Dangerous intersection near Parker to be relocated

A dangerous intersection four miles south of Parker will be repositioned. The junction of SR 95 and Burns Road will be relocated through a $1.75-million dollar grant from the federal government.

“We’re moving it a little further south and basically, the reason it’s being moved is because right now it comes out at the top of a rise on a bend,” said Rick Ench, a project manager and grant writer for the Colorado River Indian Tribe. “It’s terribly dangerous, so we’re moving it to a safer location where people coming on the road from either direction will see someone pulling out and the person pulling out will be able to see if it’s clear before they pull out.”

The grant money will also fund the paving of a 1.5-mile stretch of Burns Road leading west from the intersection. The bidding process is expected to stretch through the fall and winter.

“We’ll probably be breaking ground sometime in the February-March timeframe and it’ll probably be about a four month project,” Ench said. He said summertime completion is expected.

“The completed project will provide a paved and widened rural route through the reservation that will allow for safe pedestrian and bicycle travel as well as greatly improved motorized vehicle safety,” said Dustin Krugel, public information officer for the Arizona Department of Transportation. The agency award for the SR-95 -Burns Road project was part of $12.4-million in grants distributed for infrastructure improvements in Arizona.

“The additional federal funding for these nine projects will help to sustain and create jobs in our communities, and demonstrates our commitment to bring home Arizona’s fair share of federal transortation funds,” said ADOT Director John Halikowski.


  1. What about installing a roundabout?… the safest kind of intersection in the world with the greatest traffic flow rate.

  2. Roundabout’s are good but I think it would be overkill there.

  3. I do believe the intersection of 95 and 72 would be an ideal place for a roundabout

  4. Also the intersection of Corruption and Cowardice in Parker could use a roundabout.

  5. “The junction of SR 95 and Burns Road will be relocated through a $1.75-million dollar grant from the federal government.”

    Correction: The junction of SR 95 and Burns Road will be relocated through a $1.75-million dollar grant from “taxpayers.”

    A roundabout makes fiscal sense, but then we’re talking government-official decision-making here, which by definition means the federal government and taxpayers are Santa Clause. A roundabout would cost a fraction of the proposed amount.

    That aside, roundabouts are an excellent strategy to combat ever-rising energy costs of stop lights, where a single intersection can consume more power than ten households combined.

    If government officials had capacity to look beyond the end of their noses, they would see lots of opportunity in cost-cutting, saving revenues — revenues that soon may be needed to save their own jobs.

    Finally, going by the dramatic increase in both pedestrian and bicycle activity on roadways these days, by children and adults alike, more consideration needs to be given to those who choose (or are forced) to save money by foregoing motor travel. As it is, there’s a huge safety issue for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians alike. Already we’re seeing an increase in head-on and rear-end collisions, as well as pedestrian and bicycle fatalities, for example, because new laws mandate giving wider birth to pedestrians and bicyclists, which law does not take into account that on shoulderless roads, such as is the case with SR 72, the only option is a jackrabbit stop — and potentially a rear-end smash — when there’s a cyclist and oncoming traffic.

    If the sheriff was forced to quit wasting fuel on his god-awful gas hogs, in one year alone, the savings would pay for a bike path from Parker all the way to the dam. The next year, all the way to Bouse, then Quartzsite, etc. With time La Paz Count could transform from its god-awful quad reputation to a world-class pedestrian and bicyclist mecca (not mentioning trimming lard from the bumper crop of horse-size backsides that double the weight of each quad). As it is, the money the sheriff wastes is used, instead, to pay for bike paths in Abu Dhabi, where its leadership is far more progressive and considerate than anything we see in the US. If French police can buy patrol cars that get 50 mpg, then so can any sheriff — but he’d have to dispel the myth that taxpayers are Santa Clause, first. Meantime, loss of life and limb will continue — without ever making impressions on the minds of officials.

  6. If the county ever decided to stop all unconstitutional activites we’d be able to give anyone who wanted one a free magic carpet. Ride’s will be free, no roads required


  7. On the subject of roads……..

    Hello once again La Paz County taxpayers, I have found something you might be interested in. I have recently been presented with a copy of a letter dated October 19, 2011, with the following heading:
    “Del Sol Group”, 649 N. 3rd Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, 85003 (www.groupdelsol.com.)

    I am forwarding the body of this letter to you, in part, verbatim, as follows:

    “…..La Paz County is planning to install new guard rails along a segment of Alamo Road located 9 miles north of the Town of Wenden, La Paz County, Arizona. The proposed project length along Alamo Road consists of 6,692 lineal feet of approximately 1.27 miles (Figure 1). Currently, slope conditions alongside Alamo Road are excessive and pose a safety concern to travelers utilizing the roadway. The purpose of the project is to enhance Alamo Road by providing safety for travelers utilizing the roadway to Wenden and Alamo Lake State Park.

    The scope of work for the project includes the installation of approximately 7,975 lineal feet of new guardrails, including 6,287.5 feet of Type B, W-beam guard rail, 600 lineal feet of nested steel W-beam guard rail, and 24 guard rail end terminals. The guard rails will be designed per the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Roadside Design Guidelines.

    The overall project is budgeted at $312,644, which includes $165,000 in Surface Transportation Program Funds. La Paz County will provide matching funds for the project…..”

    I, as should you, have several questions about this, such as:

    1. How many accidents have happened in that area since 1983?
    2. Where are the statistics to warrant this proposed guardrail?
    3. Are La Paz County taxpayers aware of this expenditure?
    4. If so, have La Paz County taxpayers approved this “matching funds” expenditure?
    5. Whose idea was this anyway?
    6.. Slope conditions???? Many La Paz County roads have “excessive” sloping along the shoulders.
    7. If public safety seems to be such an issue to this Board, why is the Sheriff’s Office down 7 positions?
    8. If Alamo Road all of a sudden needs a guardrail, what’s next, Swansea Road?, Shea Road?, Planet Ranch Road?, Cibola Lake Road?, Plomosa Road?, 42E?, Hovatter Road?, etc., etc., etc.

    I am certainly not opposed to reasonable efforts to provide for basic public safety, but there is no way to completely protect people from themselves, or their lack of individual responsibility, such as driving a vehicle while intoxicated, excessive speed, or any other dangerous act.

    La Paz County (that’s us!) is around 18 million dollars in debt, having lost the Willette lawsuit, and appeals as well. It seems to me that this Board of Haboobs has forgotten, for example, that La Paz County employees have not received a salary cost of living raise in several years, and continue to spend our tax dollars like kids in a candy store with a blank check, all seemingly for their own special interests, not ours! Oh, by the way upriver residents, Alamo road appears to be in your district, so dig deep.

    Wake up La Paz County, be afraid, be very afraid!

    P.S. If anyone knows of an inaccuracy in the above letter, please correct. Thanks.

    King Clapperton

  8. Keep on keeping on King!!!

  9. Here’s an interesting read. Remind you of anyone? How about 3?

    ..Three Types of Bosses That Should Be Fired

    By Steve Tobak | CBS MoneyWatch – 20 hours ago
    Share13EmailPrint……I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds, maybe thousands of brilliant people over a 30-year career in high-tech. Unfortunately, that’s not really saying much, since just about any CEO, executive, or entrepreneur you’re likely to come across has the smarts to do the job.
    When it comes to management ability and leadership qualities, however, bosses tend to follow a pretty standard bell shaped curve: consistently successful managers at one narrow end, remarkably ineffective ones at the other end, and everyone else in between.

    After all the years, experiences, and observations, I’ve got a pretty good handle on what it takes to be a great manager and what kind of behavior will tend to land an executive at one end of the bell curve or the other.

    And while one size manager does not fit all situations, I have been able to identify, with relative certainty, three types of managers who shouldn’t be running anything, let alone an organization or a company. Not only will they fail, they’ll take the whole organization and everyone in it down with them.

    If you don’t believe me, check it out. I bet you can fit just about any executive who has failed big-time into one of these three categories. Incidentally, if your boss fits one, better get on LinkedIn and update your resume. And if you fit one, what can I say, you’re in deep you-know-what.

    Here are three types of bosses that should be fired, and sooner rather than later:

    The Smartest Guy in the Room

    This is the guy who has all the answers and can never, ever be wrong. He doesn’t just breathe his own fumes or drink his own Kool-Aid, he makes and mass-markets it, as well. He wants everyone to agree with his grandiose vision of how things should be and makes sure of that by surrounding himself with yes-men and women and ruthlessly beating down dissenting views.

    The reason these people fail is they’re blinded by the power of their own vision and therefore lack objectivity. They tend to be rigid and inflexible in their thinking and unwilling to see what’s really happening until it’s too late. Unfortunately, markets don’t behave according to anyone’s plan. They’re populated by competitors and customers with free will and have a funny way of determining their own outcome.

    It’s All About Me

    Some people never grow up but get stuck in one phase or another of human development. They look just like normal adults, but inside, they’re petulant, narcissistic children with oversized egos. Since their overriding goal is to get attention, to be adulated and worshipped by all, they’re often charismatic and charming, almost chameleon-like in the way they appeal to all sorts of constituents. And their positions and strategies can flip and flop from one day to the next based on one data point, meeting, or conversation.

    While a healthy ego is necessary and good for leaders, business isn’t really about any particular individual. It’s about meeting customer needs, achieving long-term growth and success for shareholders and employees, and being passionate about your products and services. People who think free market capitalism is about selfish greed couldn’t be more wrong. Every company, board, CEO, executive team, serves its stakeholders and constituents. If it doesn’t, it’ll fail.

    The Has-Been

    We may as well call him by his name, Peter, because this person is more or less defined by the Peter Principle. Peter was once effective and successful; at least it appeared that way. But the situation had a narrow set of boundaries and variables and now, things have changed and Peter is out of his depth, beyond his level of competency.

    Perhaps he was promoted, the company grew, the market changed, or he’s now in a new position in a new company. Regardless of the circumstances, Peter is no longer effective and his inability to see or believe it renders him toxic to the organization. For whatever reason, Peter lacks the ability to grow, scale, or adapt. And since he’s still in a position of power and authority, he’s not just an old relic, but a heavy anchor around the company’s neck.

    Those are the top three types of bosses I think should be fired. Got one to add to the list?

    Again, not one, but three!

  10. King,
    Have you ever considered running for Sheriff? Or for Supervisor?

  11. Bless you King for not yelling anymore. I would vote for you if you ran for supervisor. As far as a new sheriff I hear Drumm is going to take Lowrey on. What do you folks think?

  12. Thanks for the support, things seem to be heading that way. As for yelling, I really wasn’t, it’s just easier and faster for me with caps. Thanks again!

  13. King,

    Do you know what a slam dunk is? It’s when you run for Sheriff and whoop John Drum’s UN-Constitutional Butt!!! (and Lowerey’s at the same time) That’d make up for all those years you paid taxes in this County only to see it get squandered time and time again. Give Sheriff some serious thought…

    Yes, Stupidvisor would be the Glory Job, but do you really want to be there while the economy continues to take a crap? What can you really do? And it’s no guarantee that this county will elect 2 other sane Stupidvisors.

    Sheriff is 1000% up your alley!!!

  14. King would make a great BOS, he had enough headaces as a Sgt don’t think he would want to multiply that by being Sheriff. You go King, This county needs a man to put that County Manager in his place.

  15. Don’t hit on it King. This is the establishment trying to get you to run for Supervisor so they can plant someone to run against you, and they will win, you will lose, and the County will continue to sink into the abyss. (Even if you did “win”, you’ll still need two more Stupivisors to go along with you. Fat chance at that ever happening.)

    We need a Sheriff with a Constitutional backbone more than we need another “new” Stupidvisor.

    Just look at the history of this County, it’s one failed Stupidvisor after another, supported by the criminals in charge. This is no accident!

    They’re stroking your ego for the glory job King, and they are doing it for a reason. Do you really think the establishment is going to support you after you “FIRED” them at the BOS?

    Duty Calls!!! La Paz County needs a Sheriff that takes their Oath of Office seriously, more than they need a new Stupidvisor!

  16. Oh Roth you should be in hollywood, your ideas would go far there. I’ve known King for over 12 years he has no interest in running for Sheriff. He would be a great board member. And King you may not have a problme finding 2 others to run along with you against the other two that need to go.
    As far as Sheriff, the two worst people in this town to be running are Drum and from what I have heard Chief Mendoza plans to run, oh help La Paz County

  17. Hollyweird has nothing on this place and your kind.

    Why are you against King being the Sheriff when those two are running? You like La Paz being the laughing stock of Arizona? Is it good for your career that this County continues to slide? And do you ever study history? This county has never had 3 wise people at the Stupidvisor helm, what makes you think it’s gonna happen now? Oh wait, that requires THINKING ABOUT IT!

    King, there will never be any prosperity or progress in this County until the justice system is fixed here. A Constitutional Sheriff goes A LONG WAYS towards achieving that goal, much further than the glory job of Stupidvisor.

    You get the government you deserve, anotheronebitestit!

  18. anotheronebitestit, this is one reason why I want a Constitutional Sheriff.


    If you are someone who has had their Constitutional rights to own guns illegally taken from them, contact me.

    And if you want to run against judge Karen Slaughter, there’s a group of patriots that’ll support you, if you take your Oath seriously! Listen to this and hear for yourself how an absolute freaking nutjob Quartzsite Councilman (Herr Gilbert’s buddy) is able to convince Judge Slaughter to do the wrong thing. AMAZING!


    And by the way, after Judge Slaughter “changed her mind” without giving me my day in court, she denied me my legal fees too.

    No justice, no freedom!
    Know Justice, Know Freedom

    Your Choice La Paz County!

    Wake Up La Paz County. This isn’t your grandparents country anymore.

    Abandon the Stupidvisor idea, run for Sheriff. There’s an entire “outside force” that’ll help you. You’ll leave a bigger legacy and maybe, just maybe freedom will become popular again here.

  19. The one you can trust!


  20. Yes Roth I know all about what Slaughter did in court and I’ve seen all the youtube shows on you and Jade in Qtz, which none of should of ever happened. yes she messed up, never said she should be a judge. King doesn’t want to run for Sheriff, he has his reasons. So if he wants to be on the board let him, it’s his choice, Why are you not in LA where the real protesting is going on? You could teach them a thing or two.

  21. King should RUN FROM Stupidvisor, Dan and the gang will never let him win. Why do you have a problem with him as Sheriff? He’ll be better than the one we have now, and ten times better than the ones committing to run. You don’t want him in because deep down you know he’ll never hire you???

    You are so used to being BOSS because of your spiffy uniform and your inflated sense of yourself, you’ve forgotten what it means to be an American. When the economy gets worse, and the people don’t don’t want to pay you for their enslavement any longer, what’s your back-up plan, highwayman? It’ll be right up your alley!!!!

    King, the establishment wants you to run for Stupidvisor, that’s a hint….

    anotheronebitestit, why are you not in China where you can get promoted for your thuggish ways?

  22. Here’s why sane citizens want a constitutionalist Sheriff. Pay special attention to how he handled a hot headed deputy
    If you believe in the 2nd Amendment support G.O.A.

  23. anotheronebitesit

    I don’t have a spiffy uniform 🙁 hahahahaha This girl is quite happy right where she is. But hey LA can use a big time horn blower like you. I didn’t say I had a problem with King being Sheriff. He don’t want to run for it. Your the one with the problem accepting what his choice is.

  24. I have no problem, just trying get a Constitutional type to be the highest lawman in the County, plus King can win that race.

    You’ll get the government you deserve!

    You go girl, HAHAHAHA!

  25. My wife and I have lived here for 20+ years and raised our family here… I have known King for years as well as many others. I think King would be a great addition to the BOS .. he is fair, objective and a good person. I don’t really think he’d run for the Sheriff job in part because he’d “outseat” a good friend…
    On the other hand, I’ve attended BOS meetings and even I was there when King “fired” them… Being that I’ve worked here, as well as retired here.. I get what it is to have that kind of frustration. I think that King was given a raw deal when he “quit / retired” from the Sheriff’s department… and let’s be honest here, he was also not offered under Sheriff, and left with a bitter taste in his mouth…and he’s carried that with him like a piece of baggage and to use his own words, he is a “agitator” and likes to stir things up a bit…( we get it King.. you are who you are)
    But one thing is for sure, King was dead on when he said that “La Paz County has been a failure since it’s inception” ..
    My wife and I both agree that “anyone” who is considering running for a elected position should also be a stand up person in their private life and we think that is important.. if anyone can’t keep that running upright, why should any of us want that person representing any of us out here who would be relying on ’em?

  26. Well, King’s good friend needs to be “outseated”. Tough times call for tough measures. A Sheriff with a spine is essential to real freedom and prosperity.

    King could be a good, maybe even a great Supervisor, but really all one has to do is look at the history of this County and use it as a guide as to what the most likely outcome is going to be. Has this County ever had 2, just 2 great Supervisors in at the same time? (I’d settle for two mediocre Stupes, if they are honest)

    But first he has to get elected and I personally know how the establishment works, out front and behind the scenes. It ain’t pretty. Be prepared King, be very prepared!!!

    I personally think King can win Sheriff. Stupidvisor, maybe. His friend has been an underachiever, (He made Rick Patterson undersheriff, how much of a friend is he really?) Drum failed miserably as a Stupidvisor, and the idea of a PPD Chief as Sheriff, who is buddies with Herr Gilbert, frankly scares the hell out of me.

    The economy is going to continue to get worse. As Sheriff King will be in a good position to do more good for the County than as Stupidvisor.

    La Paz County needs an agitator as Sheriff!

  27. Roth, can agree with you.. we do need a Sheriff with a spine… King would do a great job, but in reality.. many who would be working for him would likely quit or take all their years with them to bigger and better places. He has burned many bridges with some but as a “agitator” … that could produce positive changes. Last I heard, he was leaning towards BOS for district 2… and who knows if that is a sure bet…. No one really knows for sure which way he will go… he’s been off the map so to speak… My wife and I both hope he turns up … guess that private stuff is keeping him on the down low these days…. come on out here King …. WE need you…

  28. I’m down with a good old fashioned house cleaning. Imagine an entire department schooled in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and why the Oath of Office is important. Without justice there is no real freedom or prosperity. it’s a BIG reason why La Paz sucks hind titty

  29. Mr. Roth, where do you get that the highest lawman in the county is the sheriff? He isnt the highest lawman in Quartzsite. He isnt the highest lawman in the city of Parker. He isnt the highest lawman on the very large reservation. So what do you mean?

  30. Mr. Wjathink, why would you make a comment that the sheriff doesnt have a spine?

  31. Igiveup, (I hate even typing that)

    Get this book, “The County Sheriff, America’s Last Hope”

    Sheriff Mack’s latest book covers decades of research to prove once and for all that the sheriffs in this country are indeed the ultimate law authority in their respective jurisdictions. The sheriff absolutely has the power and responsiblity to defend his citizens against all enemies, including those from our own Federal Government. History, case law, common law and common sense all show clear evidence that the sheriff is the people’s protector in all issues of injustice and is responsible for keeping the peace in all matters. He is the last line of defense for his constituents; he is America’s last hope to regain our forgotten freedom. This short but powerful book is a must read for all citizens, sheriffs, and government officials that we may all work to return America to the constitutional republic she was meant to be. Amazing as it might be, the sheriff can make this happen!

    You can get it here…


  32. While the Sheriff may not be the highest law authority on the reservation, he or she is, indeed, the highest law authority in the entire county. Kind of an American tradition. Read US Code. Or find it in Arizona Revised Statutes.

  33. Thx for the answers. Perhaps i was looking at the reality on the ground. The sheriff has no say on the reservation, parker or quartzsite. Historically in Arizona no sheriff dictates how law enforcement is run in the incorporated cities within the county.

  34. UN-incorporate. It’s just another layer of government, and government is the destroyer of ideas, progress and innovation.

    Strange you feel incorporated areas should somehow be exempt from the sheriff. Don’t the citizens in these areas elect the sheriff?

    YouTube and Google “Sheriff Richard Mack”

  35. Or better yet, watch this quick video on the County Sheriff Project, probably the last way Americans are going to get their liberties back.


  36. igiveup, are you familiar with Sheriff Arpiaos illigal immigrant round-ups all over Maricopa County? He has done them in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, and several other incorporated areas. The Sheriff is the highest law in the County.

  37. isn’t this what the Chief of Police of Q-town and La Paz recently did to a Quartzsite citizen?


  38. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

  39. You’re correct LILP, Dana Stadler was framed and railroaded by QPD Patterson, F Garcia, Dilbert, and “judge” Terry Frausto for simply asking for his stolen property back. He spent 3 weeks in jail awaiting a hearing with a judge, while his atty’s didn’t give a crap (and still don’t)

    PLUS, he’s still under house arrest, again for having the audacity to ask that his stolen property be returned.

    Here’s his illegal arrest

    If we had a Constitutional type of a Sheriff in this county our civil rights nightmare would’ve been over with a long time ago. But since our sheriff is ‘buddies” with Herr Gilbert, he’s perfectly willing to sit on the sidelines while the real Americans take it in the arse in the corrupt court shitstem.

    I hope a real American with Constitutional courage runs for Sheriff. And I don’t mean a politician who will only utter words about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but one that will actually stand behind what he or she says.

    A sheriff can kick the feds, IRS, banks, and other goons out of the county, but only if he has courage!

  40. LILP, here’s my attorney spelling out what your Anonymous post above talks about. Welcome to Amerika folks. (We in Quartzsite have been living under this already so we’re prepared)


    Can we have a peaceful revolution?

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