BlueWater Desert Challenge: $2,000 in “Team Ford” Pole Awards

2011 – Las Vegas, NV

The BlueWater Desert Challenge in Parker, AZ, October 13-16, hosted by the Blue Water Resort & Casino, is the fourth event in the five-race 2011 Best In The Desert “American Off-Road Racing Series”. Unlike all of the other Best In The Desert long distance races, that are either a long loop race, or a point to point course, as is the Parker “425” or the recent TSCO Vegas to Reno” courses, the Blue Water Desert Challenge is a 2-day multi-race format that features Best In The Desert’s Car, Truck and UTV classes running both days for combined results to determine the winners.

This is the second year running of the Blue Water Desert Challenge. Last year saw more than 180 cars, trucks and UTVs for the inaugural event and has already become an exceptionally popular event with both racers and fans. As soon as the dust settled at the Vegas to Reno race, racers started telling each other, “I’ll see you October in Parker.” The unique format still allows competitors to log in more that 150 miles of challenging desert racing over the course of two days. It also offers the racers to make adjustments and fine tune their vehicles for the second day of shoot-out style competition.

Two full days of non-stop racing on an exciting 26 mile long course that treats the racers to the likes of John Wayne’s Gorge, Marilyn’s Romp, The Matterhorn, The Sand Pile, Parker River Run, The New Thunder Alley and The Snake Pit. Casey Folks, director of Best in the Desert, said, “This course is a racer’s dream come true…an off-road racer’s Disneyland. It not only
features the famous “Parker Python”, but also a wide selection of tough terrain that’s sure to please and challenge every team – every racer.”

Unlike other Best InThe Desert races where the Trick Trucks and Class 1500 cars compete head-to-head for the coveted first starting position and $1000 “Team Ford” Pole award, they will have separate “time trials” for the two classes as they race in different heats. So for this race only, the sponsor of the Pole Award -Team Ford-Lincoln owner Steve Olliges stepped up to the plate and said, “Since the Trick Trucks and Unlimited 1500 vehicles have their own individual class time trials and their own races, I am pleased to pay out our $1,000 Pole Award to the TWO fastest classes – each class will have their own Pole Awards. Both winners of the time trials in their respective classes, which run on the Thursday before the race, will take home $1,000 each in cash, plus the beautiful “Team Ford” engraved Pole Award trophy to boast over with their friends and fellow competitors!” Each Pole Award winner will also receive a custom limited edition Jason Beam hat. Jason is the top designer in NASCAR helmets. He does all the top drivers, including current Sprint Car Cup champion and former off-road racing star Jimmie Johnson.

The Blue Water Desert Challenge is held in the Town of Parker, AZ with the start/finish line just one mile from the Host Hotel, the beautiful Blue Water Resort & Casino, right along the beautiful Colorado River.  It’s a great time to come to Parker; off-road race by day and play at the beautiful Blue Water Resort & Casino by night!

Best In The Desert official sponsors: Ford Motor Company – official truck, General Tire – official tire, Lucas Oil – official oil, VP Racing Fuels – official fuel, KC HiLiTES – official light, John Deere – official UTV, Husqvarna – official motorcycle, Fabtech – Official Suspension, Fall Advertising, Prerunner Maniac, McKenzies, PCI Race Radios, Azunia Tequila, and Sportsman Cycle Sales.

The American Off-Road Racing Series…Best In The Desert!

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  1. This race is a very important event to our community, no doubt! However, if Shea Road, from the highway to the cattle guard, is C.R.I.T. reservation property (a “sovereign” nation), then can someone tell me WHY the La Paz County highway department was out on Shea Road this past Thursday, filling in the potholes and fixing the road shoulders, and not C.R.I.T.? After all, it is “their” race. 1. Who authorized the expenditure of our tax money to do the job for the reservation? 2. There were several county trucks and associated equipment, along with several county workers for several hours out there. 3. The cost of the asphalt material is also a factor. 4. What is the total cost of the equipment, employees’ total man-hours, fuel and material? Nothing against the tribes, but they have a casino and a virtual financial I.V. directly into the federal money artery. So why did the County pick up the tab? Are we going to be reimbursed for the total cost of that road repair? Somehow I doubt it! This Board of Stupervisors, as well as the last bunch, have already skinned us for over 14 million dollars, so what do they think, a few thousand more won’t hurt? Someone find out from the board, I can’t. There has to be a record of expenditures for that job, which should be available to the public. We should know the truth. Who OK’d yet another taxpayer ripoff? This has got to stop!

  2. What’re you, one of them thare conspiracy theorists? C’mon, your local gubermint loves you and would NEVER lie, steal, or cheat you…

  3. Not to nit-pick, but this Board has skinned this County out of 19 MILLION Dollars, and this doesn’t include the money spent on Holly’s husband’s new career with the County or John Drum’s relatives getting hired because they needed the insurance, or the 100 other “special favors” doled out by Dan Field and company!

    I wish this blog had a feature or place where people could anonymously report government fraud and abuse like you just did. I bet you it’d be the most visited part of this site!

  4. This morning about 11, I drove out Shea road to see for myself what work had been done by the county. From the highway, over the tracks, all the way to the cattle guard (the reservation boundary), which is right at 4 miles, I counted about 200 potholes and large cracks in the pavement which appeared to have recently (4 days ago) been repaired, as indicated by fresh asphalt and oil. I did not see where the road shoulders had been fixed, due to a lot of people and their parked cars and trucks. On the way back out, about 3 miles north of the highway, on the east side of Shea road, I did see two Sheriff vehicles, one car and one suv, parked behind some spectator cars, with one deputy standing at the passenger window of the suv. Again, La Paz county employees on the reservation, especially law enforcement! Doing what??? It is my understanding that the sheriffs department does not have any jurisdiction on the reservation, per the tribal council (that includes Shea road)! If that is so, why were those deputys there and not out in the county where they belong??? I have been reading articles on parker live since it first came on line. I have not joined in until now, but this misuse of our county tax money is out of control and I won’t be quiet any more. It seems that most postings on parker live are by the same people, which is ok, but there are thousands of people living in this county, so where are their voices??? It appears to me that the silent majority are either not interested in what our “leaders” are doing and spending, or are blindly trusting them, which is a costly mistake. On the other hand, maybe the silent majority are involved in “special interests” in their own districts and don‘t want to upset their gravy train. For anyone to sit idly and silently by while we are constantly fleeced by this Board is nothing more than pure apathy, which is in itself, stupidity defined. Take a couple of minutes and watch the video on the following link:
    This is a chilling example of apathy and blind trust. What a waste! Our Board and community meetings should be filled to the walls with people asking questions, demanding answers and holding these “leaders“ accountable for their irresponsible, selfish decisions.

  5. Hear Hear!

    Are you my brother from another mother???

    Be careful, people who ask questions and demand the rule of law get arrested and bullied here by the Establishment.

    Do what you can to get others to join you!

    Videotape the abuse and corruption and post it to Youtube or it didn’t happen!

    P.S. I voted for this guy in 2004. Great video, one of my favorites! I never tire of watching it, thanks.

  6. Saturday night funnies.

    Funny, but it’s sad when satire is more honest than mainstream news!

    Ron Paul
    President 2012

  7. Great information ectawhosit. I had no idea about this, and i think most of the county didnt. Those who can attend the board meeting should ask some questions at call to the public.

    Although I will add one bit of info. The sheriffs office has no jurisdiction on tribal land with tribal members only. They cannot arrest or cite any tribal members on the reservation. But for non-tribal members, they have the same jurisdiction as anywhere else.

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You crack me up CS!!!

    The last time I spoke at the Board of Supervisors Call To The Public John Drum (wink wink) ended the meeting after I asked about hiring Holly’s husband.

    MORE people would attend the BOS meetings if they were held at 7:00 PM! Ain’t gonna happen though until the current regime is kicked out on their lazy non-thinking ignorant butts!!!


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