La Paz County redistricting proposed

As the state of Arizona’s redistricting process grinds to a halt due to massive disagreements over the commission’s proposals, the La Paz County Board of Supervisors have submitted their own proposals for public comment.

The map above represents the proposed districts, each with an elected Supervisor representing them. Every 10 years the Board of Supervisors must use the latest census to redraw the maps with a strict set of criteria, including population.

On Monday, the Board held a public input meeting in Parker, and yesterday a further meeting was held in Salome. The last will be held on Monday (November 14th) at 1pm at Quartzsite Senior Center.

On November 21st the Board will meet to make a decision on whether to adopt the new districts.

To see the map in detail, it can be downloaded by clicking HERE (large file).


  1. Splitting Quartzsite into two districts is BS. Mayor Ed Foster showed me this yesterday and when I asked him the reason for this he said this is Dan Fields way to neuter Quartzsite, something he has been doing for years, so he can keep his plunder going.

  2. They have had Parker split up for years. I like it. Looks good. The people up river had to share their voting pool with Parker.

    Dan Fields has been out of Quartzsite for years. You sound like our President blaming Bush still for the mess he is in. Get over it Roth!

    Quartzsite is a mess. The people keep voting and recalling and voting and recalling and voting and recalling the same people. Pretty darn responsible. Let’s blame the BOS and Dan Fields for the incompetence of your town’s voting pool.

  3. As I see it, it’s a function of population. Anybody who wants to criticize this map should draw up a better one which keeps the population sizes of each of the districts around equal. That’s a tough job.

  4. Dan Field still has his fingers in this pie! All of the manuevers and tactics done here are clearly his.

    The problem with the elections is a direct result of Field moving the elections when the majority of voters are out of town. Also, Dan Field worked with the state to destroy all recordings of meetings after 90 days, I believe. He’s a slippery snake, very good at what he does. He surrounded himself with criminals like Taft and Gilbert, the Frausto’s and his insane posse called Town Council. Why do you think we didn’t have elections, but illegal selections for about two years? (Betcha didn’t know that didja?)

    But I really don’t care anymore, because the entire County now gets to pay for their apathy by allowing him to come back and do to the County what he’s done to Quartzsite.

    BTW, nobody here believes the elections are honest. Just like people in Parker don’t believe Gene Fisher lost by only 1 vote.

    People like you are what’s wrong with America, not Obombya!

    And why should the people upriver have to share with the people of Parker, that’s called gerrymandering.

    And FWIW, with this split, Quartzsite is essentially district 2 because MOST of the population here lives North of the Interstate.

    Establishment wins with this, and the taxpayers lose. Pure and simple. Right out of Dan’s playbook!

  5. John,
    Ed Foster has drawn another map and plans to submit it to the state. Donna Hale told him she’ll include it with the packet they send out when they submit their proposal, we’ll see.

    Adding Quartzsite to district 2 makes no sense. Two completely different groups/demographics. But it makes complete sense if you are a desperate non-elected bureaucrat trying to hold onto power!

  6. Yea I know it is about the population. Agree 100% with you John. It would be tough to draw out a map based on population. Some people think everything is a conspiracy. There is no perfect government and I know that. I am happy to live here in America and deal with this imperfect government than anywhere else.

    Quartzsite is a different bird as far as politics. I would not want to work for that government at all. Not as a cop or a janitor. I do not feel the whole county is like the politics in Quartzsite. I am not totally happy with everything that has gone on in the county, but good things have happened. Despite the crappy economy.

  7. What do Quartzsite and Ehrenberg have in common? Salome and Ehernberg? The town of Parker and the agriculture rich valley? Bouse and upriver and or Parker. The predominately farm land in Salome and Weden and Quartzsite? Every community is different in this county. We would have 5 districts if we decide to divide the County because the communities were different. Then you would have 5 BOS to complain about.

    Hey wait a minute; I know your plan Roth. You want more BOS to complain about so you could be happy. I now know your conspiracy. Don’t worry I won’t tell your little secret.

  8. Quartzsite and Ehrenberg have practically nothing in common, that’s why E used to not be in Dist. 3. Is this the first time you’ve looked at the districts?

    I agree also Salome, “Weden” are about as much like Quartzsite as Dan Field and I are alike. I agree too 5 BOS would be better, central planning always creates problems and power struggles. I believe we need to decentralize more.

    And if all 5 BOS are as bad as these 3, yes I’ll complain about it. What’s your point? Did you have one? Or did you think you “got me” with your childish “conspiracy” talk.

    Apathy made La Paz County (and America) the mess it is today. People who point out the problems are not the bad people, the people who know it’s wrong and do nothing, or the ones who know what they are doing is wrong but do it anyway, are the problem.

    Is Mr. Shotzer your real name? And can you name 5 good things that have happened in this county in the past 5 years? Are there more jobs? Have the politicians been acting in the people’s best interest or theirs? Is our justice system truly just? (justice is supposed to be blind, not politically motivated) Have your real estate taxes gone down with your property value?

    When people who peacefully protest the ills of society are jailed, tried, and harrased by the elected and non-elected, you don’t have a good county or country! You have a serious problem!!!

  9. 1. The Food Bank was saved. Your opponent Holly did some great things with the Parker and QUARTZSITE Food Banks.

    2. Making the city of Phx pay for the cleaning of Centennial Wash.

    3. Pirates Den coming to La Paz County Park. It is booked for the summer and it is not even complete.

    4. We laid off 13 people in this county. None in Emergency Services. No pay cuts for the Emergency Services. Many agencies in the State cut pay and laid off workers.

    5. Trying to repave Dome Rock Rd.
    6. Held department heads fiscally responsible.

    7. Exposed possible corruption in the Sheriff’s Dept.

    8. Paid off Whilette.

    9. Did not give Whilette the landfill (like you told him you would) and later researched and found out it was worth a ton more than what was owed to Whilette.

    10. Saving the water rights for the Wenden farm area (Holly).

    11. Redistricting the County.

    Roth there is more. If you wish. This is just a short list.

    As far as redistricting, you and Foster are the minority. Rainbow Acres and La Paz Valley are not Quartzsite. They want nothing of you and your town.

    This is a solid proposal regarding redistricting. Hats off to the BOS. You and Foster are the minority. Let’s get real Foster was recalled. Can not wait to see his proposal. Is Qtx their own district? More than likely.

  10. 1: Holly is not my opponent, she is Dan Fields YES Girl! How did she save the food banks? Here in Quartzsite the town has to pay their light bill.

    2: Centennial wash was FINALLY cleaned, this is good, but that stuff is going to grow back, is Phoenix going to pay to maintain this too? If we didn’t waste MILLIONS on lawsuits this would’ve been taken care of years ago, long before Holly donned her Superwoman cape!

    3: Pirates Den is nice, wonder if it will ever open. But it’s hardly a boon for the citizens of this County.

    4: WOW, you laid off 13 people but you also hired Holly’s husband to a position that is totally unnecessary. I bet those 13 people really appreciate that. How about laying off Dan Field? That position wasn’t filled during the big real estate boom of the 2000’s. Now there’s nary any economic activity, seems like the dept. heads can handle the job without him. And what great benefit has he given the County? I know Jim Willett probably thanks him for the extra 4 Million the Board of Stupidvors tossed his way because of their non-thinking and non-action… until it became a crisis.

    5: TRY to wake up in the morning. TRY to move your hand. TRY to do the right thing. Nothing is ever accomplished by trying, only by DOING!

    6: Was it fiscally responsible to create a whole new department and hire Holly’s husband to fill it? I bet those fired in your #4 example really appreciate this one.

    7: Exposed POSSIBLE corruption in the Sheriff’s office. Isn’t that kind of like being a little pregnant? And what have you done about it? Here in Quartzsite we have proven corruption, beyond a shadow of a doubt, in Jeff Gilbert’s office, but he’s still here. Where was Holly on this one? Oh wait, Gilbert helped her get elected so she is AWOL during our Civil Rights Crisis. Come to think of it, we’ve seen more of Casper the Friendly Ghost than we have of Holly, great “leader” that she is.

    8: Paid off “Whillet”, and I’m sure he appreciates the extra 4 Million too!

    9: How much does the County make off the landfill VS the 20 years of debt slavery the people of this County is going to be saddled with? The truth is, the citizens would’ve been better off trading away this asset and let a smart business person turn it into a money making venture, something the Einstein’s running this County are incapable of. But to tell you the truth, I’m glad the County kept it and Mr. Willette got his money. 20 years from now we’ll see if the County is any smarter. (one can dream, that’s still legal isn’t it?)

    10: Didn’t hear about Holly saving the farms. Seems like that would’ve been a big news story. But I did read over at the Daily Planet how Holly is able to leap over tall buildings with a single bound.

    11: Redistricting only keeps the establishment in power. So I can see how you see this as an accomplishment. However, I think the tide is turning and maybe people will not be so apathetic this time about who they elect.

    I agree with you about Rainbow Acres and La Paz Valley. Who in their right mind would want to join this Dan Field created cesspool. It’s one reason why I have been looking to move there. However, the problem you ignore (on purpose) is that most of those residents are not voters but winter visitors. Score another one for the Establishment!

    I also agree that I and possibly Foster are in the minority. So was Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Paine and a few dozen other “radicals”. That didn’t turn out half bad did it?

    I don’t know what Fosters proposal is, and frankly don’t care. (Foster is an Obama man so I have a hard time relating to him) I say let the Establishment have their way so this creature can finally and completely crash and burn and we can get on with the rebuilding process, without you and your buddies on the Board of Stupidvisors.

    P.S. Keep up the great work!!!

  11. For you Shotzie, Mr. UN-American!

  12. 1. Holly was your opponent and worked you in the elections. Ever since then you have done nothing but show you are a sore loser. You are the elected Republican Rep. out of Qtz and you trash her. Hypocrite.

    2. Centennial Wash: This should have been done years ago. Prior to the first flood there. Lives were lost then and nothing was done. Well it got done by her finally and now you mock it. Goes to show you what kind of moral turpitude you have.

    3. Pirates Den brings income to this county. It brings jobs. The past boards have suppressed this County in the job-making category. The fact we have added jobs in this County should be a positive. Not with you Roth.

    4. WOW, this County only laid off 13 people. That truly sucks, but compared to other Counties, pretty darn good. A few of the 13 were absorbed back into County jobs. These positions were ones that were hired on, under the previous BOS when the economy was in better shape. Municipalities all over the state have cut public safety jobs, along with County jobs and taken pay cuts. It is unfortunate that jobs were lost any new board would have faltered here. As far as Holly’s husband is concerned, the very person you people from Quartzsite are calling a NATZI (Paterson) was in charge of the Sheriff Department. Holly’s husband wrote a 17 page complaint, while he was there, listing allegations of corruption and violations against his rights as an employee. Similar to those which have been brought against Jeffy. As far as your buddy Willett is concerned. You and others have mentioned giving the Landfill to him. Well the landfill is worth a lot of $$$$$. I will take a 4 mill hit as a resident of this County, and not give him $100,000,000.00 like you would have. Good things will come from the landfill for this County.

    5. Roth, what have you done for this County? What?

    6. Yes because you complained about Willette. Well Holly”s husband owned this county. Read the complaint. You have never been a cop, so it will most likely mean nothing to you.

    7. Gilbert and the Town of Quartzsite. What would you have the County do? How did Gilbert help her get elected? Just because he did not back you, does not mean he backed Holly. Hell, a lot of people did not back you Roth. Get over it!!! Holly is a better leader than you are in your elected position. I can say one thing I bet she has never been convicted of a crime. Can you say the same? Corruption in the Sheriff Department, I just know what I hear and read online.

    8. I am sure he would have appreciated a possible $100,000,000.00 or more, along with County buildings, Golf Course and County Parks. Which is what you would have given him. There is no doubt, you would have sold the souls of this County for this man, and it is very evident.

    9. The County is looking towards the future as far as the Landfill. I do believe it is and will be a good venture for this County.

    10. Nope did not hear that. I did hear there was some water issues she was dealing with. I will look into it and let you know. I look into things before I say crap. Once again as Republican Rep. you think you would be supporting your Rep. Supervisor.

    11, The redistricting is a necessary thing that happens every 10 years. You being a smart man as you claim should know. If it does not go your way chalk the streets, that will help.

    Roth, there are a lot of voters who live here part time. It does not matter where. As long there is a residence where they are established, they vote. Get over it and deal with the hand you’re dealt. We do not need 5 BOS (even if we did you would never be one now). We are a small enough county 3 will do and will be able to lookout for the best interest for all of us. Willette is gone thank you. Good job to the BOS,

    For you calling me un- American. Pretty typical for your little crew and anyone who opposes you.

  13. Keep up the great work. You guys are doing a bang up job!

  14. shotser,
    looks like you shut down roth. he is in a very small political minority, not like washington / jefferson or franklin like roth likens himself to. i think he is more like lenin & trotsky with radical ideas, and goals.

  15. You got me SOA! Damn you’re good. You and your hero’s at the Board of Stupidvisors keep up the great work!!! The more you guys do the better.

    BTW, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and their ilk were about 3%, maybe 5% of the population when they started. And as it became easier, or more comfortable to become a patriot, more came on board. You’ll come around…(or you won’t. It doesn’t take a majority to win, just a determined minority keen on setting the brushfires of liberty in the minds of the people. Someone famous once said that…)

    To elect a modern day Founder, who the founders would’ve been proud to have known, you ought to give this guy a serious look, a lot of veterans are!

    Thanks for saying I have “Radical Ideas”. I like that the establishment says that about me. I very much appreciate the compliment.

  16. Thanks, My intention was not to shut someone down. I am tired of all the crazy crap talking going on. Roth is the Republican Rep. and he rips on a Republican. What the heck!!! It makes absolutely no freaking sense. I understand he has his views, but as an elected official he also has responsibilities and obligations. If he can not hold true on the responsibility on the elected position he holds, what would he have done as BOS? I think he got lost somewhere.

    The water issue. Holly did save the farms in Salome and Wenden. She went to Phx and secured the water rights for that area. If this was not done, I am sure there would have been some issues with the water rights. Good job Holly!!!

    This is a good forum to vent for people. Just make sure you do not overstep your boundaries. Facts are just those, facts. Opinions and false statements are and can be lies, destructive and hurtful.

    That does not matter to some but it can hurt many.

  17. So if John McCain is the presidential nominee I am supposed to kiss his ass because he’s the person with the “R” next to his name? Grow up!!!

    Vote for the person not the party. Your way of thinking is how we got into this stinking mess.

    You lost yourself somewhere along the way. Maybe it was when you were a cop, or a judge. The reality is you’ve now brought your stinking thinking to the rest of the county and now everyone gets to pay for your ignorance and arrogance.

    HA HA! Holly went to PHX and secured the water rights for the farmers? I’d like to see the proof of that. I’d love to have sat in on those “negotiations”.

    This County needs 5 BOS. Anyone here willing to try to make that a reality? It’s the only way we are going to break up the La Paz County Illuminati!

  18. Perhaps Mr. Roth should read ARS 11-211.A and B.

  19. OK, then the only other option is to challenge this redistricting. Any takers?

  20. Of course the establishment doesn’t want competition of ideas

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