Parker Live comments

Well, we’ve finally made the switch. All comments on Parker Live will now be made using Facebook!

All you need to do is log in to your Facebook profile, and you’ll automatically be able to leave comments on Parker Live articles. Click the title of each article to open it (comments can be left at the bottom), all without leaving Parker Live.

This will eliminate the need for you to register for Parker Live, log in each time, remember your password, etc.  It will also allow you to cross-post your comment to your Facebook profile, and allow your friends to see it if you like.

Those of you without a Facebook profile will unfortunately no longer be able to leave comments below our articles. We’re sorry. But you may find yourself joining the ranks of Facebook’s 800,000,000 users soon anyway, and we certainly encourage you to do so! Meantime, those of you with contributions / submissions can still do so by sending an email to .

You can also press ‘Like’ on our Facebook page (found HERE) to get automatic updates from Parker Live in your news feed.

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