Town of Quartzsite not paying Frame in retaliation?

A public defender for the Town of Quartzsite has said the town is refusing to pay him for services rendered.

Michael Frame says the actions could be retaliation by the Town Attorney Martin Brannan to Frame’s strong allegations against him, whom he recently accused of writing or contributing to a hate-filled website against some of his clients.

His new motion to remove Brannan from all cases to which he is appointed says:

“Undersigned counsel is being personally attacked on websites the Town Prosecutor / Town Attorney controls, authors, influences and or provides information to others which publishes defamatory claims and personal attacks against undersigned.

The website is known as the “QuartzsiteBagger”; this is the website Mr. Brannan is involved in, controls, influences or contributes to comments, statements or directs others to engage in.

Attacks upon undersigned counsel began after Mr. Brannan removed himself from cases based on allegations of undersigned and is engaged in retaliatory conduct through this website for his own gratification and political end.

The motion was filed yesterday. Frame is still receiving cases from Quartzsite Magistrate Court, and says that bills for services he rendered in December and January to date are unpaid. He alleges that Brannan “encourages this legal position on behalf of the Town.”

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