City of Phoenix accepts criminal case against Martin Brannan

A case against Quartzsite Town Attorney Martin Brannan is under review by the City of Phoenix after the city accepted the case from La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman when he declared a conflict of interest.

Vederman says the case against Brannan was investigated by the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office and sent to his office, but that the City of Phoenix had accepted it due to conflict:

“As Mr. Brannan was my former supervisor when he was the La Paz County Attorney, and because I defeated him in the 2008 Republican Primary election for La Paz County Attorney, I decided it would be proper to declare a conflict and request that another prosecuting agency review and potentially prosecute the case.”

On Monday, June 4th, 2012, the Town of Quartzsite Council held a Special Meeting to approve the canvass of the May 15th runoff election and to “judge the qualifications” of Mayor-Elect Ed Foster (who received 56.32% of the vote, while his opponent Jerry Lukkasson received 42.84%), and Council Members-Elect Mark Orgeron and Patricia Workman.

The Council judged Foster and Orgeron to be ‘unqualified’ to hold office, prompting Vederman to issue a press release saying he was reviewing the action taken by the Council, which appointed Brannan as Town Attorney in May last year.

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