Town of Quartzsite says it did not fire prosecutor in Foster case

A press release for the Town of Quartzsite says that, contrary to reports earlier this week on Parker Live, it did not “fire” Special Prosecutor Tom Jones for seeking to dismiss charges against former mayor Ed Foster, but reassigned the case because of a statement Jones made in an email to the Town.

In his email to Chief Gilbert, Jones gives the reasons he does not believe that he would be able to convict Foster of the charge and, in closing, stated: “Since the AG is already somewhat involved, I would recommend that someone refer this issue to them.”

The Town’s press release indicates that Town Manager Alex Taft, who was copied in on the email, took this as a “recommendation that the case be referred elsewhere” and sought to do so.

The judge took the motion for dismissal “under advisement” and later dismissed all charges pending against Foster.

Earlier this week, reports suggested that Special Prosecutor Jones sought to dismiss the case because he believed the charges against Foster were “bogus”.

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