Power outage in Parker

12:42pm– Power went out with a bang in the town of Parker, to APS customers.

Power was restored several minutes later, but some businesses are still down, including KLPZ 1380am.

1:15pm– A power connection behind Best Western is the cause of the outage still affecting KLPZ radio, according to APS spokesperson Tim Yonker. He said that one phase out of three serving Geronimo Avenue from Riverside Drive through 6th Street is down, and KLPZ was on the bad phase. A fix is expected sometime before 2:15pm.

1:42pm– APS is outside KLPZ studios at this time. Work continues.

2:06pm– Power was restored to the remaining APS customers affected today, and KLPZ radio is back on the air.

Some unfortunate doves sitting on some power lines were affected in a more consequential way. One was found electrocuted at the bottom of a pole, while another seriously injured dove was found alive in the shade, barely moving with charred feathers. These unlucky birds may serve as a reminder to be careful around electricity!

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