Parker library in Parade magazine

The Parker Public Library appears in Sunday’s issue of Parade magazine under the title The Little Library That Could. The piece highlights the importance of the library in the community and the funding struggles which threaten its success.

Click on the image to see it larger, or click here to download a PDF.


  1. A grade school trip to the local library, where they explained the dewey decimal system, is where I got hooked on reading. Back then we even got to check out little pieces of art (It was a liberal town) Later in life when I had a little more free time on my hand I even became a Friend of The Library in Scottsdale. If someone is looking to volunteer, I highly suggest being a Friend of your local library.

    I’ve used the computers at the Parker library a few times and have to say the stay was pleasant.

    It’s good to see the Parker library get this free publicity! I hope it helps them.

    Too bad the elected and non-elected politicians of this county piss away your tax dollars on lawsuits, and hiring their friends and family.

    Imagine if Jim Willett was able to do what the County contracted with him to do, how much he would have helped this little library. But now, it’s gone and it ain’t coming back. And those of you that think the politicians are going to somehow make the landfill into a money making venture, good luck with that.

    None of the politicians in this County have a track record of success, just government trough feeders, all of them!

    This is why your library struggles!

  2. hmmmm John, where do I put this, here?

  3. To all those who say Freedom isn’t popular and a Freedom candidate can’t be the next Prez!

  4. Here’s another reason why your little library struggles and will continue to struggle. (and maybe even disappear!!!)

    I know this ends up being a promo piece for one of the most successful investors of our time, but there’s SO MUCH TRUTH HERE IT’D BE A SHAME TO NOT SHARE IT!

    Consider this information, along with what your corrupt local bureaurcrat’s are doing, and prepare accordingly…

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