The cure for jet lag

After being home in Ireland for a couple of weeks, I flew into LAX on Friday and drove to Parker, ending 20 straight hours of traveling. The trip usually takes it out of me, and requires a few days recovery time.

But I’ve discovered the cure for jet lag: the Parker Tube Float!

Following the 20-hour marathon across the skies on Friday, I popped up at 6am on Saturday and – after some running around troubleshooting – finally took to the beautiful Colorado River with thousands of others partaking in Parker’s annual inflatable extravaganza. Another 20 hours later, I headed home and enjoyed a relaxing day Sunday.

I have no idea why all of this felt so good, or why I still feel great this morning, but – unless my crash is still to come – the cure for world travelers who need to avoid jetlag and exhaustion is the Parker Tube Float, which was a resounding success again this year and was enjoyed by an estimated 6000-11,000 party lovers from all around the southwest.

Of course, for many people, the Tube Float requires a recovery all of its own!

Normal service returns today.

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