BlueWater Cinemas goes digital

Like many movie multiplexes, BlueWater Cinemas in Parker, AZ is making the switch to digital.

Up until today, the local movie theaters were using 35mm film projectors, which involved a projectionist cutting and splicing reels of film together and spooling them through the projectors. These films were sent by a distributor for Hollywood movie studios to BlueWater Cinemas in time for a movie’s opening.

Digital systems allow movies to be uploaded by the studios to theaters directly, where the films are served from hard drives to digital projectors on the separate screens. The advantage to theaters is the ease with which films can make it to the screen, and less overhead and hassle.

Because the old system relied upon BlueWater Cinemas being able to negotiate delivery of a physical film print (which exist in limited quantities), it sometimes meant that the Parker multiplex inevitably missed out on some movie releases that people wanted to see. The new system will allow BlueWater to receive one of a theoretically unlimited number of digital copies of movies, which – in theory – should make it easier to get many movies locally. In addition, sound should be better, and some material should be brighter and better-looking (like special-event screenings and disc-derived video).

Because of the upgrade, this week movie screenings will be subject to change. Please call (928) 669-5737 for up-to-date movie times.

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