Substance Abuse Court holds second graduation

La Paz County Attorney Press Release

On December 15, 2011, the La Paz County Substance Abuse Court held its second graduation ceremony. The graduates were Cynthia Young and Daniel Elizarraras. Cynthia and Daniel successfully completed the program and were released from probation as a result of their outstanding performance.

The La Paz County Substance Abuse Court was first established in September 2010. The Substance Abuse Court is an intensive program that requires a minimum of nine months to complete. All participants are drug tested extensively and required to attend weekly counseling sessions. The participants are required to have a job, or perform community work service, and they must appear before Judge Michael Burke two times per month to discuss all aspects of their probationary requirements. The program places a strong emphasis on personal responsibility and accountability.

The Substance Abuse Court is a collaborative effort and would not be possible without the participation of Superior Court Judge Michael Burke, Clerk of the Court Sheri Newman, Chief Probation Officer John Dyess, Probation Officer Tyson Ross, Probation Officer Don Stokes, Probation Officer Kelly Brandon, La Paz Counseling, Community Intervention Associates (CIA), Arizona Counseling and Treatment Services (ACTS), Crossroads Mission, Metcalf Ranch, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and the La Paz County Attorney’s Office.

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