Parker 425 Bouse Spectator Areas

At the 2011 Parker 425, two spectator sections in Bouse were closed due to new mandates following the California MDR race casualties. We have some great news that took some effort and a lot of help from the community: These sections will be re-opened for the 2012 Parker 425 race!

First, we had to locate some barriers called K-Rails. K-Rails are concrete with rebar enforcement inside. They are the barriers one would see during road construction, like on our bridge right now. They come in different lengths, most commonly 10′-12′ and weigh approximately 4,500 pounds each. There were 400 linear feet of these to be moved from Salome to the Bouse “Y” spectator area. Deputy Steve Draper located the barriers in Salome. The owner of the K-Rails, Mr. Bill Sweetland, donated them but we had to move them ourselves.

On Monday, October 17, five truckloads brought 48 pieces to the Bouse “Y.” Barry Drews unloaded and placed K-Rails with his forklift. The Town of Parker sent Daniel Haitt to help with the unloading and placement of the barriers. Steve Draper was on hand with Mike Henderson of the Bureau of Land Management to oversee the project. A Toe Truck, La Paz County and Parker Towing provided the trucks, fuel and employees to transport the heavy loads.

On Wednesday, October 19, the Town of Parker picked up a “reach lift” from Bingham Equipment. Steve Draper operated the machine to place the rest of the K-Rails. 48 concrete barriers (K-rails) were placed providing 570 feet of safety barrier for the “Bouse Y” spectators.

The Bureau of Land Managment had a “camping work crew” in the Bouse spectator area all week. The BLM crews had a tough-go with the hard-pack soil but were able to re-align 2,500 feet of wooden posts (105) and cable to provide a 100 foot safety zone along the 2nd Bouse spectator area 4 miles east from the Bouse Y. Plans next are to paint the K-rails in the next couple months a brown color to blend in with the surrounding natural colors.

In addition to re-opening the Bouse spectator areas, this project will prevent the course from being re-routed and no environmental study will be necessary.

We want to thank all of the people who donated their time, trucks, fuel, labor and employees: La Paz County, La Paz County Sheriff’s Department, the Town of Parker, Mr. Barry Drews, Deputy Steve Draper, Bureau of Land Management, Mike Henderson, A Toe Truck, Parker Towing, Bingham Equipment and Dave Shelton.

Casey Folks, President and Founder of Best in the Desert Racing Association said he wanted to thank everyone involved and include Parker Area Tourism, CRIT, BlueWater Resort & Casino in the group here, that really welcomes this sport and supports it completely. It’s folks like this that make these events possible. Everyone in Parker has been excellent.

The 2012 Parker 425 will take place on February 4th. Festivities begin Thursday, February 2, with the Time Trials and the “Downtown Experience”, a meet and greet street party at Joshua and Arizona Avenues in Downtown Parker. Friday, the BlueWater Resort & Casino will host “Contingency Row and Tech Inspection” and Saturday, the last street start, off-road race in the country.

Race on!

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