Ed Foster to be next mayor of Quartzsite

The first unofficial results of the Quartzsite General Election are in, and they say that anti-administration candidate Ed Foster took 56.97% of the vote in the race for mayor, with 42.27% of the vote going to his competitor Jerry Lukkasson.

This will be the second time Foster has served as mayor. Last time, he dissented from the rest of the council while serving as mayor, sometimes stepping down from his seat to sit with the audience in protest, sometimes filing legal complaints against them or the town administration. Foster is also an avowed adversary of Quartzsite Town Manager Alex Taft, Town Attorney Martin Brannan and Police Chief Jeff Gilbert.

In addition, opponents of the current council and administration Mark Orgeron and Pat Workman received the most votes in their run for council, defeating Barbara Cowell and Joe Winslow. Both Orgeron and Workman are supporters of Ed Foster.

If the wins are confirmed, they will put the three candidates into office with three of the original council. The seventh council member remains to be determined as Mike Jewitt and Foster supporter John Prutch engage in a legal fight over the seat.

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