soap On A Rope” companies while you still are getting a paycheck. From the information I have been getting, you’re a short timer…

  28. Paul, I don’t think there was a warrant. Does El Jeffy need one? After all, this is HIS town!

    Jeff Gilbert has this sick, perverted obsession with me. For 5 years now this loser cop has hounded me, just because I’ve questioned his authority, just like I questioned another loser, Dan Field, the entire time he was here.

    Until more citizens of this great County stand up to thugs like this, this place is going to continue to sink.

    And all of you cops that follow Jeff’s (or even the Sheriff’s) illegal and immoral orders, we will remember the coroborators.

    When this house of cards comes crashing down and those you bullied get desperate, just remember those times when you could’ve helped your fellow man but instead ticketed, harassed, jailed, intimidated, and laughed at them when they were simply seeking justice. I hope they do the same to you times 10!

    Karma always bites you in the ass!

    Do these two Keystone Kops sound smart to you? Thanks to the internet, the entire world now knows what the residents of this County have known all along.


    Call the Quartzsite Police Department and let Adolph Gilbert know what you think of him and his latest actions. 928-927-4644

    And if you can, record the call and post it to YouTube, then email me the link to it, or post it here.

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