Tube Float questions!

Each year, we get questions in the run-up to the famous Parker Tube Float about some aspect of the event. Here’s the latest:

Q:  This is the first year we’re attending, just want to confirm: Will the float pass by or end at the Blue Water Resort? Where should I start, as far as purchasing tickets? Do they have tubes available there? We have a 4-seat Eliminator boat; do we have to register it the same place we register for the float? Any other tips? Thanks in advance; we’re SOOO EXCITED to attend this year.

A:  The Float ends at the BlueWater Resort & Casino beach, where there’s usually a great atmosphere and plenty of space to rest and recover at the end of the day.

Register each floater who plans on attending with the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce: call them at (928) 669-2174 or visit You can buy tubes at Spanky’s RV & Marine in Parker (they may even have tubes for sale at Patria Flats, where the Float begins).

As for the Eliminator, technically there are no boats in the Float (but many people do launch their boats anyway). As long as the people in your party are registered to float and the boat is moving slowly around floaters, it’s unlikely that there will be any major objections to it being on the water. For maximum brownie points, responsible boaters can register as patrol boats for the event, helping ensure the safety of the event. (Contact the Chamber if that’s you.)

I’m glad you’ll be here! It’s a blast. Tips: Bring lots of sunblock and wear it, a lot. People get dehydrated drinking only alcohol too and end up in hospital…. don’t be one of them! Bring water or Gatorade too. You should have a great time.

For more information on the Tube Float, CLICK HERE.


  1. Generally, how long does the float last? And what are the date for 2015? =)

  2. Yvonne colclasure

    What time does the Parker tube float start?

  3. Hi Yvonne- Typically best to get there early, around 7 or 8am.

  4. How long is the float ride and how long does the tube float go on for are dogs allowed on your own rafts and can you have your own boat tow your rafts and how much are tickets what time is the float

  5. For info on the 2017 float, go HERE.

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