Power outage in Parker

3:33pm– Town of Parker APS customers experienced a power outage at 3:33pm this afternoon.

3:40pm– Power restored by 3:40pm.


  1. Is it weird that 2 monday’s in a row I was in Basha’s when the power went out. I am begining to think I am bad luck for them.

  2. Don’t worry, the real power outage is at the Bored of Stupidvisors. John Drum will make a great Sheriff, NOT!

  3. power is out in your head Roth

  4. but I will agree Drum would make a crapy Sheriff, hey why don’t you run for sheriff?

  5. Hey, why don’t you come out from hiding behind your handle and reveal yourself like a real American would. Go get the necessary signatures and I’ll run for Sheriff, what the hell. If I win does that mean I get to play God, I mean Jeff Gilbert?

  6. Hey I know how about I use what ever name I choose to since there are men/women fighting for my freedom too I have that RIGHT! Ok I know what your gonna say now, You have the right to comment on what ever you want. Only your yyyyyaaaaaawwwwwnnnnnn putting us to sleep Roth.Your boring the crap out of everyone with your gripes. Why are you not in LA? with all the protesters? Now that is just where you should be to get your point across. Oh I get it scared of being arrested over there, yeah their jails aren’t as friendly as La Paz Inn.

  7. Folks, this is the caliber of the types that are hired on in this County. If you have an IQ under 80, and are willing to follow any illegal order given to you, you get a job with the establishment.

    Why are you not in China? At least there you can be the bully you want to be, with no worries about being exposed on YouTube!

  8. Here’s why sane citizens want a constitutionalist Sheriff. Pay special attention to how he handled a hot headed deputy
    If you believe in the 2nd Amendment support G.O.A.

  9. anotheronebitesit

    Who said I work for the County? Do us all a favor and go to LA.

  10. Have you always had control issues?

  11. anotheronebitesit

    Oh now you say I have control issues. Look who is trying to control what King does.

  12. How am I tring to control King? Is that even possible?

    You’re the one telling me to go to LA, and to stop encouraging King to run for Sheriff, and to shut up, sounds like a control freak to me!

    Why should King listen to someone like you, you don’t even know the difference between your and you’re. (Is that you Dan?)

    King, even if you did win as Stupidvisor, you’ll most likely be like Ed Foster (shudder the thought) here in Quartzsite, all by yourself and unable to make the changes you’d like to because the other two Stupidvisors will most likely be the establishment’s pick. As Sheriff you can do a LOT MORE for the citizens of this County. There’s a quite large group in Quartzsite that’ll help you win, online and offline.

    Stop by the Ron Paul meetup that meets every Sat. at Taco Mio at Noon. Even if you disagree and still want to run for the Glory Job of Stupidvisor, we’ll still support you against the other turds* that’re sure to run.

    Does anyone know which district King would be running in if he stubbornly refuses the role of Sheriff?

    *(Establishment politician = Turd)

  13. NO I’m not Dan, I keep telling you I’m a SHE. You are acting like a little school girl. Look at you above trying to talk King into doing what you think he should do. I’m simply telling you to let him make up his own mind. He already said he doesn’t want to run for Sheriff.

  14. Whatever dude. King hasn’t told me that he doesn’t want to be Sheriff. Don’t fault me for wanting to live in a County where the highest lawman understands the Constitution and his Oath to it.

    King, the establishment doesn’t want you to be Sheriff. I wonder why…

  15. Resist the Police State

  16. Jennifer Jones, local newspaper publisher and patriot extraordinaire, was arrested again today at the Post Office by Herr Gilbert and his merry band of hired thugs. When are you people going to wake up?

  17. AGAIN??? WTF?? Lick the wrong side of a stamp?? Looks like it may be time…….

  18. I think it’s time for a real Sheriff. Imagine the freedom and prosperity we’d all have if there was no QPD or PPD. BUT, that’d take someone who knows what it means to be the highest lawman of the County, and who takes their Oath seriously.

    Fade to dream…

    Hi Jeff Gilbert, it’s me Michael Roth

    Jeffy: What’s up dissident?

    Me: You’re under arrest for abuse of power and impersonating a law enforcement officer

    Jeffy: Step away from the beer bong or I’ll arrest you!

    Me: You feel lucky punk?

    Jeffy frantically calls Dan Field, “What do I do, he’s being difficult.”

    Dan: Don’t worry, we’ve got the judges and the lawyers on our side.

    Jeffy: “OK”. (Cuffs come out…)

    Wakes up!

    When are the good cops going to start policing the bad cops?

    Are there any guys (or gals) with white hats anymore?

    Who stole my country???


  19. “What If”

    The Plain Truth


  20. What if a frog had wings? What if the voters and folks of La Paz County cared? What if the politicians in La Paz County cared about the residents? What if La Paz County was still part of Yuma County. hehehehehehehe……..

    “angels and ministers of grace defend us”

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