Is this website being written by Martin Brannan?

Quartzsite activist Jennifer ‘Jade’ Jones claims that an anonymous website which she describes as containing “extreme hateful and non- facts” is actually written by Quartzsite Town Attorney Martin Brannan.

The site, called Quartzsite Bagger, contains many references to Jones, including “Jade, you ignorant s***” with a footnote saying, “Jade may or may not actually be a s***. The Bagger has neither the courage nor the desire to discover for certain.”

It also includes some cartoons, like the below. The first is the infamous photograph of Jones being escorted from a public meeting beside a cartoon of a cow, with the caption ‘Separated at Birth?’, while the second is a reference to the Quartzsite Police Officers Association, made up of the officers who were suspended or fired after making formal allegations against their police chief Jeff Gilbert:

According to a report by KSWT (CBS 13 Yuma), “Jones says Brannan committed cyber bullying aimed at her and other entities using facebook, twitter,, and other sites.”

Jones says she discovered the link between Brannan and the site when she saw Brannan’s profile on, a social networking community of atheists. Listed as his Twitter link was the Quartzsite Bagger Twitter page. That link has now been taken down.

In a press release from her Desert Freedom Press newspaper, Jones says “Evidence of Martin Brannan’s connection to these websites was turned over to the FBI in Phoenix, the Major Crimes Division of DPS, and La Paz County Prosecutor Sam Vederman.”

La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman says his office has not received an investigation on the matter:

Normally, when someone believes a crime has been committed, law enforcement is contacted and an investigation is conducted.  For felony matters, the investigation findings are then provided to this office and this office makes a determination whether charges will be filed.  This office has not received an investigation in reference to this matter.

Martin Brannan says he did nothing criminal, without directly denying that the site was his:

Assuming that the FBI and DPS even find grounds to believe that there is criminal conduct requiring an investigation, which I highly doubt, I know that I have engaged in no illegal conduct.

In an apparent First Amendment response to Jones, the author of the site posted this on Monday:

Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech.  Unless Jenny don’t like what you are saying.  Then she’ll report you to the FBI and Samantha Vederma’am.

The site can be found here (warning: contains strong language and may offend).


  1. GET HIM JADE!!! You get ’em and you’ve got my vote!!! (Don’t forget to get ALL of the other “turds” too! GIVE NO QUARTER!!!)

  2. Let the truth be told…Lets take a look at the blog site published by Jennifer (Jade) Jones at first. She has been publishing libelous, slanderous and defamatory information over the past two years. If you want to take the time, look thru the blog site and look at some of the picture, photos, and fabricated stories and info she has posted. Now they want to whine and cry about someone poking fun at her! How ridiculous! The queen of libel and slander who has exploited her first amendment rights to the hilt! What, it only applies to her! Give us all a break. Thank who ever for giving her some of her own medicine.

  3. Let the truth be told…Now take a look at Ed Foster’s blog site at, look familiar? More libel, slander, propaganda, the same B.S. Ms Jones has been exploiting over the past two years. They tagged Ed Foster perfectly… “Ed Fraudster”…the sad thing about all of this…there are a few people who actually believe this B.S. That’s because they publish there propaganda with the intent of making people believe. That is “true” libel. Looks like there are plenty of disclaimers from this Bagger site that discloses it as parody. Something the other so called publishers certainly failed to do. But then they claim their statements are true. I’m sure some of their victims are just waiting for the right time to say “See you in court” Mr. Fraudster and Ms. Jones. And you both dare to call yourselves “publishers” and/or “reporters” Give us all a break.

  4. Let the truth be told…Now lets take a look at Jennifer Jones’ so called newspaper?? The “Desert Freedom Press”. This paper is not worthy of lining your litter boxes with. More libel, slander, propaganda, and bla…bla…bla. Talk about “see you in court”! Again, Jones and Foster wants to cry like spoiled little children when someone pokes fun at them! From what I am learning, Ms Jones claims to be a self proclaimed attorney of sort. What is the old saying “A fool who represent themselves in court has a fool for an attorney”. Do they really believe that those of us who have even half a cell of intelligence believe this B.S. You should hear people laugh at them. God help this country if these so called “patridiots” ever have control of any government. The ending of time with the Mayan calendar could not come soon enough

  5. By the way…this Mr. Brannan guy…he is not the Bagger…I am…let the truth be told.

  6. …the photo above…which one is Jade and which one is the cow? Kinda hard to tell them apart.

  7. Sorry John, couldn’t resist that one…but with what you allow the patridiot Mr Roth to post on this site, or for that matter even allow to be on this site…well…

  8. FWIW the Court of Appeals just overturned my conviction of a couple years ago, sounds like your side is losing!

    FREEDOM is an idea that CANNOT be stopped!

  9. Wow! All I can say and think after reading everything local people are doing, governments are doing, the world is doing. I am proceeding directly to church.

  10. One can only look at the fact that if you believed in the truth you would use your real name as I do, Michael Roth, and others that refused to hide behind anonymity as you do to make false statement and charges. Can you point out any articles as being libelous, slanderous, or lies? You can’t and you know this point of fact so you hide behind a handle to expound your diarrhea of the mouth statements in vain hopes of swaying honest educated men and women from the truth that is tearing at the very fabric of our freedoms and legal system in La Paz County!

    The 1st Amendment that supports a “Free Press” was to insure that what happens within our governments was exposed for good or bad so that we would remain “Free Men” with our rights protected and not whisked away in the dead of nigh and dumped like cattle at a death camp like Auschwitz only to be lifted up upon our ashes into the dark skies of TYRANNY!

    Tyr-an-n y:
    1 : oppressive power *every form of tyranny over the mind of man — Thomas Jefferson*; especially: oppressive power exerted by government *the tyranny of a police state*
    2 a: a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler; especially: one characteristic of an ancient Greek city-state b: the office, authority, and administration of a tyrant

    In fact I’ll go as far as to state that IMHO you want everything but the truth to be told! Here is a place that you can go and get the facts and documents that support such things, as what is posted here, that is if you have the courage to read the truth!

    Keep up to date and follow the “Rest of the Story” at,

  11. Hang in there Martin.

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