Are fireworks legal in the Parker area?

Many will come to vacation in the Parker area this week. Since the sale of approved fireworks is now legal in the state of Arizona, it is important to know where these fireworks are legal to be used. Note that in California, all fireworks are illegal.

The Parker area comprises many jurisdictions. Below, Parker Live makes it easy to know which of them permit the use of state-approved fireworks. (Note that aerial fireworks are illegal everywhere in Arizona. In addition, you can be held liable for causing any wildfire in all jurisdictions.)

For those looking for aerial fireworks, there will be several pre-approved fireworks displays in the area this week:

  • BlueWater Resort & Casino will have fireworks on Saturday, July 7th after Cage Rage on the River 2.
  • CRIT Recreation will have fireworks at Four Corners after dusk on Wednesday, July 4th.
  • Roadrunner Bar & Grill will have fireworks after dusk on Wednesday, July 4th.

(This ordinance regulates fireworks within the one square mile Town of Parker.)

More pets go missing around 4th of July than at any other time of the year due to the stress of fireworks. Experts recommend people secure and contain their pets, preferably indoors or in a protected area.

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