Big River homicide

Several people have asked if we have any information on a homicide in Big River, CA on Thursday night. We haven’t been given any official reports yet. If anyone can provide further details, please do so below.


  1. Your best bet is to see what SBCSO has to release to the press. Give them time to conduct an investigation and gather proper information to report.

  2. Yeah, whatever Mr. knowitall! You’re a real Einstein in the making!

  3. Yes as part of the family I would please ask you just wait for the official statement instead of asking for the gossip that everyone has heard.
    Thank you

  4. anotheronebitesit

    That’s MS Einstein to you Roth. riverra you have my thoughts and prayers with your family.

  5. You’re no Einstein Mr. cross dresser

  6. Gossip only breeds hurt. As the mother of a member of the family, these past few days have been hard enough. But the misinformation has increased the pain of all family members. So read the “News” and please do not open the door for “rumors”. And please, if you have nothing intelligent to share, keep your hands off the keyboard.

  7. What misinformation? And if you are reading the “news” in this County, you’re sunk already!

  8. This is really sad. My blessings to those who are touched by this violence.

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