County Attorney weighs in on Quartzsite open meeting laws

County Attorney Press Release

On December 9th, 2011, the Office of the Arizona Attorney General made public its findings into its investigation into the Town of Quartzsite Common Council violating the Arizona Open Meeting Laws.

The investigation conducted by the Attorney General was objective, fair and independent. I have read the letter addressed to Quartzsite Town Attorney Martin Brannan in which the Attorney General concluded the Town Council had committed many violations of the Open Meeting Laws.

If the Town Council agrees with the remedies offered by the Attorney General, the Town Council will be monitored by the Attorney General for twelve months to make certain it complies with the Open Meeting Laws. In addition, the entire Town Council will be required to have additional Open Meeting Laws training conducted by the League of Cities and Towns or other counsel approved by the Attorney General.

I am in agreement with the findings made by the Attorney General and his proposed remedies. On January 28, 2011, I issued a written admonishment to the Town Council for violating the Open Meeting Laws and my admonishment did not deter the Town Council from committing new Open Meeting Laws violations.

It is my hope the Town Council will take seriously the findings made by the Attorney General, agree to his proposed remedies, and perform its duties free from any further Open Meeting Laws violations.

The Attorney General findings are of great concern to many citizens and the findings illustrate a severe breakdown in the way the Town of Quartzsite is currently conducting its business. The citizens of Quartzsite deserve a town government that follows the law.


  1. It’s nice to see “press release” Sam finally come around!

  2. The County Attorney has been supportive of this process from the beginning, as far as I know…. for example, see a previous statement from Vederman HERE (almost 5 months ago).

  3. Not from the beginning! Where was he over two, going on three years ago when he took me to court over 1st amendment issues, AFTER Matt Newman dismissed the charges “in the interest of justice”???

  4. This post epitomizes why the public rates government lower than probably at any other time since 1776. You bust the speed limit and before you know it, you’re pulled over by your shaved-head neighbor whose military-armed appearance and SWAT attitude suggests every stop is a combat mission. Then you’re forced to pay up — or else, by the same jack-offs who break open-meeting laws with impunity. All I can say is, why is there no penalty for officials who violate laws? You can’t have respect for the law when those who are elected to uphold the law, don’t themselves. Government has become a sham, infiltrated by scumbags who do not deserve US citizenship, much less hold public office.

  5. Hear Hear Jackal!

    There’s no government like no government!!!

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