Frame files motion to remove Brannan as prosecutor

An attorney representing several clients in Quartzsite cases has filed a 17-page motion to remove Quartzsite Town Attorney Martin Brannan as prosecutor in the cases.

Michael Frame cited the website Jennifer Jones alleges is written by Brannan where Frame says he “attacks and intimidates defendants and political enemies”.

This will force the issue of whether Brannan is the site’s author into court. Brannan says he has not done anything illegal, and the site in question made references to the First Amendment with regards to the issue.

La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman said when asked that Brannan is subject to the Rules of Professional Conduct as enforced by the Arizona State Bar, but did not say whether he thought Brannan’s alleged actions fell afoul of those standards.

In his motion, Frame cited an “inherent and inescapable conflict of interest for Mr. Brannan.”


  1. If true, Quartzsite seems a magnate for maggots. As I’ve said before, government has become a sham, infiltrated by scumbags who do not deserve US citizenship, much less hold public office.

    Also, where is the news about the December 22, 2011, Court of Appeals’ finding that evidence was insufficient to support convictions of appellant Michael Roth?

  2. Just posted the Appeal.

  3. It sounds like Mr Vederman has taken sides…doesnt he have some personnal issues with Mr Brannan…makes ya go hmmm…

  4. I think the County better look in their own house before throwing stones at Quartzsite…

  5. Here ya go John. Too bad we have to go OUTSIDE the county to find people in black robes that know the law… AZCO 20111222028.xml&docbase=CSLWAR3-2007-CURR

    Jackal, you might want to check this guy out if you are disgusted with gubermint, as we all are!!!

  6. Let’s see if THIS link works…


  7. John, your site isn’t letting me post the entire link for some reason. Anyway, the link is accessable on Or, you can copy and paste the above link into your browser


  8. To Roth:
    Ron Paul is certainly an attractive choice in my opinion, but be realistic! He can’t save this nation. When a majority of the people’s lord is “working the system” (corporations included), there is no hope whatsoever because, in the words of Arizona’s only true contemporary statesman, Sam Steiger (I’m paraphrasing): A government structure (or any organization) created to carry out a mission will always grow to become more concerned with perpetuating itself rather than the mission it was originally charged with. No one outside the structure can fight to dismantle it as hard as the ones inside will fight to kept it alive.

    In this way, a structure is not unlike a dog when you try to take its bone away. People will show teeth. Medicare, for example, is a parasitic elephant responsible for a greedy health-care system that is soon to swallow fully one-fourth of the US economy. Seniors, already with one foot in graves, care little about fueling destruction of the economy, much less ruining the lives of their grandchildren, religiously accelerating demise with needless visits to doctors, who in turn prescribe harmful drugs that require additional, countless follow-up visits. This doctor revolving-door is nothing more than Steiger’s observation working at its finest. Everyone is blind except the few who actually still pay taxes. Senior centers everywhere have morphed into political tanks populated by obedient sheeple who are herded into voting booths to perpetuate the system. Too acculturated by decades of propaganda, they can not even see how the system they love, exploits each into helpless, useless codependents. None certainly is a George Burns who was still earning his way as a centenarian. Nor are many like my father who was still gardening and building bird houses into his 90s. Yet codependent seniors are coddled at any cost because, well, they still vote.

    The only working strategy is to quit giving public miscreant bones. Force them to scavenge, to behave, without, as the scavengers they are. Just as a boycott can deep-six a company, so too can a tax protest roll back government. Public-sector unions, who have taken structure preservation to art form, are finding out the hard way that taxpayers can have formidable teeth. And for seniors, when they finally wake up and see how they’ve been duped, well, it will be too late, just as it had been for Jews who partied all the way to Auschwitz, too late for mea culpas after the teeth of taxpayers will have already rolled out euthanasia. Selfish lifestyle already subjects millions of unborn children to abortion (can euthanasia be worse?).

    One thing Steiger would agree on: Not only will a structure fight hardest to preserve itself, but it will place anyone and everyone on a sacrificial altar to enhance its survival. Prisons, throw-away children, unemployment, abortion… it goes on and on — because few left, see.

  9. Score Card:

    Jones: 1; Quartzsite Council: 0
    Roth: 1; Quartzsite PD: 0

    Democracy: 2
    Tyranny: zero, nil, nix, nada, zilch, zip, nul, goose egg, nichts!

    Woo hoo!!!!

  10. jackal, you speak the truth. However, Ron Paul has said that he doesn’t want to be president of the United States, he wants to change the course of history! If enough people wake up (and it doesn’t have to be a majority either) it CAN happen! Think The Articles of Confederation. Think the Magna Carta. Think Martin Luther’s 95 Thesis…

    My scorecard reads…

    Liberty: 2
    Tyranny: zero, nil, nix, nada, zilch, zip, nul, goose egg, nichts! NEVER!!!

  11. Agree. Liberty is a better word than democracy, which is a system, obviously, vulnerable to highjacking by greedy scumbags.

  12. Yes, the founders abhorred democracy! It’s astounding what a few generations of gubermint educanation can do to a society!

  13. Town of Quartzsite is falling down, falling down. Quartzsite should of never hired Martin. Gee looks like the so called well built hill is being bull dosed in QTZ. Now maybe we can find out who is getting those pay checks that they claim do not exist.

  14. Martin is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s Gilbert, Taft, the Fraustos, Patterson and the rest of QPD, need to go too.

    The only real way to fix Quartzsite is to dis-incorporate! We don’t need no stinking government!!!

    Anotheronebitestit, I’m really curious why YOU care though???

  15. When you get leaders and men in key possessions of government that follow the rule of man and not the “Rules of Law” you get Quartzsite, Arizona! There are bigger fish in the Legal Pond of Justice and these little minnows of La Paz County are looked upon as fish food as we have seen with the overturning of Michael Roth’s convictions at the Appellate Court of Arizona.

    Come election time Sam Vederman will be remembered for backing the wrong horse as to say and the property owners and voters of La Paz County will remember their higher cost of living they are forced to live under over Vederman’s choice of backing Chief Jeff Gilbert and the Town of Quartzsite as he forgot his “Oath of Office” and the “Law of the Land”!

    Don’t you think it’s about time for the Attorney’s office of La Paz County to step up to the plate and start investigating the complaints against the Town of Quartzsite, Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert, Quartzsite Police Department, and the Town of Quartzsite? What is the harm in doing your job to protect the innocent and persecuted? I didn’t get a Christmas Card from Chief Jeff Gilbert and to tell you the truth, I didn’t shed a single tear over it. However, I’m working hard to make sure that justice is served by our “Laws of the Land” and that Chief Gilbert is held accountable for his alleged criminal activities!

    Now is the time for Sam Vederman to wash his hands of Chief Jeff Gilbert and live by his “Oath of Office” and support the “Laws of the Land” over perceived personal friendship or bias!

    Keep up to date and follow the “Rest of the Story” at,

  16. I care Roth because I know those officers in QTZ yes all of them even the ones that are still there. I saw what Jeff has done to the Q10 and it was wrong! He has no business being in law enforcement. I want to see justice for the Q8 and for those that were arrested that shouldn’t of been such as yourself.

  17. anotheronebitestit,

    If you want to see something done, you have to do something. The tyrants are just not going to follow the rules until enough people stand up to them. Right now, only a few people are standing up.

    In another post you said men fought and died so people can say whatever they want, which I’m all in favor of, but here’s some truth…..

  18. Hang in there Martin.

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