REPORT: Memorial weekend law enforcement activity

La Paz County Sheriff’s Department Press Release

Memorial Weekend 2012 was busy but well behaved. It appeared that the parks along the River were close to full and even with the cooler weather and breezy conditions the numbers of boats on the water was typical for a holiday weekend.

Sheriff’s Deputies were busy with calls and self initiated activities throughout the weekend but not overwhelmed. Jail bookings were significantly down from previous years with only 21 bookings through Monday morning.

DUIs made up the majority of bookings with 6 for DUI above .08%, 2 for Aggravated (Felony) DUI and 1 each for Extreme DUI and Extreme OUI. There were 3 warrant arrests, 2 each for Disorderly Conduct, Warrant arrests, Traffic Violations (Suspended License) and Resisting Arrest. The jail also took in 1Trespassing and 1 Violation of a Court Order. Individuals who may have been cited and released in lieu of booking aren’t included in this total.

Deputies on both Road and River Patrol reported an increased use of designated drivers, and other services like local taxi companies and River shuttles also helped to keep impaired drivers from being behind the wheel.

There were no serious traffic accidents or watercraft collisions reported on county roadways or waterways, although 1 boat took water over the stern and sank in front of Buckskin State Park Saturday morning and another boat sustained a flash fire, due to careless fuel handling near the County Park.

There was minimal damage and no injuries in both of those incidents.

Reported by Lt. Alan Nelson

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