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I’m John Wright, editor of Parker Live, a community news website hosted by KLPZ 1380am. I hope your holiday season was good! We’re off to a nice warm beginning to the new year.

During 2012 we’ll have some nice additions to the lineup here. Introducing:

Josh was born and raised in Parker, AZ and spent several years working at radio stations around the country before landing back in his hometown a few years ago. Josh joined the KLPZ team in 2011 and will be a contributor for Parker Live during 2012 in addition to hosting his own show, weekdays from 5pm.


Juanita Learn is one half of KLPZ’s morning team. Juanita was born and raised near Brownsville, Texas before moving to Montana. There, she listened to Keith’s show on a North Dakota radio station, and later met him at a remote broadcast. Before she moved to Parker to join Keith on the morning show, Juanita was at school for court reporting.


The other half of the KLPZ morning team, Keith was born and raised near, Dickinson, North Dakota where his parents still live. He joined the United States Marine Corp after high school, and then became a coal miner for some years before an injury forced him to look elsewhere for work. Keith decided to get into radio and worked at several stations around the country before coming to Parker to join KLPZ 1380am, where he and Juanita can be heard weekdays from 6am.

Cate Mueller is a web designer, editor, reporter and photographer in Bouse, Arizona. She has been writing columns on Parker Live on a variety of subjects – often inspired by rural desert life – for one year now. (Website here.)

Randy Hartless is Executive Director of the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce, columnist for the Arizona Independent and Parker Live, and a regular contributor on KLPZ 1380am (with segments including Tuesday mornings’ Fantasy Football Update and K-11 and the Retreads on Friday mornings). Off The Wall can be found here since May 2011.


I’ll be pitching in this year too with some extra commentary to round out the team of contributors from KLPZ. Born and raised in Northern Ireland, I dodged the bombs and bullets while undertaking roles in Belfast radio and magazine work, before moving to Arizona in 2004. My weekday afternoon radio show can be heard on KLPZ 1380am from 3pm.


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The rest of you: just bookmark the site (or add it to your ‘Favorites’) and keep checking back!

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves to you, perhaps you can introduce yourself to us. Use the comments section below to say hi, and tell us where you’re reading from. Our aim is to connect you to the Parker area online.

We look forward to spending the year with you.



  1. “Michael Roth? He’s trouble”
    – Said by Dan Field to a local business man at the B.O.S.! (and of course the Bored Old Stupidvisors turned down his business idea)

  2. Thoughts and Prayers for you Juanita! Hope you get well soon!

  3. Do you numbskulls even look at the topics you’re posting under? Roth, you post so much crap that you don’t even bother to look anymore, do you?

    You have commented under “Welcome to Parker Live 2012!”
    Where is the connection to Dan Field’s comments about you at the BOS meeting?

    If someone posts a story about a black cow pissing on a flat rock, you will somehow make it about Michael Roth, Quartzsite, Jeff Gilbert or the government flu shot conspiracy.

    Sadly, much of the content on Parker Live seems to revolve around you and Quartzsite as it is, but even that’s not enough for you, is it?

  4. Here you go Randy!
    Now that we’ve introduced ourselves to you, perhaps you can introduce yourself to us

    You got a problem with people being themselves or are you just pissed that nobody ever reads your columns or comments on them?

  5. LOL. Yes, I do have a problem with people being themselves. I actually prefer they be someone else. That’s just how I roll.

    And yes, I am a bitter and lonely man who verbally abuses people at random because nobody ever reads or comments on my columns. I’m going to go cry now.

  6. Thought so…

  7. Hahahaha! Randy- I have the view counts on your columns. They’re some of the most popular posts on Parker Live.

    (For the record!)

    As for Roth, Quartzsite et al, everyone should remember that the comments sections of this site are not a reliable indicator of what people are reading or what they’re interested in (these are merely the most vocal, and they’re a tiny minority of the readership). So…. it’s all good. 🙂

    Part of the reason for this gap is that most people end up forgetting their login details, and they feel that what they have to say isn’t important enough to justify the effort to get them reset. (This filters the commenters so that it’s mostly people who feel their comments are important, as many in Quartzsite now do, due to everything that’s happening there. So that’s why there’s a heavy Quartzsite contingent in comments, in my analysis.)

    We’re working on Facebook-based comments… so that may make a difference. 🙂

  8. John, that doesn’t explain why whenever I am in the news people (establishment) come out in droves to attack. Seems they remember their password then.

    I’ve read Randy’s articles, sure. But they are boooring as heck! It’s like watching grass grow. And you can’t really excuse the fact away that people don’t comment like you did. But he’s your establishment friend and you don’t want to see him cry, I respect you for that!

  9. Gosh, Mike, thanks for the thoughtful comments. That’s what makes you so “special” to so many.

    Perhaps–with a little less crying and a few years of studying a masterful wordsmith such as yourself–I can be a successful and enlightened writer who inspires both the established and the disenfranchised among us.

    I salute you and your heroic, steadfast battle with the powers that be, Michael Roth. Hold your sword of justice high, my friend.

  10. You’re welcome! You started it. Have I ever come unglued on you like you did me?

  11. Unglued? Years ago, my friend, years ago.

  12. When?

  13. “Establishment friend”? What on earth does that mean? Haha. I didn’t know Randy was “establishment”, whatever you may mean by it. Randy’s columns are almost entirely apolitical. Especially with regards local politics. (Although you may have just inspired him otherwise.)

  14. Inspiring the politically apathetic, that’s my lot in life!

  15. There’s more to life than politics, Mike. 🙂

  16. True! I have several hobbies. One I even make a few shekels with. I come here because the establishment hangs out here, the ones that fiscally and morally bankrupted this county. They mentally masturbate over their grand schemes that reward their compromised buddies, while robbing the rest of the citizens of real opportunity and prosperity.

    And if someone dares speak out, WHAMMO, the tall nail gets the hammer. Their game won’t last forever. The American people are FINALLY starting to wake up.

    I’m NOT a political person. I’m all about liberty and freedom. (I hate scumbag politicians, can’t you tell?)

    Unfortunately, the alleged “leaders” of this county don’t know what real freedom means for them and their family, friends, and neighbors.

    Apathy creates nothing!

    Don’t worry John, everything will take care of itself! (sigh)


  17. And for anyone who is new to Parker Live, thanks for visiting. I’m sure the wonderous comments above have only strengthened your desire to return to Parker Live, Parker and La Paz County.

    Note: the views expressed by people commenting on this website do not, and should not, reflect the opinions of everyone else who lives here, but only those respective commenters.

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