Drunken hit and run ends with gunshots, arrests

Parker Live has spoken to a witness who chased the perpetrators of an alleged drunken hit and run through the alleyways of Parker, at one point having a gun turned on him.

The witness said, “There was a group of young men, a young woman and even a child … driving a silver, looked to be an Altima. … They were about a hundred yards away from the stop sign on Agency, they stepped on the gas and were heading northbound doing I’d say 70 or 80 miles per hour.”

He said the vehicle collided with a young woman’s vehicle exiting Mohave Avenue.

“They almost T-boned her, but luckily the lady didn’t take off as fast as she normally would. She was the one driving the Pontiac Vibe.”

He continued by describing the collision: “She was hit in the front and completely tore the whole front end of her car off. They spun her around in circles, I don’t know how many circles, there was so much dust and debris flying everywhere. At that point I ran in the house and dialed 911.”

He said that, from impact to stopping, the car travelled about three-quarters of a block.

“They jumped out of the car and the people at the park said that they grabbed some bottles of alcohol out and smashed them and also grabbed several guns,” the witness added.

He continued by saying that the individuals involved walked through an empty lot on the corner of 9th and Mohave up an alleyway.

“We chased them, he said, and they “jumped a fence into a backyard” between Agency and 11th.

“We almost tackled one of them, but they pulled a gun on us just before we did.” He says he then backed off.

“5 to 10 minutes later there were gunshots.”

Parker Live has been told that several arrests have been made. No official word from law enforcement.

The driver of the other vehicle was not reported to have been seriously injured.

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