County Attorney: There is no choice but to intervene in Quartzsite

The La Paz County Attorney’s Office has issued a press release saying County Attorney Sam Vederman had “no choice but to intervene in Quartzsite” in the interests of implementing the will of the town’s voters.

The press release refers to a quo warranto complaint filed in court by Vederman, on which this website reported earlier today. In it, he cites the intent of the nation’s Founding Fathers with regard to the elections process, and includes quotes from Samuel Adams, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson on the importance of the citizens’ votes as their share in the sovereignty of the state.

The statement says:

On Thursday, June 14, 2012, this office, in the name of the State of Arizona, filed a Quo Warranto complaint, in La Paz County Superior Court, against Jose Lizarraga and Barbara Cowell, who have yet to voluntarily relinquish their offices to Mayor-Elect Foster and Council Member- Elect Orgeron.

The Quo Warranto complaint alleges Mr. Lizarraga and Ms. Cowell have usurped, intruded into or unlawfully held or exercised public office by not vacating the offices of mayor and council member respectively, and that they continue to exercise control over those offices contrary to the law.

This office has requested the court issue a judgment of usurpation and an order ousting and excluding both Mr. Lizarraga and Ms. Cowell from their respective public offices and all other orders and relief as the court deems just and proper.

The legal action taken by this office was taken after much deliberation and in conformity with the intent of our Founding Fathers. There is no other choice, but to intervene in Quartzsite, in order to ensure the will of the citizens is carried out without any further unnecessary delay.

Once again, this office asks all citizens to remain calm and allow the legal system to enforce the transition of power through peaceful means.

The request was filed with the court yesterday.

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