Charges against Quartzsite mayor candidate Ed Foster dismissed

Charges against former Quartzsite mayor and candidate Ed Foster were reportedly dismissed in court this morning.

The charges, which Foster has maintained were politically motivated, were being handled by a Special Prosecutor for the town, Tom Jones. Jones received the case because Town Attorney Martin Brannan stepped down from the case after Foster’s attorney moved for his disqualification.

After reviewing the charges, Jones was reportedly going to dismiss the case. Some of Foster’s supporters speculate this is because he knew the charges were bogus. When he appeared in court this morning on the case, Jones reportedly told the judge he had been fired by the Town in an email late yesterday.

During the court proceedings, Town Manager Alex Taft reportedly entered the courtroom with a letter for the Clerk, but the Judge in the case said the letter was inadmissible and all charges against Foster would be nevertheless dismissed.

Foster and his allies see this as a victory for justice in the case, which they maintain arose because the Town Manager, Town Attorney and Police Chief see him as an enemy.

Foster is one of two candidates in a run-off election in May for his old position as Mayor.

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