Attorney demands Brannan ‘cease and desist’

An attorney representing former Quartzsite mayor Ed Foster and two others in cases with the town of Quartzsite has written a cease and desist letter to Quartzsite town manager Alex Taft.

Michael Frame’s letter says:

From information and belief, certain Town of Quartzsite employee (s) have engaged in internet defamation, cyber bullying / intimidation, racist statements, offensive sexual comments of citizens and former town employees, anti-Semitic statements and other unprofessional, unethical and conduct unbecoming public employees.

I would write the Town Attorney, Martin Brannan with my legal concerns, but I suspect Mr. Brannan is the individual you employ who is victimizing my clients. […]

Further, I suspect Mr. Brannan is using Town of Quartzsite resources to accomplish his malevolent goals. I demand that your employees cease and desist in the aforementioned offensive conduct.

Brannan was the focus of last week’s allegations (detailed here) that he was behind some controversial websites which the allegations claim defamed Jennifer Jones, Ed Foster and others.


  1. One can only look at the Town of Quartzsite and ask, “Just who is asleep at the switch?” As a experienced trained Criminal Investigator and Computer Technician I shutter at the thought that a thorough search of the computers at Town Hall, Quartzsite Police Station, along with the personal computers of the Town of Quartzsite employees will shed upon this letter of demand to “Cease & Desist”!

    Was not one of the Quartzsite-10 that stated that Police Chief Jeff Gilbert was seeking information from the Computer Technician for the Town of Quartzsite as to how to removed E-mails from the computers at Town Hall? Has he forgotten that copies can be not only found on the computer’s Hard Drives (the Feds can restore removed data) but also all servers and last but not least the Home Land Security Data Base computers!

    Now is the time for Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, Town Manager Alex Taft, Asst-Man Al Johnson, and Town Attorney Martin E. Brannan to stock up on a good supply of Depends before the F.B.I. Computer Forensics Techs file their reports!

    Under “Criminal” section: “Demand Cease & Desist”

  2. this guy brannan and his cohortes is out of control. sounds like the pd is going to do his job.

  3. How is the pd going to do his job, SOA???

  4. the public defender, aka pd, got branan off the cases for illegal conduct

  5. Sorry, I was reading pd as police dept.. Silly me.

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