Aaron & Sherrie Rubin to visit Parker

I first heard the story of Aaron Rubin late one night last year while watching VH1’s Celebrity Rehab.  Aaron had everything going for him, but was addicted to Oxycontin. In his early 20s he overdosed and was in a coma for 2 weeks. During that time his family planned his funeral, expecting the worst.  After 2 weeks though, Aaron woke up.  Aaron is now a quadriplegic, can’t speak and needs around the clock care BUT he is fully cognitive.

Aaron and Sherrie (his mom) travel around the Southwest speaking to schools and the community about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.  It’s a moving story and has such a big impact on the areas they visit.

Aaron and Sherrie will be visiting La Paz County during Red Ribbon Week.  They are visiting many of our schools with even more being bussed in from outlying areas to see the presentation. 

Monday the 24th of Oct. at 6pm they will have a presentation at Wallace Dome for the entire community. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your children to this presentation as it will be slightly different from the one they hear in school.



  1. I’d rather see this visit the community, not the Drug Task Force. The truth is always more powerful than Force! ALWAYS!!!

    This’ll wake up the kids more than a drug task force ever will, which only enslaves, and does NO educating, rather only puts them into the system, which is terribly flawed.

    Thank you Aaron and Sherrie!

  2. Making a connection between this and the Drug Task Force isn’t a good comparison, as this kind of education focuses on the users and the Drug Task Force focused on the dealers.

    Using the past tense wasn’t a typo, being that the Task Force has been all but destroyed by the mismanagement of Mendoza and Gilbert. Given given your attitude towards the task force, maybe that will give you a reason to like him.

  3. Task Force hasn’t been destroyed. Stop lying. Isn’t Vederman the head of the Task Force, it’s President or something???

    This is a great comparison because if there were a lot less users there would be a lot less dealers. It’s called supply and demand, you know free market stuff, stuff the Board of Stupidvisors would do well to study up on.

    Prohibition has never worked in any country that practices it, in fact it only makes the criminal element grow. Google Portugal legalization and you’ll quickly discover that when you take the criminal element (includes the government) out of the equation, use, abuse, crime, all goes down. Do you ever ask why uncommon sense? Or are you still living in the 1930’s?

    One other thing, if Parker and Quartzsite didn’t have a police department and we were patrolled by the County, there would be no Mendoza or Gilbert, and we’d save MILLIONS!!!

  4. Un common Sense, what IS the relationship between the County Attorney and The Task Force? Now I’ve got myself curious, and you seem to be a local know-it-all when it comes to all things government.

  5. Uncommon sense, the cat got your tongue?

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