All this wind comes from Needles

That’s what a weather service meteorologist says about the current Santa Ana winds. As quoted by ABC 7 San Francisco, Andrew Rorke says:

What’s driving this is a large, cold low-pressure system that’s currently centered over Needles, Calif. The strong winds are wrapping around it.

The system will sit and spin counter-clockwise over the area for the next day, although “it won’t be quite as hellacious” as on Wednesday night, Rorke said.

Local artist John Tuba reports snow in Searchlight, NV.

At least one gust of 97 mph was recorded last night at Whitaker Peak in LA County. High gusts this morning topped 60 mph in some areas.

The National Weather Service issued high wind warnings and wind advisories for parts of California, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona, New Mexico and Wyoming.

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