Family of those involved in accident say no drugs were involved

The family members of some of the local individuals involved in last week’s tragic accident on Shea Road have asked Parker Live to clarify that there were no drugs involved in the accident.

There will be an opportunity for the community to donate to help the victims and Parker Live will post the details when we get them.


  1. Alcohol IS a drug, and I think it is the worst! (And I do imbibe) This makes my point I had earlier with C.S.. If these kids were smoking pot this accident would not have happened.

    But since the gubermint can tax and regulate alcohol, that’s why we are allowed to have it. How do you tax and regulate a plant? You can’t and that is why a large percentage of people in prison are in there for victimless non-violent drug “crimes”.

  2. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I agree with Michael Roth…on one point: alcohol IS a drug. I can not agree that if the person was smoking marijuana this would not have happened; that assumes too many things. If the point is simply that marijuana does not impair, I fully disagree.

    If alcohol or any OTHER drug is involved with this accident, that makes four lives lost in La Paz county in the last two months because of impaired drivers. If the driver is who I believe it is, he was under 21 and should not have been drinking in the first place. Another unfortunate example of how underage drinking does destroy lives. All the families involved are victims in this one, even the driver…

  3. If they had been smoking pot they probably would’ve been going 10 to 20 mph under the limit. Alcohol is liquid courage. Legalize/decriminalize all drugs and you will see use and abuse go down.

    Moving the legal drinking age to 21 has created all kinds of problems.

    Curious why you can’t believe you would agree with me???

    “Freedom brings people together” – Ron Paul

  4. This shows yout true colors Roth. You just want to hear or see your postings. People died here and someone is going to prison (they do deserve it). You are a bad person and your comments are crap. The deaths of kids is no place for your B.S. or voice. What a waste of time.

  5. What’s your true color, yellow?

    If I am bad, you are evil.

    Maybe these kids would still be alive if we had sane drug policies in this country, something that requires THINKING!!! (Prohibition has failed in EVERY country that practices it)

    I can’t think of a better time to have these kinds of talks than when someone’s life is needlessly snuffed out.

    Go back to sleep schotzie, it’s more comfortable for you there!

  6. Guys, can we keep this civil?

  7. I only respond in kind John. Just like the crooked politicians of this county, I treat them the exact same way they treat me. (which is the way it used to be in America until Political Correctness became in vogue)

    Why can’t we have an honest and frank discussion here about these insane drug policies without being called names like shotzie did? Why is it whenever someone questions a bad law, or a terrible policy, why is it the questioner is shot down, even jailed?

    A little over two years ago the County Attorney took me to trial because I dared speak out against Jeff Gilbert and his policies at a town hall meeting. 80% of his own police officers (2 years after my bogus arrest) accused Jeff Gilbert of the exact same things I was complaining about that night, check it out, it’s all on videotape somewhere. When the police officers complained they were hero’s and we even had a rally on their behalf. But when I complained and was jailed I was a pariah.

    John, you are smarter than me about this stuff so maybe you can tell me why when an individual stands up and questions authority, or a bad law, or bad policy, why does society like to hammer him down?

    Here in our little corner of the county we’ve seen lots of business people pack up and leave because of this. Some never even settled in because they could see the handwriting on the wall and moved on down the road before they spent a nickel here. We are infinitely poorer because of this. My guess is it’s fear that makes people like shotzie lash out.

    Vote Ron Paul 2012!
    Real Freedom In Our Lifetime

  8. I agree people should discuss these matters without name-calling… on all sides.

  9. First I don’t know the families but I am sorry this has happened to you. Its an absolute shame that our young residents are killed in such a needless way.

    Then I have to say that if the driver of this vehicle was impaired by drugs, alcohol or just being so out of control in a vehicle, does it really matter. The driver of this car killed people.

    Now if the driver was drinking or has drugs in his system he will pay society by being tried by his peers and if convicted with pay society as decided by a judge and jury.

    Its just like families however to say something they cant back up. Only the blood testing and the coroner will figure out what was in the driver’s blood system. To get on an open forum and make such a statement is not responsible. Just throw out that disclaimer so that the people who lost don’t file wrongful death suits? I dont understand that.

  10. Well fedup, I have to disagree with your assessment that the driver who killed these people should be made to pay society. I didn’t know these people and I feel for them and their families. The person responsible should be made to pay the families in some way. That is how they handle it in Japan.

    Also your assertion that the families made an irresponsible statement about no drugs being involved is irresponsible on your part. How do you know they’re incorrect? How do you know that they in fact, know there were no drugs in the driver’s system? You don’t, and making reckless claims about wrongful death suits as a reason is irresponsible on your part until all of the facts are presented.

    Mr. Roth also makes some very valid points. If the driver was underage and out in the desert consuming adult beverages, it’s only because the state won’t allow parents to parent. My daughter was one of those kids 8 years ago. She and her friends had to go where they wouldn’t get caught to have their parties. Parents couldn’t teach responsibility and moderation in the consumption of alcohol, because the state of Arizona won’t allow them to… zero tolerance for underage drinking.

    In Texas, parents are allowed to serve their children alcohol and in fact if a parent is in the same room, a minor can be served in a restaurant. That seems reasonable to me. Allow parents to demonstrate moderation and allow parents to keep their kids safe. It seems a much more sane approach to the situation, rather than removing the parents from the equation.

  11. Sorry, but minors are not mature enough to make “adult” decisions. There is a reason that most states have the same drinking age and drivers license age. I was involved in a couple accidents w/in 2 years of obtaining my license at 16. Kids are always in a hurry and tend to not think before they act at times. I do not want my kids legally drinking at 14, 16, or even 18 for that matter. I also would not have a problem with them raising age to 18 for a DL.

    Reckless driving causing death is bad enough, alcohol or drugs will just aggravate the crime/sentencing options. Roth, you remind me of Michael Moore. You both seem to hate the country you live in, and do not like the system. I don’t believe it is perfect, but like it better than most. You don’t have to live in Quartzsite, or USA for that matter…….

  12. I love this country, or I should say what it used to be, not what it has become and that is why I speak out. I guess that makes me a bad American in your book. Why is it that when anyone doesn’t have a real argument they simply say, “if you don’t like it here, leave”. Why don’t YOU leave if you don’t like me here? Makes about as much sense. OR, I’ll agree to leave if you pay all of my expenses and find me another area where I can buy and sell gemstones and minerals and meet all kinds of neat people from all over the world, and one other thing, the cops have to be honest, at least the Chief of Police, because crap rolls downhill. Find me that haven, pay me to move on, and I’m outta here.

    But running away is not the answer, trying to improve your neighborhood/community is.

    The only way people become mature is by making mistakes, and when you coddle the youth to such an extent that all mistakes and learning opportunities are forbidden, you get worse mistakes later on. I was driving at age 14. By the time I was 16 I was able to pull myself out of a slide on an icy road. At 16 I also killed 2 deer on my motorcycle, (it was a Yamaha XS 1100 and a lot of nanny staters said it was too much bike for a kid, but it saved my life.) I learned then to slow down at night on my bike.

    Failure and mistakes are not something the state can regulate or control.

    sanger1, when was the last time you travelled outside of this country?

  13. I don’t leave the country, or the state much for that matter as I am happy where I am….I find it interesting that some believe in fighting to the end…If I went to my neighbors and picked a fight, got my ass kicked everytime I went over there, I would finally say it ain’t worth it. Live with it or move on…….Need the numbers to make a difference…….

  14. As far as me leaving, since I “don’t like you”, goes back to the minority/majority issue… If everyone on here turned articles/releases into issues about big brother watching over us and our freedoms, I would leave……

  15. The reason I asked you when the last time you left the country was because you said you like this system better than most. How do you come to that conclusion when you haven’t even travelled. Believe me, there are a lot better places, I’ve been to a few of them. More Freedom, Opportunity, etc..

    I’m fighting while I’m here to preserve and help bring back the rule of law as we used to have, instead of the rule of whoever is in power now!

    The reason we don’t have the numbers right now (we’re growing) is because people are lazy, apathetic, uneducated, don’t want to rock the boat, don’t want to “get their ass kicked”, overworked, overtaxed, over-regulated. Pathetic!!! Can I pay you to leave, Mr. not get involved?

  16. Don’t need to get involved, overall, I am satisified with the “system”. I do not agree with current board on many issues that they have attempted to handle, but boards come and go….My family, then my job get most of my energy and effort….

  17. Yes sanger1 I agree that minors don’t make wise “adult” decisions which is all the more reason that adults need to be allowed to supervise them. If I had the ability to monitor my daughter’s actions and teach her responsibility and moderation, she would have been safer. Since I couldn’t legally, she had to resort to sneaking around and doing it unsupervised. That made her actions reckless and somewhat dangerous.

    What would you do differently? How would you control her actions? There are already laws against her drinking at 16, 17 or 18, so what would you do? The laws didn’t work. They did keep her from being safe though. Doesn’t that make the laws bad? Doesn’t that remove my option of demonstrating to her how to behave reasonably, rationally and safely? Isn’t the state’s decision to have a zero-tolerance with regard to underage consumption, in effect having a negative impact on the safety of our children? It’s an unintended consequence of a nanny state. We can’t be kept from ourselves here, we just won’t be told no. We’ll find a way to do what we want and every obstacle to doing that responsibly should be removed. All the laws do, are give the police something to do… wouldn’t life be easier if we needed fewer policemen and women?

    On another note… we’re not all the same. Because you’ve had incidents within 2 years of receiving your license, doesn’t mean everyone else did. It’s individualistic in nature. Not every kid is the same. I grew up with alcoholic parents; mom recovered but dad never did. I wanted nothing to do with alcohol until I was in my mid-late thirties. I was also a very good driver with no accidents or tickets until I was in my late 20’s.

    In a nutshell we can’t forbid activities that got us in trouble because there are any number of people who have made better choices. My only concern is that we can’t teach our kids how to behave reasonably, rationally and responsibly because the state prohibits it. Parents need to be allowed to do their job so we have fewer incidents/accidents that claim lives unnecessarily.


  18. Have you noticed that these boards that have come and gone have left the County poorer, sanger1?

    R.R., I agree, the state is a terrible babysitter!

  19. Different life experiences and parenting lead to different paths I guess. I was invovled in sports in high school and did not run around with the party crowd. I also was not permitted to be out late and really did not care to…Also went to college after high school as I was fortunate that my parents gave me option of going to college and they would pay, or I would have to pay for my own medical insurance, auto insurance etc…

    I am a little confused though, so we want to allow kids to drink and then expect all of their parents to come pick them up, or allow cops to arrest them for DUI, or, have less cops and hope they make it home safe? Kids are just that, kids….Adding drugs or alcohol is no way for them to learn from their mistakes….I also believe that parenting and discipline start at a young age, you wait till high school and it is too late…..You will have a lot more teen suicides if they are allowed to drink and drug.. They already have enough pressure from trying to fit in, bullying etc…..

    I believe we left the county poorer as we voted in Fisher for how many years??? We voted in a puppet in Irwin, and we voted in Drum…Our votes got us Field as our votes did not know what they were doing and wanted someone to make decisions and/or someone to blame…….

  20. What’s this “we” shit sanger1, Nobody I know voted for those ding dongs. “They” did it! If you are the “we” that did it, shame on you!!!

  21. We as in the majority, only one appointed was Field…..

  22. YOU said “we”, not me! Guilty conscience?

    What’re YOU doing about Field? Or are you waiting for the next board to bounce you around?

  23. Yes sanger you are very confused. Where do you see anywhere anyone advocating them doing it alone? I’ve said that the parents need to be involved in “parenting” and showing them the ropes, so-to-speak. Also, if kids are going to drink and “drug” as you call it, aren’t they going to anyway? There are laws against it already and yet still kids are being arrested for underage consumption. If parents were allowed to supervise this activity, wouldn’t it be better?

    I like you, was an athlete and not involved with the party crowd. I’m also not advocating the encouragement towards the “party” crowd. I’m only advocating that parents be allowed to legally do their job instead of being punished.

    To use an analogy… isn’t it better to have your child go through a driver training course to learn how to drive, or just let him/her go without the training? I’m betting you’d think a driver training course would be better…

  24. Just to clarify, does the premise of “allowing parents to supervise” require that alcohol actually be used? My parents had it in my head arouhd the age of twelve that drinking alcohol was not allowe until I was twenty-one because that was the law. They also demonstrated responsible behavior when it came to drinking, like not having more than two alcoholic drinks in an evening. Do students need to build a bomb in school to understand the destructive effects?

    In a utopia, we could leave everything to the parents to teach the kids, but nowadays, and for whatever reason, especially in Parker, I see that the ‘parents’ don’t even parent. This job is being left to grandparents, teachers, siblings… anyone and everyone EXCEPT the actual mother and father. This even effects my family, as I watch my in- laws raise their grandkids because the “parents” are too busy still being kids.

    To close, alcohol is a drug. I don’t agree that marijuana usage instead of alcohol would have negated this incident. And I believe some laws (staying on topic), for better or worse, are in place because the people who should be setting familial guidelines, which then dictate societal actions, are not doing their jobs.

  25. Welcome to Third World USA.

    Wonder what would happen here if there was a big time disaster like this, do you think your local government, or even the state is going to be there to help you? Don’t be too sure…

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