Boy doing well after hit and run

This is Ethan Torres, the 2 year old boy who was the victim of a hit and run incident outside his home in Parker on Sunday. Parker Live’s Facebook comments section lit up with messages of support and outrage about the incident, as well as some information about the boy’s health from family members:

He has a broken rib, a bruised liver, and two holes in his lung. The doctors main concern is for his lung, they are giving him a couple more days to see how he does, and if the holes don’t close they will go in for surgery. But other than that he is a very active little boy, and in good spirits!

His activity level went from a 3 to a 10 yesterday. He is starting to act like himself again. The doctors are just concerned about the little holes in his lungs so they are taking xrays every morning to see if they are healing themselves. Maggie and Javier Torres would like to thank everyone for their prayers,phone calls, visits and thoughts through this. He is a tough little guy and is so loved.

There is still no further information about the vehicle involved or its driver. Anyone who can help should call Parker PD at (928) 669-2265. The photo above courtesy of CRIT Manataba Messenger.

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