Donate a new stuffed animal for Phoenix Children’s hospital Sunday

A message from local regular Phoenix Children’s Hospital patient Alyson Tozer:

I am having a luncheon this Sunday, February 12 from 1-4pm at Western Park. The cause is for my Grin and Bear It non-profit organization.

Grin and Bear It is an organization to collect stuffed animals donated from the public. Those stuffed animals will then be delivered to Phoenix Children’s Hospital to then be given out individually to the admitted patients. The Grin and Bear It program will end in April, however the luncheon is only for one day. This Sunday at 1pm at Western Park people will be able to donate a NEW stuffed animal with tags attached, receive a ticket, go to the food counter and Italian food will be served. One stuffed animal per person is required. There will be games and music. Fun for all ages. All donated stuffed animals must be NEW with TAGS STILL ATTACHED, otherwise they will be turned away.

The event will happen this Sunday, February 12 from 1pm-4pm at Western Park. Any questions, comments, concerns: Alyson Tozer (928) 916-9574. Thank you!


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