Mike V hits Parker skate park

Professional skateboarder, musician, actor, TV personality, wrestler and FHL hockey player Mike Vallely was spotted today skating with some local kids at a skate park in Parker.

The well-known Long Beach resident was passing through the area and staying at the vacation home of one of his team members along the Parker Strip. Some of the team were capturing some film footage at the park.

Vallely has been featured in films like The Hangover and Viva La Bam, and features as a prominent character in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game series.

Professional sports personalities are no stranger to the Parker area. Each year, off-road legends, waterskiing champions, jetski and boat racers and others take to the Parker area, famous for its recreation and tourism. World-renowned celebrity fisherman Al Linder was also in Parker this weekend and spent some time chatting with members of the Parker Bass Club before heading out on the river.

Photographs by Joaquin Vences.

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